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Like the Bostic family and their long line of "CHARLES's",  the Thomas family follows a long line of "TRISTRAM's":

DESCENDENTS OF EDMOND THOMAS (b1495) of "Brookplace":

Rev. Tristram Thomas (b1522)of "Brookplace"  in Sundridge, Kent, England: Rector of Alford Parish in Surry England was the father of three sons:  John (b1548)married: Ann Tottishurt;, Edmond (b1550)married: #1)Elizabeth and #2)Johan Whitehead; and Richard (b1552)married Mary Filbert.

My line follows Edmond's & Elizabeth's son Tristram II (b1579). Born in Chevening Parish, Kent, England.  (Edmond's estate was known as "Pollard" at Sevenoaks, England.)   Sevenoaks, Kent is also mentioned in my Bostock family lineage.

Tristram II married Elizabeth March of Westerham, Kent Co., England.  Tristram II died in Wales in 1670.          Their 4th son Christopher (1608) became known as "The Immigrant" to America, the reason we are here!  They had seven sons and 6 daughters. 

 Christopher Thomas (b.1608) of Caermarthen, Wales; "The Immigrant"  left the port of London in 1635 and was transported to Kent Island, "Kent Hundred", St. Mary's county, Virginia on the vessel "George J.O.Seberne M".  Christopher was accompanied by his two year old son  Tristram Thomas III (b1633) in Orpington, Kent, England.. (apparently Christopher's first wife died during childbirth).


In 1637 Kent Island, VA became known as "Isle of Kent", St. Mary's Co., Maryland.  Christopher was elected to the House of Burgessess, MD in 1637 and lived among the 200 Kent Island inhabitants. 

 Tristram III returned to WALES sometime prior to 1655, perhaps to watch over his grandfather and family estate.   Christopher returned to Wales in 1663 perhaps to ask his family's blessings on his upcoming marriage.  Chris returned  to America in 1664 . He applied for a land grant of 350 acres near the Higgins Plantation at St. Peter's Parish; and married Elizabeth Higgins in 1664.  There Chris built "Barbados Hall" on the south side of Chester River, and Corsica creek, Talbot Co. Maryland; which his son Tristram III inherits in 1679.  The house still stands today.  St. Peter's Parish of New Kent, Virginia is also mention in my Bostock  family lineage.

OUR IRISH LINK:  Anne Coursey

Tristram III (b.1633) remained in WALES from 1655to 1659.  In 1655 Tristram III married Anne Coursey.            Anne Coursey (b 1633) in Finglas Parish, Dublin, Ireland.

Read more about the "de Coursey" family:    (Click to view)

North Carolina once extended beyond the Appalachians all the way to the Mississippi River

1790  The   Southwest  Territory  ran all the way to the  Mississippi River from the mountains of   North Carolina  and   Virginia  . It covered what is now   Tennessee  and   Kentucky.  This helps explain why we find branches of our Thomas family in all 4 states.  It also explains how Talbot Co., Maryland's, St. Peter's Parish could also be the same as St. Peter's Parish of New Kent, Virginia.


Tristram Thomas IV (b.1665) was the third son of Tristram III (b.1633) and Ann Coursey. He first married Mary Lewis. She died with the birth of their son Stephen (b 1705) Talbot Co, Md.  They had three daughters: Penelope (b1699), Nancy (b1701), & Juliana (b1703).  

Stephen (b 1705) in Talbot Co., MD (d. 1774) in Anson Co., NC.  married a Quaker "Mary Clothier" b. 1710 in MD. They had  twelve children:  Robert (b1733), Stephen jr. (b1736) John (1743), Lewis (b1750, Tristram (b1752), Philemon (b1754), Benjamin (b1756) and 6 daughters:  Sarah, Mary, Susanna, Rebecca, and Elizabeth.            Stephen and Mary Clothier Thomas left in 1760 for NC.

Tristram IV already had four children by Mary Lewis; he married second to Judith Clayland and they had eight more children: Tristram V (b1710), Simon (b1712), Philemon (b1716) , William (b1717),  Benjamin (1725), and 3 more daughters, Anne (b1708), Sarah (b1714), and Nancy (b1727). 

