Baron:  Charles Henry Bostock  to  Charles Bostock Rich , EARLS OF WARWICK: 

"Sir C H J. Rich, BART died at 12 Nottingham Place, age. 53.  He was the eldest son of the late Sir Charles H. Rich, BART of "Shirley House", Hants and his wife Frances Maria Lethbridge of " Bossington House", Hants.  The original surname of the family was BOSTOCK; decending from the ancient family of Bostock of Bostock, county Chester. 

 The Rev. Charles Bostock, LLD of Shirley House, Hants (b. 1752 in Winsor); married Mary Frances Rich in 1784;; only daughter & child of Sir Robert Rich, BART of "Rosehall", Suffolk.    Sir Robert Rich's Baronetcy had been conferred by King Charles II in 1675. 

 Upon the death of Sir Robert Rich in 1785; the surname and arms and the Barony of the Rich family was passed down to Charles Henry Bostock , upon the marriage of Sir Robert's only daughter Mary Frances Rich.

The terms of their marriage: Charles Bostock  had to assume the name: Sir Charles Henry Rich

Their eldest son  Sir C.H.J. Rich succeded as 2nd Baronet; and married first to Harriet Theodosia (daughter of John Stuart Sullivan of "Devonshire Place", London and sister of Charles Henry Stuart).   The second son of Charles and Mary Rich was: George Bostock became the Chamberlain of Ireland during the government of Marquis Wellesley and obtained the honor of knighthood.  Charles and Mary  Frances Rich had 5 sons and a daughter; only their eldest son carried the surname of "Rich"..


Rev. Charles Bostock, L.L.D.  died in 1824 and is buried along with his wife Mary Frances Rich in South Audley Street Chapel in London.  Their Son Charles H. J. Rich became the second Baronet in 1791.  He sold "Rose Hall" and the "Waverley Abbey" in 1812.

"Rosehall", Parish of "Mancetter, County of Warwick, "Hemlingford Hundred"

Bostock connection to the Holte and Bradshaw families:

Rich family:  Richard Bostock of "Tattenhall"  had a son Charles Henry Bostock  who married the sole heir and daughter of Sir Robert Rich of "Rosehall".  Charles Bostock married Mary Frances Rich and assumed the Baroncey and the NAME of the Rich family . Descendents of JOAN SAUNDERS, who married Edward Rich of the family of Lord Rich (Earl of Warwick's family), who was Speaker of the House of Commons and Lord Chancellor of England in 1547, from whom has descended Sir Almeric Edmund Frederick Rich, 5th

Edward Rich of Horondon (d1599) married Joan Saunders (daughter of Edward Saunders of London)

Edward and Joan's son:  Sir Robert Rich, (Earl of Warwick) married Elizabeth Dutton.

Robert and Elizabeth son:  Sir Robert Rich married Anne Cavendish (daughter of William Cavendish & Margaret Bostock) Cavendish; "Dukes of Devonshire"..

In the 17th century the house known as "Oldbury" was occupied by the Earls of Devonshire William Cavendish;  as their town house and called Devonshire House (q.v.).


Baronage of the Bostock of Bostock, county Chester:

Rev. Charles Bostock, LLD; of Shirley House, county Hampshire

The original surname of the family of the late Baronet Liet-General Sir C.H.J. Rich descended from the ancient family of Bostock from Bostock, co. Chester.

Sir Robert Rich, Bart of Rose Hall, Suffolk's Baronetcy had been conferred by Charles II in 1675.  Upon the death of Sir Robert, the surname and arms and the Baroncey of the Rich family was passed down the Charles Henry Bostock upon the marriage of Sir Robert's only daughter Mary Frances Rich.  Charles Bostock had to assume the name Charles Henry Rich. 

Charles Henry Bostock Rich was the son of Rev. Charles Bostock, L. L. D.

Charles grandson George Bostock was "Chamberlain of the Household" to the Vice Regal Court of Ireland, during the government of the Marquis Wellesby and George obtained the honor of Knighthood.

The last baronet married Harriet Theodosia, daughter of the late John Stuart Sullivan, Esq, M.C.S. of Devonshire place London by whom she left two daughters and one son:  Charles Henry Stuart b. 1859.


During the reign of King Edward II, the family of John le Rich of "Rich Place" was a considerable antiquity of Hampshire.

John le Rich;  son:  Richard ,  Sheriff of London 1441

Richard's sons:  John and Thomas le Rich.

