JOHN SAVAGE:  Chief Justice of Ireland


Source:  "Visitation of Cheshire 1580"


John Savage's daughters:

Alice Savage married 1st to Sir William Brereton; 2nd to Rafe Bostock "Justice of Shevington" Ireland

Elenor Savage married Sir Randoll Brereton


Source:  "Harlequin Manuscripts 1424" #134

The pedigree of Edmund "Boner" Savage,  Arch Decon and Archbishop of London;  bastard child of George Savage, Priest and Parson of Davenham Cheshire.  John Savage was also a bastard child of George Savage..

George Savage  first son:  Edmund went by the name of "Boner"; illegitimate son by Elizabeth Frodsham. 

George Savage sired five other illegitimate children:  By "Winslowe":    Elizabeth Savage, John Savage

                                                                               By "Dyes":     Randoll, Ellin and Margaret Savage

George Savage left his land in Warwick to his second illegitimate son:  John Savage of Garter; died 1597

The lands in:  Elmly, Sudley, Bushley, Hanley, Ridmarkely all had parks and some castles.

John Savage married Anne Bostock, daughter and sole heir of Ralfe/Ralph Bostock (b1434);  eldest son of Adam (b1412) and Ralph's mother; Elizabeth Veneables.   Ralph's only son William  died without issue.  It is through the marriage of jis sister; Anne Bostock to John Savage that the Bostock Manor and property remained in the Savage family for over ninety years.   Ralph's youngest brother William (b1450) is our ancestor.  Upon the death of John Savage in 1572; William's descendents contested the marriage settlement of Anne Bostock .  the estate/property was restored to the Bostock family in 1578. (according to the Chomondley Records).  The Savages held the Bostock estates for over ninty years.


Written by :  Wanda Bostic Dunlap   Sept. 2009