Tristram IV's Son: Philemon Thomas (b 1716) married Sarah Scott and had sons: William Thomas (b1740/41) , Nathan, James, Eli, and Elijah   

 William's Sr (b1740/1) first wife Rachel Roe inherited 200 acres of land on Hamer's Creek, Montgomery Co., NC.  given to them as Rachel's dowry from her father William Roe.  They had two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah. Rachel Roe Thomas died giving birth to their  only son Stephen (b1765).  Rachel Roe's dowry of 200 ac. of NC land was left to her newborn son Stephen in 1765. This is one of the reasons William left Maryland in 1767; his newborn son Stephen (b1765) now has  200 acres of land in NC.   (Stehen b 1765 marries Mary Covington).  The other reason is William's Uncle Stephen (b1705) and his twelve children left for NC in 1760 , William's uncle Benjamin (b1725) and wife Melinda Gurley Thomas's family is also already  settled on Potlick Fork on Brown Creek in NC.  

William SR (b1741) remarries Hannah Pratt  and had 4 sons: William Jr. (b1767) , John (b1769), Nathan (b 1772), George (b1774) and in Richmond Co, NC.  William Jr. settled in Richmond Co., NC,  John married Mary Saunders and settled on "Juniper Creek" NC, and Nathan choose to remain on his fathers property on Cartledge Creek, Talbot Co., Maryland.  George married Jenny Flake and moved to TN.

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William Sr. becomes known as "RAM BILLY", and  his son William Jr. becomes known as "SIVER HEEL".

William (b1741) had a fine 650 ac. plantation in Richmond Co., NC at Blewitt's Falls on the Pee Dee River "Hamer Creek" from 1769-1800.  .

 In 1789 William ,(b1741)  purchased 800 acres of land on "Little Juniper Creek" Anson/Richmond Co., NC  and operated a grits mill. This creek branches off the main creek/branch  called "Richardson's Creek". Juniper Creek is also mentioned in the my Craft and Bostic family lineage.

Prior to his death in 1800, William Sr. (b1741) sold his property on Juniper Creek and Downing Creek, NC to his sons William Jr. (b1767), John (b1769), and Samuel Brown in 1799.  This Samuel Brown is my missing link for my Craft story. He sold his MD property to his son Nathan., and his TN property to his son George.

William Jr (b1767) married first to Sallie Everett.  Sallie and their unborn son (William) both died during childbirth in 1785 in Richmond Co., NC  William Jr. married second to Sarah Ewing Tarbutton (b1764).  Their  son            William (b1815) is where my lineage begins:

1767 William Thomas purchased 200 of land between Muddy Creek and Limestone, NC.  Before his death in 1794 William conveyed this land to his son William Thomas Jr.

1790 Duplin Co. Census::   William's household shows him and his wife, 6 boys, 1 girl, and 5 slaves

1810 Duplin Co. Census:   William's household show him and his wife, 3 boys over 16, 1 girl over 10

1840 Duplin Co. Census:  William's household shows him and his wife, 1 boy over 30, 1 boy over 5, 1 boy & 1 girl under 5 

1850 Duplin Co. Census:  William (45) ,Serena (39),Lewis (17), Zilpha(12),Daniel(10),Calvin(9),William(4),Bryan(4)

1860 Duplin Co. Census: William(52), Serena(45),Lewis(27),Zilpha(22),Daniel(21),Calvin(18) William(16), Sarah(9, Brant(12),Hiram(7)Civil(5)

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(To understand the confusion of the family migration patterns, we mush understand the county divisions:)

                                                 DIVISION OF NC COUNTIES:

Onslow County formed  1734 from  New Hanover County .

Duplin County (that part now Duplin and Sampson) formed  1750 from  New Hanover County .

Anson was formed in 1750 from Bladen County

Richmond County was formed in 1779 from Anson County

Sampson County formed  1784 from western part of Duplin. (first 10 deeds books of Duplin are in Sampson Co. Court House.)



