Charles  Bostock (b1569) married Mary Saunders (b 1575) 

 Daughter of:  Knight: Sir Thomas Saunders and wife Mary

Sir Thomas Saunders : Member of Parliament for Lewes in 1534;

"High Sheriff of Surrey  AND Sussex 1553".  Granted lands in "Wates, Michleham, Dorking"



 (Under the Sprig of Alexander (Alisaundre) the Great, from which the surname is derived and which

came into existence during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries)  


EUDO,  married his first wife; Alice; daughter of Mathew "Duke of Lorraine"; descendents of the Counts of Hapsburgh and the Dukes of Zaringen and Teck.

Eudo and Alice had two sons:  The eldest son was named Eudo, "Duke of Burgundy"and their second son    "Alisaundre"(Alexander)"Lord of Montagu"

EUDO, "Duke of Burgundy" married Mary, the daughter of Count Theobald of Champagne; the GRANDSON of William the Conqueror; and BROTHER OF KING STEPHEN of England; Descendents from King Robert of France 1032, came to England during the reign of Henry III 1220.

EUDO, "Duke of Burgundy"; married  Theresa, daughter of Alfonso DENIS, King of Portugal and Theresa's mother Beartice, daughter of William, Count of Challon.     Eudo and Theresa's son was named EDUO; who married Elizabeth; daugher of Peter of Courtnay, Emperor of Constantinople, the son of King Louis VI of France.

 It is HERE where the Dennis/Denis family and Arthur Bostock's lineage splits from his brother Charles (1569); the Saunders family  OF SURREY and Charles Bostock's lineage.


Count ALISAUNDRE "Alexander The Great" settled in WILTSHIRE.

His second son   SIR ROBERT ALYSANDRE of Melksham 's HELD THE ARMS "Three Elephants Heads"

Count Alexander, the son of EUDO,( Lord of Montagu and Chagny in France).  Alexander's arms appear in the Rose Window of "Wilton Church" in Salisbury

BOTHERS: Sir William and Sir Thomas Saunders, M.P., High Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey 1553 HELD ARMS:  "Three Elephant Heads"  holding in the mouth a sprig of Alisaundre, of ALEXANDER THE GREAT PLANT; with two slipped Thistle leaves representing the Scotch descent of his wife's mother LILIAN.  Ancestors of the Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Hertfordshire and Irish Saunders.

BRIDGET SAUNDERS, wife of William Saunders; "High Sherrif of Surrey, Sussex 1553" with his brother Thomas Sauders.  William and Bridget Saunders daughter:  Anne Saunders married the celebrated  SIR JOHN MIDDLEMORE (d 1633)

Thomas Saunders father:  William Saunders of Ewell; (b 1469) (d1571); which city in early times has a Elephant as its crest; from which it is supposed the SAUNDERS Armorial Bearings of Three Elephants' Heads originated.

His father: William Saunders of Compton Martin; married Ann Bouchier; whose ancestor was Sir William Bouchier, Count of Ewe; who married Ann; daughter of THOMAS of Woodstock, the son of King Edward III.

MARGARET SAUNDERS, another daughter of Sir Thomas Saunders, M.P., King's Remembrancer of the Exchequer, of Surrey, by his  wife Alice, daughter of Sir Edmund Walsingham, Lieutenant of the Tower of London (a near relative of Walsingham, Secretary of State to Queen Mary). Frances, daughter of Sir Francis Walsingham, married Richard, son of the Earl of Clanricarde by Margaret his wife, daughter of Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel; Margaret Saunders married Thomas Goodyere, son of Sir Francis Goodyere by his wife, who was a daughter of Sir Ralph Rowlett of Herfordshire; 

The family FitzAlan  of Arundel were descendents of the High Steward/Stewarts of Scotland, and the Lord of Oswestry "Sherriff of Shropshire", county SALOP, and Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, Ireland..  FitzAlan of Oswestry history and descendants are described fully in "Round's Perrage and Family History".

ST. Martin of Ewell, Epsom:

EWELL, an ancient market town later called "Ebbishem/Ebbesham"; was once a Roman Fortress that made up the Kingdom of the South Saxons.  It was founded and named after the "Valiant" Queen Ebba and Ethelwoolf/Eidilwalch; the first Christian King,

Ebba was the daughter of Gustridus, the brother of Rubenus.  She was baptized a Christian by Bishop Wilfred in AD660.

