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"John Rafe "Ralph" Mainwaring married Amice/Amicia Kevelioc, illegitimate daughter of Hugh Kevelioc, 5th Earl of   Chester  .   

           Hugh Kevelioc {1147-1181} born in Powys,   Wales  ; was the son of Ranulf de Germon and Maud Caen;  (Daughter of Robert Caen "Earl of  Gloucester , illegitimate son of King Henry I)   


1169 Hugh married Bertrad D'evreux De Montfort of Normandy, France.   Bertrad was the daughter of Simon de Montfort,and Agnes Devereaux.  Bertrad was cousin to King Henry. Hugh and Bertrad had six daughters and one son Fulk IV (Ranulf,, Mabel, Maud, Agnes, Amicia, Meschine, and HAWISE): 
Hawise {1180-1242) is our ancestor.  

. Hawise married first to Robert de Quincey and had one daughter Margaret Quincey; that married John de Lacy, Constable of Chester. (Descendent of Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, Ireland 1205-1242. Hugh led the English invasion of Meath Ireland in 1172, and became the "High Stewart of Ireland") This is our connection to the notable Lacy family.  After Robert's death, Hawise married Warin de Bostock.

Hawise's father and brothers: Simon de Montfort and his two sons were Earls of Leicester and all three became the Prime Ministers of England 1206-1265.  Simon de Montfort was also "Lord High Steward of England" 1206-1265; the highest judiciary power under the King.  

Hawise's brother:  Fulk IV Ranulf  is the father of  Geoffrey V  Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy
Geoffrey "Funk V" Plantagenet  married MATILDA, daughter of  Henry I King of England..  Their Son, King Edward I.'s daughter was Joan Plantagenet de "Acre" b. 1272. "Joan of Acre".

King Henry I is the son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flander,France

Hawise's gmother Bertrada Manwarming's (b1194) was the daughter of Rafe Mainwarming and Amicia de Keveliock. Bertrada married Henry de Aldithley (b1185) the spelling was changed to Audley later.  Hawise's. grandmother Agnes D'evereux,  and father Simon de Montfort were descendents of Constantine the Great, King Alfred the Great, the Kings of Denmark & Sweden, and the Prince of Wales, the King of France Pepin, descendents of Charlemagne.

 Hugh D'evereux was "Lord Warden" of the "Cinque Ports "of England 1387-1392. (a descendent of Agnes D'evereux)  Lord Wardens were the peace keeper and the tax collector for the King."

Devereux Descendents:

Story of Ulster Plantation and the "Earl of Essex"  Walter Devereaux:

:"Plans to establish an English colony in   Ulster  were not, however, abandoned  In 1573, Walter Devereux, Earl of  Essex received a grant of land in north east   Ireland  from Queen Elizabeth.  Essex agreed to invest his own money in his colonial project but his ambitions were wider  as he envisaged taking control of an extensive territory from   Belfast  to Coleraine and establishing himself as Captain General of   Ulster  . Essex recruited 400 adventurers for his colony but only a small number of them travelled to   Ireland  and  Essex spent most of his time in the province engaged in military encounters with Gaelic lords opposed to his plans. Frustrated by his lack of progress, Essex in 1574 seized Sir Brian MacPhelim O'Neill, his wife and brother and arranged for their execution in   Dublin  Castle  . The following year, aware of the Queen’s increasing impatience with his failure,  Essex authorised a notorious raid on the Scottish settlement on   Rathlin  Island  by John Norris and Francis Drake. Shortly afterwards, the Queen relieved  Essex of his command in   Ulster"






It is through Hawise de Kevelioc's marriage to Warin de Bostock that we become related to the direct descendents of Charlemagne.

Researched , Composed and Posted  by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap   Sept. 2009