The creeks of NC joined the Bostic, Mobley, Thomas, Craft, and Brown families together:                     

All I knew about my great grandmother Thomas was that she married my great grandfather Osker Urias Bostic, and  that she was born in 1870.  Their first born son Rushin Bostic b. 1897 is my grandfather of  Beulaville , NC  .

My dad (Milton Bostic) told me that her dad's name was Calvin Thomas b. 1835-1840;  and her mother was Sarah Thomas.  He wasn't sure or Sarah's maiden name.  Dad said he called his grandmother "Lissa or Libby". (Duplin Co. records her as "Melissa" b.1870 d.1956.)  Her Duplin Co. death certificate shows her as:  Mylisia Bostic, Died  18 Nov 1956, Father- Calvin Thomas, & her Mother-Sarah Eliza Whaley (Sarah daughter of Henry Whaley & Sallie Kennedy)  :

1870 Limestone, Duplin census: Calvin Thomas  29, Sarah 29, (2 children:   Millie  3, Milissa  9mo/12days.

1880 Limestone, Duplin census: Calvin Thomas  39, Sarah E. 40:  5 children:  Milia  13, Malilia 10, Milissa  7, Olivia  5,   Esley  3

1900 Limestone, Duplin census:    Calvin Thomas (bOct 1841), Sarah E. (bApr 1841) marr 35 yr- 7 children: McClinea  Nov 1871, Cyrus V  Jul 1880, Kizzie L Sep 1883, Senna Thomas  Feb 1813 mother  I believe Calvin is Calvin A. Thomas.  

I believe Calvin's mother Senna is mispelled as "Serena"in the 1850 & 1860 census listed above.  I believe William married Senna Sandlin.

Private Calvin Thomas, co. A, 38th NC Troops, CSA – born in Duplin Co where he resided as a “d(ancing?)  teacher prior to enlisted age 19 on 2 Nov 1861 .  Wounded right hip, right foot and right shoulder at Second Manassas on 29 Aug 62 .  Captured in Warrrenton , Va hospital on 29 Sept 62 .  Paroled same date, absent wounded  Detail to work in government shoe shops at  Raleigh in June 63.   Duty as Provost Guard at  Raleigh during Sept-Dec 63.  Rejoined Company early 64.  Capt near  Petersburg  22 Jun 64 .  Confined at Point Lookout , MD until paroled 14 Mar 65 , trans to Boulware’s Wharf,  James River , Va , where he was received on 16 Mar 65, for exchange.

Calvin Thomas became the US Postmaster of Beulaville, NC Mar. 23, 1874.  

 1900 Limestone Duplin census:   Oscar Bostic (May 1870), Malissa Thomas (Jun 1873): marr 6 years-2 child:                    Rusion B.  Jan 1897, Luna E. Apr 1898   Oscar is my ggrandfather, and Rushion is my grandfather.


Willam  (b1741 son : (Edgar)Benjamin (b1756) married Melinda Gurley and settled in Anson Co. NC.  Ben's son Annias,  and Ben's grand son Headley also had a Calvin Thomas of Anson Co., NC:

Calvin C. Thomas b. 1835 in Anson  Co. , NC ( which later became Richmond Co. , NC).  He was the son of  Headley Thomas (b1815) and Winnie Baucom.   When their dad died in 1861;  Calvin and his brothers  Green T. (b1839), and James W. (b1843)  enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company K, Regiment 26 in NC in 1862..  Calvin was wounded and captured in Gettysburg VA  during the Civil War, and confined at Fort Deliverance at Port Lookout, Maryland.  Calvin was released at Gen. Lee's surrender in 1865 at Appamatox Ct. House, VA.   His brother Green T. Thomas did not make it home from the war and died age 25.  His brother James W. was released the same day as Calvin. During their absence Typhoid/Yellow Fever hit Richardson Creek and wiped out half of their family.  Calvin was the Administrator of his father Headley's Will in 1861.