EWELL: a borough of Epsom; in the county of Surrey, 15 miles Southwest of London.. Known in ancient times for a sacred place located behind ST MARTIN PARISH, known as  "THE VENERABLE BEDE" in "Historia Ecclesiastica".  Explained when Mellitus (later the Archbishop of Canterbury) was sent by Gregory the Great to England in 601; a stream believed to have "healing powers"; and later to be known as the origin of "Epsom Salts".

The "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle AD882:  A charter was issued on the authority of Alfred, King of the Saxons for the establishment of EWELL.  By 150AD Ewell was the largest village in Surrey. 

Richard Corbett, D.D. The Bishop of Oxford and Norwich, and the Dean of Christ Church was born in Ewell.  Christ Church is where Charles Bostock (1569) was educated.


There are so many "former" Manors/Halls owned by the Bostock family;  It isn't any wonder why it has been so hard to trace them.   By following the FIVE marriages of Margaret Bostock; transfer of ownership becomes a little easier to understand. It also makes me wonder how all of these husbands died.


Margaret Bostock: Marriage #1:       RICHARD BLOUNT:

Richard Blount (d 1575) of Coleman Street, London; born in Stafford; the illegitimate son of John Leigh and Anne Blount; daughter of Walter Blount of Blount Hall.

Margaret Bostock was the daughter of  Adam Bostock (b 1330) and Margery de Arderne Wettenhall.

Margaret Bostock and Richard Blount (d 1575) had one daughter:  Elizabeth Blount of Arleston Derbyshire; John Leigh's grandaughter.


Margaret Bostock:  Marriage #2:       Nicholas Saunders, Sr

Willaim Saunders (b.1469) of Compton Martin married Ann Bouchier, whose ancestor was Sir WIlliam Bouchier, Count of Ewe, who married Ann daughter of THOMAS of Woodstock, the son of Edward III.

Nicholas Saunders's of Ewell;  (d 1571)  married Margaret Bostock Blount.  By his previous marriage he had a son, also named :  Nicholas

Nicholas Saunders of Charlewood, county Surrey; received his Bachelor of law from "New College"; went to Rome to become a "D.D."; and later became the "Kings Professor of Louvain", "Romish Exile Writer"..  

Nicholas Saunders;:  had one son by his previous wife: also named Nicholas Saunders (b1525) in Ewell, Surrey; which by marriage became Margaret Bostock Blount Saunders stepson.

DR. NICHOLAS SANDERS; celebrated Catholic controversialist and historian (1581)

In 1560 Nicholas Saunders (b 1525) married Isabel Carew (b1529); at St. Mary's in Beddington, Surrey. .After Isabel died; Nicholas Saunders  married his stepsister Elizabeth Blount of Arleston, Derbyshire; daughter of Margaret Bostock. 

1599 Margaret Saunders, widow, of Ewell, in  Surrey , transferred  "OLDBURY" to her stepson, Sir Nicholas Saunders, his wife Elizabeth, and William Blount of Arleston, Derbyshire.

Nicholas (b1525) and Isabel Carew also had a son named Nicholas: SIR NICHOLAS SAUNDERS, M.P., whose seventh grandfather was King Edward III through his mother, who was Isabella Carew, daughter of Sir Nicholas Carew, K.G., Lieutenant of Calais, and sister of Sir Francis Carew, of Beddington, Surry; 


Margaret Bostock:  Marriage #3:   JOHN LEIGH:

SANDBACH MANOR:  "Little Hassel"

After her husband Nicholas Saunders died in 1571;  MARGARET BOSTOCK SAUNDERS BLOUNT: married  John Leigh, Esquire of Addington in Surrey. (technically her father-in-law).   John Leigh was a direct descendent of  the Morville and  Mechines, Earls of Chester and a direct descendent from Emma daughter of ARIOTTA: Mother of Williams the Conquerer; the fifth son of Charlemagne. 

John Leigh had previously been married to the only daughter and heiress of  Sir Richard "Peter" Sandbach ; Elizabeth Isabel Sandbach;.  descendents of Sir William Sandbach "Lord Mayor of Shropshire, Surrey".   ( John and Isabel's daughter "MAUD LEIGH" married Sir John Arderne.)

After Isabel Sandbauch Leigh's death: The ancient estate of Sandbach  known as "Little Hassell" passed into the John Leigh family  and Margaret Bostock Saunders family through her marriage to John Leigh. (d 1576).


