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Notable Gathering Of Descendants And Friends Of

Morgan County's Oldest InhabitantFamily

History is Full Of Interest.

Mrs. Dicy R. Dunlap, who has been one of the most noted characters in the life of Morgan county celebrated her 100th birthday on Feb. 10, 1911, surrounded by her relatives and friends. Although Mrs. Dunlap has rounded out the century mark, she is still hearty and hale and although it is the habit of old people to dwell in the past, she is still deeply interested in the questions of the day and has a marvelous recollection.

She was the daughter of "William and Mary Runkle and was born in Champaign county, Ohio, Feb. 10, 1811. It is a notable circumstance that on the same day Stephen Dunlap, the man who was to become her husband, was born in Lexington, Ky. The Ohio home and the one in Kentucky were not many miles apart and in the course of events it happened that the young people became acquainted and May 29, 1834, their marriage was solemnized. In 1840 there came a change of residence to Jacksonville and six years later the family removed to the present home of Mrs. Dunlap. That was in 1846, so that for sixty-four years Mrs. Dunlap has been sheltered under the same roof. Mrs. Dunlap's grandparent's came from Germany. Her grandmother on the mother's side came as a child with her parents, and while the ship was making the journey both parents died. The little girl was later adopted by a family on board the ship. The family settled in Virginia and their descendants moved to Ohio. As before mentioned, Mrs. Dunlap was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Runkle, and following her marriage the parents came to this, country and subsequently moved to McDonough county, where their descendants live to-day.

Stephen Dunlap, tenth child and sixth son of the Rev. James Dunlap, was married to Dicy Dunlap in Champaign county, May 29, 1834, by the Rev. John Poerson, and died May 29, 1877. He emigrated from Ohio to Morgan county in 1840, and became a man of great influence. A staunch Democrat in 1876, he cast his last presidential ballot for Samuel J. Tilden. For eight years he served as associate judge of Morgan county. For many years he filled the office of elder in the old school Baptist church. Over six feet tall, weighing 260 pounds, he was always a commanding figure. Irvin Dunlap, the eldest son; Mrs. Mary Farrell, wife of Felix G. Farrell, the only daughter, and James M. Dunlap, were born in Champaign county, Ohio. The other three sons, William R., Stephen and Samuel W., were born in Morgan county, Illinois. After the family came to this county, Mr. Dunlap engaged in business on the north side of the square at Jacksonville. In 1846 Mr. Dunlap moved to the farm, east of Jacksonville. The land was purchased from Mr. McMurray and other tracts were acquired until Mr. Dun lap owned 1,200 or 1,500 acres.

The first of the Dunlap family in Morgan county was Rev. James Dunlap, who was born in Augusta county, Virginia, July 10, 1773, and died in Jacksonville, Feb. 28, 1866, in the ninety-third year of his age. He was the son of William Dunlap, who was born in Virginia in 1743. William Dunlap served in the revolutionary war until the surrender of Lord Cornwallis in October, 1784. The family has in its possession letters which authenticate the statement that Dunlap was on the street when Edward Payne had an altercation with George Washington, who was then a colonel, bossing in his Field Notes, says that Washington afterwards apologized handsomely to Payne. William Dunlap was the son of Prof. John Dunlap, professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow, Scotland. William had three sons, one of whom was the famous James Dunlap who went with his father's family to Kentucky when a boy. He married Emily Johnson in 1794. He moved his family to Jacksonville in 1845. At the time of his death his posterity consisted of thirteen children, six of whom were living; eighty- three grand-children, of whom forty-nine were living, 106 great-grand-children, and seven great-great-grand-children, making a total generation of 209 with 144 surviving. Millard F. Dunlap, who is president of the Ayers National bank and member of the Dunlap-Russel Banking company, is a grandson of Mrs. Dicy Dunlap. Mr. Dunlap is well known in financial circles of the State, and during the second presidential campaign of William J. Bryan for president, he was president of the State Democratic organization, and also former candidate for State treasurer on the Democratic ticket. February 10, 1911. was a day long to be remembered in the Dunlap family, and many were the tokens of esteem and love sent Mrs. Dunlap, whose life spanned five score years.

From the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society

 By Illinois State Historical Society



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