Chester, located on the Dee River, was once the primary legionary headquarters for the Romans; later it became the seat for the equally important "Palatine Earldom".  After 1284, Chester Earls became associated with the direct heir to the Throne of England.

Through Hawise de Mechines Keviloc Bostock: Many of my Ancestors held leading positions in early England::

Robert Beaumont, Lord Justice of England (b 1018) France, died 1168  St. Martin Parish, England

Ranulf/Randle de Mechines, Earl of Chester (1120-1129)

Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester: Prime Minister of England "Lord High Stewart" 1206-1218 & 1231-1265

Simon de Montfort, 7th Earl of Leicester: Earl of Chester (1264-65)

Hugh Keviloc/Kevilock, Earl of Chester (1153-1181) 

Hugh Keviloc: Son of  Maud Fitz Robert and Ranulph  Gernon, Earl of Chester

Hug   (married Bertrade Devereux; daughter of Simon Devereux and Amice Beaumont)  you can see how the    "high" offices stayed in the family:

John Devereux, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports  1387-1392  Peace Keeper and Tax Collector for the Crown      (Kent, Sussex, Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover, Sandwich)

John Beaumont, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports  1392-1396

John Beaufort, Marquess of Dorset, Surrey:  Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports 1398 

Ranulph "William" Bostock, Earl of Chester:  father of Warin Bostock;   Hawise de Mechines Kevelioc's husband.

Hawise's sister:  Matilda de Mechines Kevelioc (b1171)  married David Huntingdon   (owned 7 Earl titles):  9th  Earl of Huntingdon, Earl of Northumberland, Earl of Lennox,    Earl of Carlise, Earl of Doncaster, Earl of Garioch, and Earl of Cambridge).

Hawise and Miltilda's BROTHER:  Ranulph Blunderville, Earl of Lincoln, Earl of Chester (b1172)   married the Duchess of Brittany "Constance"; daughter of King Henry II (b 1133)     Henry Curtmantle Fitz Empress.  Constance's first husband was Geoffrey Plantagenet II.



Castle of Knockyn/Knockin, Salop 1196:  

"John le Strange (b 1168;  d 1237) was the negotiator of King John with Llywelyn the Great, Prince of North Wales in 1204 and 1214; Sheriff of Salop and Staffs 1216, was granted the Manor of Kidderminser in 1216:  and married Amice. He possessed the lordships of Nesse and Cheswurdine/Cheswardine during the reign of King John 1210.  King Henry II gave him the Manor of Wrockwurdin; he was Governor of the Castle of Carracove in Wales, and Sheriff of the County of Salop and Stafford.   King Henry III aided in the rebuilding of part of his castle     at Knocky ".

Hugh Bostock is mentioned in my source: the "Collection Catalogue of the Shropshire deeds and papers of the Smythe Family of Acton Burnell":

Dated 1585: Case as to whether "Moreton Wood" is part of the Manor of Moreton-Saye or of Stoke-on-Trent":

Hugh Bostock   died 1582 and his wife Elizabeth died 1581:: leaving  their son and heir John Bostock (only five years old).  Widow Alice Corbett asked for the wardship of John Bostock and the Manor of Moreton-Say and lands.  Alice Corbett claimed the ancestors of Hugh Bostock (Isabel de Ferrar lady of Stoke, and Henry Robert Saye of Tern) took from her 53 acres of waste land without licence of the King, and that the 53 acres were not part of the lands of Stoke.: .

Alice Corbett claimed that Hugh Bostock died seised of the Manor of Moreton Saye and of the premises belonging to her Alice as of the Manor of Stoke on Tern.  Alice entered the Manor of Moreton Saye by wardship of John and was unjustly expelled by the Echeator/Executor.

The Registers of Wrockwardin Parish in Moreton-Saye show John Bostock married Jane Vernon in 1632, daughter of Sir Thomas Vernon.

Thomas Bromley, Knight, Chancellor, decreed on June 29th, 1585, and by the Court of Chancery, that the Queen release the Manor of Moreton Saye, and the premises  seized into the Queens hands by Inquest;  ordered that Alice Corbett be exonerated from all sums of money received by her from the profits of the same since the death of Hugh Bostock, and all issues and profits of the Manor or Moreton-Saye be restored to the widow Alice Corbett.  Ordered that it be done.

14th Century the De Bromleye/Bromley family held the estates in Leaton, Shrewsberry Districk, Shtropshire.

Source:  "Homes of Family Names in Great Britain" by H.B. Guppy

11th Century, Alice Corbett's (b1219) Aunt Margaret Rhys Corbett married Prince Gwennwynnion Owain (b1151) of Powys Wales.  Alice Corbett's cousin Gruffyd married Hawise le Stange.   Gruffyd and Hawise's daughter Margaret maried Fulk V Fitswarin (b1251).     Funk V & Margaret lived between Shrop & Herts.  Their children Hawise and Fulk VI  lived between Norfolk & Herts.    Alice Corbett married Derby de Stafford in Caus, Stropshire of which Derbyshire was named after.

16th Centruy Shropshire has been the principal home of the Corbetts/Corbet families, dating back to King Edward I and the "Hundreds Roll".      1588  Jerome Corbett and Edward Corbet of Longmore and widow Alice Corbett of Stoke  were just to name a few.

Since the reign of King Henry V, the Corbetts have held the office of bailiff of "Mayor of Shrewsbury".

Sir Richard Corbett, Baronet, was one of the last mayors of Shrewsbury.

Their is a monument dedicated to dame Alice Corbett at the ancient Norman Church "St Mary's Drayton in Hales" which became Moreton-Say in 1245 renamed by King Henry III.  Inscribe "Mother of ten sons and ten daughters".  Dedicated by Thomas and Elizabeth Bulkeley's grandson,  Peter Bulkely, founder of Concord, Mass. that died in 1653..

There are obviously deep family ties between the descendents of Hugh Bostock,  Alice Corbett,  Bromley, Strange and Bulkely families.


Sources listed at the bottom of my website.



Researched by: Wanda Bostic Dunlap, Oct. 2009/2010



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