John descended as baronet and passed it to his grandson Robert Rich. At the risk of extinction; Robert Rich passed the barony to Charles Henry Bostock Rich, Son of the late Rev. Charles Bostock, L.L.D.  Charles Bostock assumed the name of Rich upon the marriage to Sir Robert Rich's only daughter Mary Frances Rich of "Rosehall" in 1781..


Concerning the Church of Beenham, Beenham House and Farms:  Marriage of Deane. The Rev. Charles Bostock: son assumed the name of Rich, created Baronet 1781, d.1824"



Parish of Mancetter, County of Warwick, "Hemlingford Hundred"

According to Dungdales's  "Doomsday Book":

 1196 Walter Mancetter granted land for the parish of Mancetter.  His heir; Guy de Mancetter's daughter "Julian" married Geoffrey, Lor of Brokehull in Hertfordshire.  Guy de Mancetter married Ellen Bellers.  At that time the Manor was called "ROSEHALL".   After Guy de Mancetter died in 1419; .Ellen Bellers Mancetter married Ralph Holte.  Ralph Holte was the grandson of Sir Thomas Holte.  

1542 the manor was in the possession of Robert Bradshawe; who married Elizabeth Lewes; daughter of Thomas Lewes.  Robert and Elizabeth Bradshawe left the manor to their infant son:  Edward Bradshaw.  (apparently both Robert and Elizabeth  died during the one of the plague pandemics).

Edward Bradshaw left the manor to his heir; George Lewes Bradshaw in 1625.

It was sold to Richard Whitehall in 1627.

Mancetter was formed as part of the "Countess Godiva's" estate called "Atherstone".  It was passed down to the "Earls of Warwick in 1235 and stayed in their possession until the 14th century.  (Earls of Warwick, the RICH family)

Charles Bostock married the daughter and sole heir of Sir Robert Rich; Mary Frances Rich of "Rosehall" in the 16th century. Charles assumed the Barony, title and property of the Rich family and the name: " Charles Bostock Rich "


Manor of OLDSBURY"

"Oldbury " Manor in Warwickshire was purchased in 1576 by Jasper Fisher and given to Richard Bostock as Dowry for the hand of his sister Margaret Bostock in marriage (daughter of Adam Bostock and Elizabeth Wettenhall).    Margaret's 1st marriage was to Richard Blount of London (d 1575).  

Jasper Fisher was one of the Six Clerks of Chauncey and a very wealthy landowner.  He died in 1581 leaving his widow Margaret Bostock  "Oldsbury Manor" and "Fisher's Folly" on Bishopgate Street;  which were later occupied by the Earls and Duke's of Devonshire: Sir William Cavendish and his wife Margaret Bostock  (daughter of Edmund Bostock)..

Edward Rich of Horondon (d1599) married Joan Saunders (daughter of Edward Saunders of London)

Edward Rich and Joan' Saunders son:  Sir Robert Rich, (Earl of Warwick) married Elizabeth Dutton.

Robert Rich and Elizabeth  Dutton's son:  Sir Robert Rich married Anne Cavendish (daughter of William Cavendish & Margaret Bostock; daughter of Edmund Bostock) Cavendish; "Dukes of Devonshire".


Margaret Bostock (daughter of Adam Bostock and Elizabeth deArderne Wettenhall) married Nicholas Saunders of Ewell, Surry  in 1582.   Nicholas Saunders died 1588. He was the son of William Saunders  of Ewell and Joan Marshton.  They had a daughter Mary Saunders b.1570 in East Clandon, Surry.   William and Thomas Saunders were brothers and  both of them had daughters they named Mary.

 Mary Saunders (b1575) is the wife of Charles Bostock (b1569)  married in London in 1600.   

Mary Saunders (b 1575); was the daughter of Sir Thomas Saunders; KNIGHT and  Sherriff of Surrey 1553; and member of parliament for Lewes in 1534. 

1599 Margaret Bostock Saunders, transferred ownership of "Oldbury Manor" to her stepson Nicholas Saunders, JR. as a marriage dowry for her daughter Elizabeth Blount.   Her only child by her first marriage to Richard Blount, (illegitimate son of John Leigh.; Esq. of Addington, Surry).

Read more about the "Saunders" family and the FIVE marriages of Margaret Bostock on my main webpage under "THOMAS SAUNDERS OF AGMONDESHAM"

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