Descendents of Adam Lawton (d 1216):


"William Egerton (b 1297) of Wigland and Malpas:

William Lawton (b 1370) of Wigland

William married Margaret Egerton of Wigland (b 1360); daughter and heir of David Egerton of Wigland (b 1327)

William and Margaret had one son:  David Egerton of Wigland that married Idonea Golborn.

                                 and one daughter:  Isabel Lawton (b 1393) that married Radulph "Ralph" Bostock

                                Ralph Bostock was the son of Adam Bostock and Jonet Bradshaw.


Ralph Bostock and Isabel Lawton had 3 sons:   Hugh (b 1421) in Cheshire

                                                                        Henry (b 1423)  in Bostock

                                                                        Adam (b 1428) married Elizabeth Venables

                                                                                   (d 1476) at Bostock, Cheshire


Isabel Lawton was the heiress to half of her grandparents ancient barony of Malpas:

David de Malpas, Second Earl of Cheshire, and Sherriff of Cheshire 1252                                                                        Margaret de Malpas; daughter of Ralph Eynion of Malpas  :   


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