The Tarbutton name came from England to Maryland in the early 1700's.

One son, Joseph Tarbutton I or Sr.(1710-1787/90) migrated to Anson County, North Carolina in about 1773 with his wife Mary and children:

Sarah Tarbutton Sutton, John Tarbutton, William Tarbutton, James Tarbutton, George Tarbutton and Joseph Tarbutton II or Jr.

Joseph and Mary bought land and the following is Deed informaton: Luke Robinson to Joseph Tarbutton 18/Feb/1773, recorded April term of court 1774. This land was located N.E. of the Pee Dee River on Buffalo Creek. 200 Acres bounded by lands of Luke Robinson, Widow-Vanhour and William Jefferies.

In 1777, Joseph Sr. appears on partition, along with John Tarbutton Sr. (son) and other inhabitants of Anson Co. because the Pee Dee River is dividing the county, it is very inconvenient for them to get to the county seat to transact business. They ask for a division of the county with the river as the dividing line.

In 1778, Montgomery County is created from Anson Co. The Tarbuttons reside in Montgomery Co. until after the American Revolution. The Great Pee Dee Road becomes the boundary of Montgomery

and Richmond County. The Tarbuttons may have been in Richmond County as early as 1782 but do not show on records until 1784 and are in Fayette District.

Note: Mrs. Norma Tarbutton and other descendants state that the Tarbuttons were always on the 200 acres near the Buffalo Creek. So this has them in three counties before the land disputes were settled.

It is not said in the Tarbutton book but implied that Joseph Sr. and wife Mary remained in the Buffalo Creek area. As best that we can tell, Joseph died between 1787 when the State Census was taken for Richmond Co. and the 1790 US Census for Richmond Co NC. Mary Tarbutton died sometime between 1790 and 1800 in Richmond County. She appears on the 1790 and not the 1800 US census.

The 1790, Richmond County Census only reveals Joseph Tarbutton II in the same place. As to where the other children went for sure is unknown but references imply they migrated. Sarah Sutton went to GA, John went to MS, William and James (no issue), George was last heard of in NC but since he was not on the 1800 Census he probably went to another state.

Joseph Tarbutton II or Jr. born in Queen Anne County, MD in 1755, came to NC with his folks in about 1773. Thus far we have found no references to his wifes name but she likely was from NC.

To their union were about 9 children: Sarah (Tarbutton) Ewing- Thomas, Elsberry Tarbutton who married Polly (?), Joseph S. Tarbutton who married Mary (?), William Tarbutton who was married twice but no information, Michelle (Tarbutton) Sanders, ** Margaret (Tarbutton) Pettypool, Humphrey

Tarbutton who married Elizabeth Lord and second to Nancy Young, James H. Tarbutton who married Sarah Hall, and Nancy Tarbutton who married Amos Bozeman.

Joseph II was a Revolutionary Soldier and fought for the cause in the State of Georgia according to the records from the Tarbutton book. The service during the war probably took him to GA for their reasons. he came back to Buffalo Creek- Montgomery/Richmond when the war was over and they resided their until Joseph sold and went to Hall Co. GA just after 1812. While it is not clear where either Joseph or wife died it is said by land records in Hall Co. that Joseph died just before 1830.

Joseph's daughter ** Margaret Tarbutton Pettypool was our ancestor. She was born in 1785 in Richmond Co. NC. She met and married Henry Pettypool of VA in about 1799 in NC or GA. Margaret was 10 years younger then Henry and but sweet 14. Note: the name Pettypool was used in America until about 1800 at which time it was shortened to Pool and sometimes Poole.

Margaret and Henry had 11 children: Frances P. Pool married Allen Garrison, Isham Pool married Triphena Garrison, Robert Pool married Nancy Coffey, Joseph Pool married Rebecca Hinkle, Obedience Pool married Seneca Dedman, Seth Pool married a Berry and second to Elizabeth Ladd, Annis Pool married Hudson Brasher, Abraham Pool married Mary Ann Crider, ** Mary (Pops) Pool married Francis Yewell Roper, Sarah Elizabeth Pool married Neville Newton, and Nancy Pool married Thomas Wood.

Our line Henry and Margaret (Tarbutton) Pool migrated from GA to MO. Henry and a son Joseph drowned on the Mississippi River by accident in 1833. Margaret went to Wright Co. MO and settled near Mansfield, MO. She died in 1848.


Researched and Posted by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap  Sept 2009