CAVENDISH FAMILY:  "Dukes of Devonshire"


Source:   "Life and Reign of King Henry VIII" by:  George Cavendish


"George Cavendish, appointed in 1530 to the surrender of religious houses known as the "Reformation of the Churhes of England.  (St. Albans was also surrendered to him.)

His son, William Cavendish married his first wife Margaret Bostock, daughter of Edmund Bostock of Whatcroft, Cheshire.  His Lordship and manors included that of Northawe, Cuffeley, and Chyldewyke in Hertfordshire.

William's second wife was Elizabeth Hardwick, daughter of John Hardwick of Derbyshire and his wife Elizabeth Leak, daughter of Thomas Leak of Hasland, Derbyshire.

Elizabeth Hardwick had been married 1st at age forteen to Alexander Barley that died soon after they wed in 1532.  His large estate went to Elizabeth Hardwick.  She married second to William Cavendish.

William built the noble manor of "Chatsworth" for his new wife but died before it's completion.

William and Elizabeth hade three sons:

Henry, Knight of Derbyshire, married Grace, daughter of George "Earl of Shrewsbury"; and had no issue.

William, Knight and heir to the whole estate, 1st Earl of Devonshire.

Charles, Knight, of Welbeck Abby, Nottinghamshire.

               Charles had one surviving son:  Charles (b 1592), (d 1676) "Knight of Garter"

              and "Loyal Duke  of   Newcastle".  Married Elizabeth Basset, daughter and only heir of

               William Basset of Blore, Staffordshire

              ( widow: Elizabeth Basset was married previously to Henry Howard, third son of Thomas, Earl of Suffolk.)

                Elizabeth and Charles Cavendish also had a son named Charles that married

                Elizabeth Rogers of Brianstone,  Dorsetshire. 

               After Charles's death, Elizabeth Rogers married Charles Stuart,

                "Duke of Richmond".


Researched and Posted by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap, May 2010

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