Father: Archibald Dunlap Jr.
Mother: Margaret Minnic “Grandmuz” Dunlap

Marriage  Elisabeth Ann Rohrer (Eliza)

Children of Samuel Alexander Dunlap and Eliza Rohrer

1. Elizabeth Rohrer Dunlap (Bailey)

2. James Archibald Dunlap

3. Minnie Minnic Dunlap (Bailey)

4. Elsie Cameron Dunlap (Stoutamyer)

5. Margaret Funk Dunlap (Collins)

6. Roberta Ann Dunlap (Huff)

7. Nannie Evers Dunlap

8. Unknown Son died in infancy buried in Jerusalem Chapel Cemetery near Churchville, Va..

Family of Samuel Alexander Dunlap and Eliza Rohrer


Title continues: Back row, left to right: Elizabeth Rohrer Dunlap (Bailey), James Archibald Dunlap; middle row, left to right: Minnie Dunlap (Bailey), Elsie Cameron Dunlap (Stoutamyer), Margaret Funk Dunlap (Collins); front row, Roberta Ann Dunlap (Huff), Nannie Even Dunlap (never married).


The Dunlap girls, children of Sam A. Dunlap & Elizabeth Rohrer Dunlap, ca. 1888



This is the last building standing on the Samuel Alexander Dunlap property seen October 4, 2008


This house is next to the Samuel Alexander Dunlap property, but I am not sure it belongs to him or not.

Dunlap Tracts on Swoope Branch and Rife Branch

William Armstrong and Margaret Crosby

To: Deed

Samuel A. Dunlap

0’                    Deed Book 91, Page 223
0’                    September 10, 1876
0’                    General Warranty
0’                    6-1/4 Acres adjoining the lands of
0’                    John S. Lambert and George Swoops
BEGINNING at a sycamore near a small Run on Swoope’s line; thence
N 29-l/2 W 40 poles (660’) to a white oak, corner to Swoops and Lambert; thence
S 63 W 46 poles (759’) to a rock in the Run on Lambert’s line
S 63-3/4 E 13 poles (214.5’) to a stone
S 80 E 49-1/4 poles (812.63’) to the BEGINNING.
Note: Conveyed by Samuel A. Dunlap to Eliza A. Dunlap February 14, 1912.


Win. A. Rife (Win. A. Dunlap) and Emma, his wife

To: Deed

Eliza Ann Dunlap

0’                     Deed Book 120, Page 234
0’                     December 15, 1893
0’                     Special Warranty
0’                     36 Acres, 3 Roods, 7 Poles
BEGINNING at a hickory stump near 2 sycamore saplings at the foot of a hill,
Boatwright corner on Lambert’s line; thence crossing a Branch with Lambert’s line
N 29 E 94.24 poles (1554.96’) to a stone at the head of a ravine, R. Dunlap’s corner; thence
N 55-3/4 W 13.44 poles (221. 76 ) to a white oak at the mouth of a ravine; thence
N 12-1/4 W 5.72 poles (94.38’) to a limestone; thence
N 58-l/2  W 53.12 poles (876.48) to a slate rock on spur of a ridge, R. Dunlap’s corner on the line of Frazier s mountain land; thence
S 33 W 27.68 poles (456.72’) to a stake, Boatwright’s corner; thence
S 68-3/4’ E 16.25 poles (268.15’) to 2 black oaks and a white oak at a field, Boatwright’s corner; thence with the Boatwright line
S 25-3/4 W 80 poles (1320’) to the South side of the Branch. Boatwright’s a corner; thence
S 64-3/4 E 52 poles (858’) to the BEGINNING, containing 36 acres, 3 roods and 7 poles.


Win. A. Rife (Win. A. Dunlap) and Emma his wife

To: Deed

Robert B. Dunlap

0’                      Deed Book 120, Page 237
0’                      December 15, 1893
0’                      Special Warranty
0’                      80 Acres, 2 Roods, 39 Poles
0’                     “Rife Farm”
BEGINNING at a large white oak, S. B. Allen’s corner; thence with his line
N 64-3/4’ W 55.48 poles (915.42’) to a white oak on South side of a ridge, Allen and Frazier’s corner; thence with Frazier’s line
S 33’ W 196.80 poles (3247 20’) to a slate rock set in the ground, on spur of a ridge, S. A. Dunlap’s corner; thence with same
S 58-1/2’ E 53.12 poles (876.48) to a limestone set in a field; thence
S 12-1/4’ E 5.84 poles (96.36’) to a white oak at the mouth of a ravine; thence with Dunlap’s line
S 55-5/4’ E 13.44 poles (221.76’) to a limestone set in ground. head of said ravine, S. A. Dunlap corner on Lambert’s line; thence
N 29’ E 154.52 poles (2549.58’) to a limestone sunk in ·a field, Dr. Hamilton’s corner; thence with the same
N 57-1/2’ E 23.04 poles (380.16’) to a stone set in a stump. Allen’s corner; thence with his line
N 11-1/2’ E 25.68 poles (588.72’) to the BEGINNING said tract contains 80 acres 2 roods and 39 poles.


Description of’ Dunlap Tracts

Sketch of’ the Dunlap Tannery

Map of’ ‘Dunlap Area” of’  Augusta County , Virginia

“Old” Dunlap house (Sketch of’)

The “Big’ Dunlap house on Swoope Branch (Sketch)


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