Calvin's will dated 1910:     http://www.angelfire.com/nc/benjthomasofansonnc/calwill.html

Calvin's land joined his father's land Headley Thomas and his wife Sarah's "Sally" parent's land John  & Sarah Spears Edwards:


Calvin's parents: Headley Thomas (b1815) and Sarah Ross had ten children on Richardson's Creek, NC.  Read more details on this family  check this website:    written by George Thomas.

 Headley 's parents:  Ananias Thomas (b1779) and his mother Sarah Ross of Olive Branch, Union Co., NC; bought 250 acres  on the Richardson Creek, bordering Anson Co. Line..   Ananias (d. 1838) and his older  brother David( b. 1773) took Headley to raise as his son at age 13.  Davis married Mary Pressley of Chester Co., SC where he died in 1844.  .   Read more details on this family check this website:    written by George Thomas.

Ananias's  parents:  Benjamin Thomas (b1756) and Melinda Gurley,  had purchased land on Potlick's Fork of Brown's Creek (branches of Richardson Creek), Anson, N.C   1782 Ben received three large land grants in Anson/Richmond County, NC.    Ben enlisted in 1797 in Montogomery Co. TN's  Militia as Captain in the Am. Rev.; and rec'd a TN land grant  on Budd's Creek and a mill on Garner's Creek  for his services.  Esther Thomas of NC sold the TN land grant in 1798.  It is assumed that Ben died in TN. The estate attachment below establishes Esther /Easter Thomas living in Randolph Co., NC as the wife of Henry Thomas. The connection to Ben is uncertain.   Benjamin and Melinda Gurley Thomas had five sons.  David (b1775), Ezekiel (b1777), Ananias (b1779), Jacob (b1784), and Benjamin (b1788).   Only Ezekiel & Jacob lived past age 48.  The worst epidemic of smallpox and influenza hit hardest in the south in the early 1800's.

The Ananias and Sarah Thomas family of Richardson's Creek was hit especially hard when the fever epidemic hit the south between 1841-1865.   Their first son David (b1810) and his wife Alice Newson died of Typhoid Fever in 1854 at age 44.   (Rev. Edmund L. Davis wife was Alice's sister Sarah L. Newson Davis).  Rev. Edmund and Sarah took in  six surviving minor children of the Thomas family in 1855:  (WILLIAM, ELIZABETH, HAMPTON, PUAH E., DAVID AND GEORGE).  Their third son Headley (b1815) died in of the fever in 1861 age 46.  Their forth son John R. Thomas  (b1817) and wife Ann Nance Thomas took in brother David's son Edmond in 1855; but John died in 1857 of Typhoid..  Their seventh son Ananias, Jr. (b1817) died of Typhoid at age 30.  They had already lost their 8th son Benjamin (b1830) in the Civil War in 1857 died at Lynchburg age 27.  They only had four surviving children: Winnie (b1808) married James Austin; Ebenezer (b1820) married Mary Green and Sarah Curran; Jacob (b1823) married Hester Holly.  These four families assumed guardianship over the minor children of their deceased family members.  This is another reason it is so difficult to track down our ancestors.    

Sarah's will dated 1867 gives enormous details on the distruction of her family:                                                           http://www.angelfire.com/nc/benjthomasofansonnc/sarahestate.html

Estate Document  (click to view estate)


I'm still looking for information on John F. Craft and Linda "Lindy" Brown of Juniper Creek, NC.

Many thanks to Bobbie Craft Winston and her website which sponsors the Manigault link "Thomas" Family. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~kithandkin2000/thomas.htm

The books written by Edward Manigault Jr. "Thomas Family of Anson County, NC" can be downloaded free at lulu.com

Source: “Myrtle Bridges” of Richmond County, NC:  Thanks for your help!

Thanks to the extensive research and books written by: Edward & Judith Manigault, Jr.; the extensive research of George Thomas, D.D. McColl, and Eleanor Pratt, that helped make my story possible.:

Source:  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Purser of Garner NC helped provide me with much of the information to properly identify the two Calvin Thomas's of  Anson County and Duplin County, NC.

 Story written by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap

website:  http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeoithb/Bostock.html



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