St Martin-in-the-field :

There are man churches in England that use the name "St Martin" or "St Martyn" in-the-field. I will give you several examples:

St. Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, London: also known as Saint Martin in-the-field:

Mss7493:  Located in the Borrow of Hackney, London: 

Baptisms 1637, Charles Bostock, son of Charles Bostock.

Burial:  Charles Bostock 1639


London Marriages License 1521-1869:

 Thomas Bostocke of St Botolph, Aldergate to Jane Dorrington

Arthur Bostock of St. Clements, Danes age 25 to Katherine Loftus of St-Martin-in-the-field.

Ralph Bostock to Johanna Greene

Thomas Bostocke of Romford co, Essex and Anne Francklin

Margery Bostock of St. Dunstan-in-the-west, age 24 to Richard Farrar of Buddeleight co, Chester.  Margery's parents deceased at St. Bride Church, London 1640

Frank Bostock and family graves "Abney Park Cemetery" Stoke Newington, London


London Parish Register V: at St James Dukes Place 1700-1837:

Charles Bostock of St. Andrew Undershaft London, Located at St Mary Axe in Aldegate: married Elizabeth Horton of St Edmunds ye King, Lombard St, London.

George Bostock listed at St Andrew Undershaft London


The London Chronicle 1757:

Rev. Dr. Charles Bostock, minor Canon of Winsor Castle, St Orge's Chapel

Universal Magazine Vol 20:

Rev. Dr. Charles Bostock to a place of dignity of a prebendaty of the free Chapel of St. George in the Castle of Winsor.



ST. Martin of Ewell, Epsom:

"EWELL, an ancient market town later called "Ebbishem/Ebbesham"; was once a Roman Fortress that made up the Kingdom of the South Saxons.  It was named founded and named after the "Valiant" Queen Ebba and Ethelwoolf/Eidilwalch; the first Christian King,

Ebba was the daughter of Gustridus, the brother of Rubenus.  She was baptized a Christian by Bishop Wilfred in AD660.

EWELL: a borough of Epsom; in the county of Surrey, 15 miles Southwest of London.. Known in ancient times for a sacred place located behind ST MARTIN PARISH, known as  "THE VENERABLE BEDE" in "Historia Ecclesiastica".  Explained when Mellitus (later the Archbishop of Canterbury) was sent by Gregory the Great to England in 601; a stream believed to have "healing powers"; and later to be known as the origin of "Epsom Salts".

The "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle AD882:  A charter was issued on the authority of Alfred, King of the Saxons for the establishment of EWELL.  By 150AD Ewell was the largest village in Surrey. 

Richard Corbett, D.D. The Bishop of Oxford and Norwich, and the Dean of Christ Church was born in Ewell.  Christ Church is where Charles Bostock begun his education."



The first direct descendent noted in the records was:

"Lord William Bostock , Knight (b 1225) in Cheshire; married Elizabeth Audley (b 1225 at St. Martins Parish)."

Their great grandson: Lord William Bostock, Knight (b1305/10) of Cheshire; married Joan Matilda "Alice" Winnington of Moulton (b1300) of St. Martin Parish.

Their son: Sir Adam Bostock (b 1330) in Cheshire; married Margaret Wettenhall (b 1330) of St. Martin Parish.

Their son:  Lord Adam Bostock (b 1363) in Cheshire; married Jonet Bradshaw of St. Martin Parish.

Their descendent:  Lord Adam Bostock (b  1412) married Elizabeth Venables born abt. 1415 at St. Martin Parish.

Tracing our roots from England to America,  I begin with:

William Bostock (b 1450), (youngest son on Adam Bostock (b1412) and Elizabeth Venables. )  

William married three times.  His first wife was Alice Patrick; who apparently died after the birth of their son Edward/Edmund Bostock (b 1481).

William's second wife Elyanor "Ellen" Bostock is the mother of our ancestor George Bostock (b 1485/90); married Emma Holt of St. Martin Parish.  

George and Emma's son Robert Bostock (b. 1525) married Emme Bromefeld (1535) of St. Martin Parrish..   Confirmed in the "Visitation of Cheshire 1580".

Robert and Emma Bromefelds  1st son Arthur (b 1558) married Ellen Denise. Robert and Emma's 7th son Charles Bostock (b1569) is our ancestor; married Mary Saunders.   

There are numerous churches throughout England's  history.   St. Martin Parish  in London is not to be confused with the ancient:  "St Martin/Martyn in the Field" once located in Epsom, Ewell, Surrey; and recorded in early Anglo-Saxon and Roman history.:   St. Paul merged with St. Peter, and BOTH merged with St. Martin.

Cerdic, Anglo-Saxon; King of Wessex descendent Prince Ingils (b 680) married in St. Martin Parish

King Alfred's parents King Ethelwulf of England was buried 856 at St. Martin Parish.  

"St. Martin Parish in London is mentioned in the "Domesday Book" and the reign of King Henry II during the 12th century; under the jurisdiction of the "Bishop of London" confirmed 1222; however it was built and rebuilt many times since King Cerdic ruled Hampshire, Somerset, and the Isle of Wright in 520. (Yielded to Cerdic by King Arthur)"

"St. Martin of London remained "scanty" in the 14th & 15th century until the King granted an acre of land on the west side of St. Martin's Lane for a new church yard and expansion.  Located on the eastern side of Trafalgar Square, London, and rebuilt again in 1722.  Unfortunately the church Registers did not begin until 1555."  

 (The "Dennis Dynasty" of Ireland will be covered in a separate hyperlink located with Arthur Bostock information. The connection to our direct family lineage was discovered in St. Martin-in-the-field Parish records during my Ellen Dennis family research. Ellen Dennis was born 1642 in Tarporley, Cheshire; married Arthur in 1558 in Davenham, Cheshire;  but many of her ANCESTORS married at St. Martin Parish.".  Donnock Dennis was born in 1645 in County Galloway, Ireland.  Uncovering another legacy and story.)

 The ancient parish of " St. Martin/Martyn in the Field" was discovered whilst researching one of my ancestors in the "Diocese of Chester"::

Robert Beaumont, Lord Justice of England (b 1018) France, died 1168  St. Martin Parish, England

Our ancestors Anglo- Saxon Kings  recorded their marriages took place at St. Martins as early as 680., which inspired me to keep searching for the correct location of our St. Martin in-the-field.  I am still not certain which location is correct.      

 "Defeasance of a recognisance by Richard Hill and Edward Holte of London, gentlemen, John Tadlowe of Southwark, co. Surrey, alebrewer, and Walter Lambe, citizen and grocer of London, to John Danyell of the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, co. Middx., for 300l.; witnessing that if the said Richard, Edward, John Tadlowe, and Walter, shall pay 150l. to the said Danyell, by a certain date, then the above recognisance shall be void: Middx. Surrey"            

Sources:  "Handbook of Epsom" by:  C.J. Swete

                  "History of the County Warwick" Vol 4

                  City of Westminister Archive, "Story of John Toland"

                 "Thomas Saunders by: C. Tinling & Co., Liverpool" 

                 "Diocese of Chester"


 RESEARCHED  AND POSTED By:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap

August 20, 2009; updated NOV. 2009


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