Arderne, Audley, Stanley, Sandbach  Families:  "Casle of Aldford"

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"1282:  William Stanley eloped and married Dorothy Vernon, heiress of Hadoon.

  Dorothy was the heiress of the Vernon house "STORETON".  She was the daughter of John Vernon.    The Stanley family migrated from "Stony-Lea" in Staffordshire to their new home in Cheshire, "Storeton".

William and Dorothy Vernon Stanley had three sons:

1)  William Stanley married Margery Hooten, sole heiress of Sir William Hooten of "Hooten Hall"

2)  Sir John Stanley, Earl of Derby, married Isabel Latham. Isabel, a descendent of Lord  Thomas Knowsley John and Isabel gained extensive estates from Lord Knowsley.

3) Thomas Stanley,  first "Earl of Alderley"; married Margery AlderleyAudley; daughter of Peter Alderley/Audley and  Margaret  ARDERNE."

 “The Ancient Family of Middlemore” by Phillimore  was very interesting reading about this all powerful family of Europe in the 13th century.  In it I found where Elizabeth Middlemore of Birmingham married Robert Arderne. The Middlemore and Arderne families were very prominent with powerful political influence in the 13th and 14th century. "


"Thomas Stanley and Margery Ardern Audley's son:  Thomas Stanley of Latham, was appoint "Lord Lieutenant of Ireland" by King Henry VI.  He married Margaret  Bostock Davenport.  Margaret inherited the old Davenport mansion "Chorley Hall" in Wilmslow Parish.  It was the ancestor home of Alderly/Aldithlegh/Audley: Margaret was the daughter of Adam Bostock and Margery de Arderne Wettenhall, married at St. Martin's Parish.  

 “Visitation of Cheshire 1580”  and  “History of Ancient Parish of Sandbach” by J. P. Earwaker 1890:          Sir John Arderne married Maud Leigh, daughter of John Leigh and Isabel Sandbach. Descendents of William Sondbache/Sandbach, Lord Mayor of Shropshire, Surrey.  This would be another connection to the migration of the Bostock family into  SHROPSHIRE,Surrey.

Isabel was the only daughter and sole heir  of Peter Sandbach, High Sheriff of Cheshire. The Sandbach Estate called “Little Hassall” passed into the Leigh family, and eventually into the Bostock/Stanley family. 

 John Leigh was a direct descendent of Randle de Mechines, Earl of Cheshire (d. 1153).   After John Leigh died his Manor of Sandbach passed into the hands of Thomas Stanley in 1423 .  Thomas Stanley married Margaret Bostock; daughter of my Adam Bostock & Margery deArderne  Wettenhall.     Margaret Bostock was the widow of Hugh Davenport of Henbury."

Adam (b1315) married in 1338 to:  Margaret/Margery de Arderne  Wettenhall of St. Martin Parish; daughter and co-heiress of Sir John de Wettenhall (Lord of Acton),  and Agnes De Arderne.   The Arderne's are direct descendents of King Alfred the Great. " .  


"Thomas Audley, younger brother of James Audley, Lord of Audley:  Thomas Audley married the daughter and sole heiress of Sir Henry de Stanley and changed his name from Thomas Audley to Thomas Stanley to acquire the title "Lord Stanley" and Knight of Garter, 1st Earl of Derby.

Edmund Audley, son of "Lord Audley" of Heyley, "Earl of Ireland and "Castle Haven"; was also known as Edmund Touchet.     He studied at Oxford and became a prelate lawyer. He became "Bishop of Salisbury" and died in 1624.  He is buried in Ramsbury. The Touchet family is linked with the Bostocks of Tattenhall.

Adam de Aldithlegh/Audley  "Old Norman Warrior" of Normandy; came over with William the Conquerer.  He fought well at the "Battle of Hastings".  Adam's sons married well into the Saxon Nobel Families.   His Son; Lyulph de Aldithlegh was the First Lord of Audley."

" Adam DE ALDITHLEY son of Liuth Of ALDITHLEY , was born about 1147 in Heleigh Castle, Audley, Staffordshire, England and died after 1203 in Heleigh Castle, Audley, Staffordshire, England after age 55."

"Adam married Emma FITZRALPH, daughter of Ralph FITZORM and Lettice DE MONTGOMERY Emma was born about 1150 in Horton, Staffordshire, England and died."


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Reasearch, Written and Posted by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap   Oct. 2009


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