Margaret Bostock:  Marriage #4:         JASPER FISHER:

After John' Leigh's death in 1576, his widow Margaret Bostock , Blount, Leigh  married one of the wealthiest men in England; Jasper Fisher (d 1581) one of the six clerks in Chauncery.  Jasper Fisher acquired "OLDBURY" in 1576 and "conveyed" it to Richard Bostock probably for the settlement of his marriage with Margaret Bostock. After Jasper's death in 1581, his heirs "conveyed Oldbury" to Jasper's widow, Margaret Bostock.

Descendent of: Cardinal John Fisher, born in Beverly, Yorkshire, Son of Robert Fisher; educated at Cambridge.

Richard Bostock  had a son Charles Bostock  who married the sole heir and daughter of Sir Robert Rich of "Rosehall".  Charles Bostock married Mary Frances Rich and assumed the Baroncey and the NAME of the Rich family . Descendents of JOAN SAUNDERS, who married Edward Rich of the family of Lord Rich (Earl of Warwick's family), who was Speaker of the House of Commons and Lord Chancellor of England in 1547, from whom has descended Sir Almeric Edmund Frederick Rich, 5th

Read more on my main web page about the Baroncey of Charles Bostock Rich and "Rosehall", Earls of Warwick, and "Mancetter"  estate of Countess Godiva's "Atherstone".


Margaret Bostock:  Marriage #5:    SIR THOMAS STANLEY

Sir Thomas de Stanley and the ancient estate of Sandbach passed into the Stanley family in 1423; by marriage to  Margaret Bostock, Blount Saunders, Leigh,. (Margaret was the daughter of Adam Bostock (b 1330) and Margery de Arderne Wettenhall.).

Thomas Stanley, youngest brother of Lord James Audley; previously married the heir and daughter of  Sir Henry de Stanley.  Thomas changed his name from Audley to Stanley  King Henry VI made him "Lord Stanley" and Knight of Garter, Lord Deputy of Ireland, and the 1st Earl of Derby. 


Manor of  “OLDBURY':

 Oldbury appears to have been granted to the Abbey of Polesworth before the Conquest, as tradition says that when the nuns were evicted from Polesworth by the first Robert Marmion they retired hither. (fn. 92) About 1130 the second Robert Marmion and Milicent his wife agreed to the removal of the convent from Oldbury to Polesworth


Jasper Fisher had acquired "Oldbury" by 1576, (fn. 102) when he conveyed it to Richard Bostock, probably for settlement on his marriage with Margaret Bostock. Jasper was dead by 1581, when Anne wife of Richard Wolveriche and Katherine Norwood, widow (his heirs) (fn. 103) conveyed the manor to Margaret Fisher, his widow. (fn. 104) She in 1599, as Margaret Saunders, widow, of Ewell, in  Surrey , transferred it to her stepson, Sir Nicholas Saunders, his wife Elizabeth, and William Blount of Arleston, Derbyshire. (fn. 105) In 1604, they sold it to Richard Whitehall (fn. 106) who subsequently acquired part of the manor of Mancetter (see above). Richard Whitehall died in 1640, 


Fisher's Folly   (OWNED BY JASPER FISHER AND MARGARET BOSTOCK BLOUT, FISHER, SAUNDERS)         Locate in  Bishopsgate Street , in Bishopsgate Ward ..

Fisher's Folly: A house built by Jasper Fisher, one of the six clerks in Chancery. It afterwards belonged to the Earl of Oxford and in  Stow 's time to Sir Roger Manars (S. 167).

Capital messuage, buildings, yards, etc., at Bishopsgate, formerly the six gardens late purchased of Martin Bowes, etc., belonging to Jasper Fisher, 22 Eliz. 1580 (Lond.  p.m. III. p. 19).

He also had possession of an alley called "Toddes alley" with houses, etc., at Bishopsgate, 22 Eliz. 1580 (ib.) which formerly belonged to the priory or new  hospital of  St. Mary without Bishopsgate, 32 H. VIII. 1540 (L. and P. H. VIII. XV. p. 411).

In the 17th century the house was occupied by the Earls of Devonshire William Cavendish;  as their town house and called Devonshire House (q.v.).

Earls of  Devonshire :  William Cavendish and Isabel Leigh connection

Isabel Leigh:daughter of Ralph Leigh,  remarried Sir Edmund Howard:  parents of Queen Catherine Howard,  4th wife of King Henry IV.


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Written by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap   Nov 2009


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