St. Peters Parish
Gen. George Washington and Martha Park Custis were married. in this church

St. Peter's Church at Talleysville was established in 1678 and built in 1701.  It was enlarged in 1740 by the addition of a tower and vestry room and in the 1760's by the building of a north wing, believed to have been torn down in 1854.  Martha Dandridge Custis who lived in White House on the Pamunkey, worshiped here at the time of her marriage to George Washington.

Charles Bostick d.1700 in New Kent VA
Page 696 of VA Settlers and English Adventurers shows a Charles Bostock in Burton Parish, VA on 12-8-1679 as owing 500 pounds of tobacco for using the county (not known if this is same Charles). St. Peter's Parish Register of New Kent Co., VA lists his death as 9-7-1709 and Mary Bostick's (probably his wife) as 9-7-1709. That Register also shows Venicia Bostick md. James Crump on 7-14-1709, and shows Mary Bostick was baptized 6-24-1680 - probably daughter of Charles and Mary). From Blissland Parish Vestry (page xlix) is the following; however, I do not know if this is the same Charles. "On 5-19-1682, Charles Bostwicke of New Kent Co. was ordered committed to custody of the sheriff of York Co. for "words greatly encouraging present distractions, by cutting up tobacco plants." 

In 1689, a Chas. Bostick was a processioner in St. Peter's Parish (Vestry Book of St. Peter's Parish, page 11).

Cavaliers and Pioneers 1666-1695 by Nugent shows the following: Bostock, Charles (b. 4-7-1671; d. 21, 10-1-1669); Bostock, Edward 1674; Bostock, Francis 1683; Bostock, George 1674; Bostock, Richard 1667-1668. Page 91 shows Charles Bostock arrived in VA. Charles seemingly arrived in VA as an indentured servant, but did very well for himself.

Some of that era's best records are parish vestry and register books and, St. Peters Parish (New Kent Co, 1684-1786) shows: "A vestry was held at St. Peters Parish Church on behalf of St. Peters Parish this 4th day of May, 1687. It is ordered by the present vestry in obedience to order of New Kent Co. Court bearing date 2-28-1689, each vestry does put their Parishes in Precincts and appoint a time for processing and remarking bounds of each man's land." Among those listed has having lands processed was Charles Bostock. St. Peters Parish was formed from Blissland Parish ca. 1678. Present day St. Peters Church was built ca. 1704-06. Over 100,000 bricks were used in its construction, and it is still an active church and parish. This is in spite of the Rev. and Civil War activity in the area, and St. Peters being in the middle of the Peninsula Campaign and used as a hospital during the Civil War. Gen. George Washington and Martha Park Custis were md. in this church, where her father, Park Custis, was a member of the vestry (per the Parish Register): 

NOTE: A Mary Bostick (b. ca. 1670) md. William Leake in England. They arrived in VA from Nottingham, England on 5-25-1685 (Kinfolks by Harlee). Their arrival date is verified by Mary's notes which she handwrote on the fly pages of her Bible and dated 5-25-1686, wherein she stated they have been in VA one year today. Most likely, they md. in England prior to coming to VA. I am not aware of any Bostick researcher having identified Mary Bostick Leake; however, she may have been Charles Bostock's sister.

I find it curious that George Washington fought against the English even though his ancestral home is in the UK near Banbury where our Robert Bostock is buried:

Sulgrave Manor is the ancestral home in England of George Washington's family. The property is situated in the beautiful rural village community of Sulgrave, near to Banbury and about 30 miles from both Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford. It was bought by Lawrence Washington, a wealthy wool merchant and Mayor of Northampton, when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries. Lawrence's descendants lived for over 120 years (1539 - 1659) in the home that he built.

When the English Civil War between Charles I and Oliver Cromwell's Parliamentary Army broke out, many of Lawrence Washington's descendants supported the Royalist cause. After the defeat of Charles I, many Royalists emigrated to Virginia and in 1656, Colonel John Washington, the great-great grandson of Lawrence Washington and the great-grandfather of George Washington , crossed the Atlantic.



RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN BY:   Wanda Bostic Dunlap   August 2008