Poole, de la Pole Family


Sir Gilbert "Robert" Poole, "The Baron", Knight  (b. 1170)

Sir Gilbert Poole married Catherine; daughter of Llewellyn; the Last Prince of Wales.

Llewellyn was the illegitimate son of Gruffydd (d 1128)

Sir Gilbert Poole's  daughter:  Eleanor Poole (b 1205)  married Sir Henry "Gilbert" Bostock (b 1205)

Sir Gilbert Poole was the son of Owain Cyfeiliog (b 1150), King of Powys, Wales

Owain was the son of Gruffydd (d 1128) and Joan le Clare


Sir Henry "Gilbert" Bostock (b1205) and his wife; Eleanor Poole had two sons:

William Bostock (b1225) married Elizabeth Audley

Phillip  Bostock (b1236) married Mary/Maria Vernon


Sir Henry Bostock was the son of Warin Bostock (b 1185) and Hawise de Mechines Kevelioc of Chester

Warin Bostock was the son of Ranulph "William: Bostock (b1155) and Margaret Vernon of Shipbrook


There is another family connection with George Poole.  He was co-owner of the ship that transported our Charles Bostock to America in 1671:

Charles (b1642) married Mary (Horsley?) in England in 1669.  They arrived in the United States from, England in the 1671. They settled east of Richmond, New Kent County, VA and are listed in "Blisland Parrish in 1682" records..  (VA Patent Book 6 p. 352). Listed on the ship’s (“Upton Magna”) manifest as a Charles Bostick “Headwright”; which means “a recipient of a land". . Transported on the ship of G. Poole, R. Fastingale, J. Barningham & J. Forsith 1671. He left England as Bostocke and arrived America as Bostick. " 

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