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My husband Jerry L. Dunlap and I live in Danville, VA close to where
our Scottish ancestors
settled in the Shenandoah Valley in the early 1600’s. 
Over 200,000 Scotch & Scotch-Irish immigrants migrate to the valley during that century. The Dunlap link on the far left side has all of Jerry’s Scottish history that we’ve been research for several years. Our Dunlap Family Tree which traces our line back to Scotland in the year 1260 and 24 generations. It was very interesting to learn that the Dunlap's evolved from the Glasgow Scotland Dunlop’s that were Principles and Professors at Glasgow University.  They were also Presbyterians by faith with led to their exile from  Scotland to Ulster Ireland Plantation and then to America in the early 1700’s. We would love to share our story and history with other Dunlap/Dunlop's  evolving from the James Dunlop and Jean Sommerville lineage frorom the 1500’s in Scotland. We would love to hear from any of them in Campbelltown,  Argyleshire, Scotland , where our Archibald’s were born. On Jerry and Wanda's site there are quite a few historical jewels including a map and some letters from some of our lads in the Civil war. 


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Danville, Virginia              

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