Father:  George Bostock  b 1485
Mother:   Elizabeth  b 1493  Or Emma Holt (b1487)  daughter of Sir Edward Holt


"Brom field" originated in the area of England (lower Powys).  Henry de Audley's daughter married: Griffin ap Maddoc, Lord of Brom field, also known as "Salop".  Her name became:  "Emma  Audley Brom field".  Maddoc "Maddog" King of Powys Wales.

Children of  Robert Bostock and Emma Bromfield
1.      Arthur Bostock         b 1559   d 1632  m: Ellen Dennis
2.      Edward Bostock       b 1561   d 1599
3.      John
Bostock            b 1564   d 1594
     Simon Bostock          b 1564    (John & Simon - Twins)
5.      Humphrey
Bostock    b 1566
6.      Ralph Bostock           b 1567   d 1606
Charles Bostock  12  b 1569   (Charles & Issac - Twins)
8.      Isaac Bostock           b 1569
9.      Robert Bostock         b 1570
10     George Bostock        b 1571
11     Anne Bostock           b 1573    (Ann & Katherine - Twins)
12     Katherin Bostock      b 1573 of Helliner


Note:  The history of Holt Castle,  Denbighshire;  reveals many records of  George Bostock.

Source:  Royalist Officers of England & Wales 1642-1660 by:  P.R.Newman

1626 George Bostock became "High Sheriff" of Holt.

1658 George Bostock, Lt. Col. of  foot in Denbighshire. During the Civil Ware he supported King Charles I.     He served as Captain and Lt. Col. under the command of Sir John Oliver's Regiment.


Researched and Written by:   Wanda Bostic Dunlap   August 2008