Father: Adam de Bostock b 1412-1475
Mother:  Elizabeth Veneables b 1414

Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Hugh Veneables, Baron of Kinderton; descendents of the first Baron of Cheshire:  Sir William Venables

Children of  William Bostock and  Alice Patrick b. 1460 (one Son):

1. Edward (Edmund) Bostock b. 1481

Edward or Edmund Bostock b. 1481  Edmund was known as "The Keeper of the Castle".  This branch of the Bostock family lived at "Bostock Hall" until it was badly damaged in the Civil War. (See the picture and information listed below on the original "Bostock Hall".)  

Edmund/Edward married Anne Shaw (b1483) and  had daughter Margaret Bostock (b1508) in Walcroft/Whatcross, Chesire  (d 1540) in Alegate, London.  In 1524 Margaret married the "Duke of Devonshire", William Cavendish.  William and Margaret had one daughter: Anne Cavendish (b1534) in Chatsworth, Derbyshr.  It is through Anne Cavendish's marriage in  1582 to Henry Baynton (son of Sir Edward Baynton and Isabel Leigh the wealthiest land owners in England).  Isabel Leigh remarried to Sir Edward Howard and is the mother of Queen Catherine Howard and the aunt of Queen Anne Boleyn. We become linked to the wives of King Henry VIII .       .                                                                                                                                                                                          

#2. Elynor "Ellen" Bostock (b1455) bore five sons:

1. George Bostock 14 (b1485/90)
2.     Ralph Bostock (b1489/91)
3.     Arthur Bostock (b1493)
4.     Humpry Bostock (b1497)
5.     Roger Bostock (b1501)

Note:  William (1450) seems to have resided at Stapleford (near Chester) and Bostock. 

Source:  "From Generation to Generation" by: Henry M. Neil     

 This book is the second place I have actually seen William 15 (b1450) listed as "MARRIED" to  Ellen daughter of Adam, (does not give their last name)..  

Wife #2) Elyanor "Ellen" Bostock (b1455)   bore five sons: George Bostock 14 (b1485/90), Ralph (b1489/91), Arthur (b1493), Humpry (b1497), and Roger (b1501).  Much speculation has been written that William had many illegitimate children by 3  woman::  After uncovering  Henry Neil's account  of William being "MARRIED" to Ellen;  it seems highly likely that Alice Patrick died after Edmund's birth in 1481 and that Elyanor "Ellen" died after Roger's birth in 1501 and that Elizabeth Done did in fact become William's third wife; especially given her social standing as Sir Robert Done of Utkinton's daughter.  This theory is also backed up by the birth of William and Elizabeth Done Bostock's daughter "Anne" in the year 1505. 

The marriage of William and Ellen are confirmed in the St. Martin Parish Records, Surrey, England .

#3.    Elizabeth Done b. 1480 bore one daughter:

1. Anne b. 1505
Elizabeth Done, daughter and heiress of Robert Done of  Utkinton., The Heralds Visitation, in recording the Bostock genealogy in 1580, state that William had fifteen illegitimate children because no evidence of other marriage records exists.  Considering the number of buildings and churches that were burned throughout England during the reighn of King Henry VIII and the English Civil War; it seems understandable that no paper records survived.

        Utkinton Hall in Cheshire, seat of the "Done/Doane" family.  (See main page)


Researched and Written by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap   August 2008