Source:  "Genealogy of the Dutton Family" By:  Gilbert Cope 1871

"Leicester's Historical Antiquities" By:  Baron Peter Leycester 1673


"Baron Sir Peter Leycester, Knight; in possession of:  "Tlie Manor, House of Button and 1400 acres of land on the Tlie River.  Descended from the ancient family of Button in the town of Button.   Whose descendents assumed the name of "Dutton".

Lord Ordard/Hordard Dutton came to England with his great uncle, William the Conqueror.  Ordard held "Aston" near Budsworth and became Baron of Halton in 1086.  Ordard was the son of Yuron, Viscount to Constantine.

Ordards descendents:

Adam de Dutton, proprietor of the Manor of Warburton, during the reign of King Henry II; married Alice Lacy (daughter of Sir John Lacy, descendent of Hugh de Lacy of Castle Trim and High Steward of Ireland 117; Hugh de Lacy I&II "Earls of Ulster" Ireland 1205-1242.).

Sir Thomas Dutton, Sheriff of Cheshire in 1268; his son Sir Robert Dutton's daughter  Margaret Dutton married Sir William Veneables of Kinderton in 1253.

Thomas Dutton, Seneschal, Governor of the Castle of Halton;  married Alice Stanley, (daughter of Sir John Stanley).

Sir Thomas Sutton, Knight:  married Anne Audley (daughter of Lord James Audley).  Their son John Dutton became the "Steward of Norton".  Their daughter Elizabeth Dutton married Raufe/Ralph Bostock in the Davenham Parish, Cheshire.  Their daughter Margaret Dutton married Raufe/Ralph Veron.  Their daughter Elinour Dutton married Richard Cholmondley.

Sir Peter Dutton, Knight:  Lt. Deputy of Seneschal City of Chester.  Great contention fell between Peter Dutton and Sir Rafe/Ralph Bostock; for making "inroads" and invasions in 1419.  Restitution was made and Peter died 1433.

The son of Sir Peter Dutton: Jolin/John  Dutton married Margaret Savage in 1450; daughter of Sir John Savage. The daughters of of Peter Dutton married well:   Elinor Dutton married Randoll Brereton of Malpas;  Margaret Dutton married Sir Hugh Egerton; Agnes Dutton married Sir Richard Wynnington; Elizabeth Dutton, married John Done, Son and Heir of John Done of Utkinton 1460."


Researched and Posted  by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap   Sept. 2009


Sir Piers Button of Hatton, Knight married Elinor Leigh and built the "Dutton House"

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