Cholmondeley ,  Mainwarming and Brereton Families:

 Source:"Wipepedia"                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Source:  "The History of the Worthies of England" By: Thomas Fuller, D.D.

"The Cholmondeleys of Cholmondeley trace their ancestry to  the Barony of Malpas: during the 11th or 12th century. 

          Their daughter Margaret  Mainwarming married William Bromley, Controller to the "Earl of Derby:   William Bromley           served King Henry V in France "Battle of Corby" and was Knighted in 1418.  He was named "Constable of Bossiville le Ross" and given forty pounds in land per year for him and his heirs for his service to the King.  William was born in County Shropshire and was "General Solicitor to Queen Elizabeth.                                                                                                    


Sir Hugh Cholmondeley (the elder) was born before 1513 and died 1596/97. He was the second son of Richard Cholmondeley (born c 1474, died 1518) and his wife : Elizabeth Brereton: dau. of Sir Randall Brereton of Malpas. He succeeded his elder brother, who died without issue in 1539 and was knighted in 1544.

Sir Hugh married first Ann or Amy Dorman in 1540/41. She was the coheiress of Sir George Dorman of Malpas. She was buried at Malpas  1571. All the children of Sir Hugh the elder are from this marriage.

 Sir Hugh married Mary, the daughter of Sir William Griffiths or Gruffydd of Penrhyn. She was the widow of Sir Randall Brereton of Malpas but this union produced no further issue. Mary was buried at Malpas 1588.

There were seven Randall Breretons in succession at Malpas.) Sir Hugh the elder was five times sheriff of Cheshire and died 1596/7 (tomb at Malpas). He was succeeded by his son, Hugh the younger.

Adam Bostock (b 1270) married Joan Brereton, dau. of William Brereton, descendents of Sir Randall Brereton of Malpas."

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