Mobley of Duplin  CO., NC

"Back Swamp, Cypress Creek, Little Juniper"

By: Wanda Bostic Dunlap

Updated:  Sept. 2012


Mobley's of Duplin County, NC; are linked to the Brown, Fountain, and Craft Families of Duplin County.

Joab Fountain land Grant of 1773, on the Duplin county and Onslow county line;  is where he established the "Joab Fountain Mill",  in Fountaintown, NC.  (off of HWY 111; at the intersection of Fountaintown Road)  This area was known as "Back Swamp" off Cypress Creek Road.  Joab Fountain was one of the first settlers of Onslow and Duplin Counties.

Upon the marriage of Joab's daughter, Lidea Fountain (b 1770) to  John Brown, Sr;(b. 1750); known as "Juniper John";   John Sr. purchased 300 acres of land in 1784 from John Parker; located in Duplin Co., NC; known as "Faggy Run" at "Back Swamp" adjacent to Joab Fountain's MILL. Duplin Co., NC Deed Book N page 288.  (During his teenage years, my father: (Milton Bostic) spent his summer school breaks working at what he refered to as "Uncle Johnny's mill.)

The story of "Junifer Creek" of Duplin County was written from the description of the summers that my father spent on his grandfather's (John F. Craft and Linda Brown Craft)  and pictures are located on my Craft family website.

Milton Bostic's maternal grandmother was Linda Brown Craft (b. 1853, d 1936);                                                              (daughter of John Brown, JR  (b 1792 d 1883) and Jane Pickett)

John Sr.(b1750) and Lidea Fountain Brown had the following children:

        1)    Felix Brown (b1785) married Mahala  (land on Onslow Co. line)

            (The NC census showed Linda Brown living with Uncle Felix at age 18). 

         2)   Howell Brown (1790) married Jane Parker  (land on Duplin Co. line)

                 (I am related to Howell Brown through his daughter Senia Brown that married George Sylvester Mobley)

                (Senia and George S. Mobley son:  George W. Mobley married Lucy Jane Mobley)

                (Lucy Jane Mobley is the sister of   Edgar L. Mobley that married Elizabeth Ann Craft)

         3)  John Brown, JR (b1792) married (wife #1)   Wineford Andrews and

                                                                 (wife #2)    Jane Pickett (mother of Linda Brown)

                                                                (John Jr's land on Onslow Co. line)

                (I am related to John Brown Jr. though his daughter Linda Brown that married John F. Craft)

                (John F. Craft and Linda Brown Craft are the parents of my Elizabeth Ann Craft Mobley)


Linda Brown (b. 1853) married John F. Craft (b1853); and inherited part of her father's (John Brown Jr.) land.

John F. Craft and Linda Brown Craft had the following children:

    1) David Ransom Craft (married: Spicy Horne)

    2)  Robert William Craft (married: Lura Mazell Mobley)

    3)  Olive Craft (Kilby Thomas Horne)

    4)  Elizabeth Ann Craft  (b1875) (married: Edgar Lawrence Mobley)


Edgar Lawrence Mobley  (b1875); was the son of Henry W. Mobley (b1852) and Lucy Jane Manning

Lucy Jane Manning (b.1882) was the daughter of Hugh Manning 


Children of Edgar Lawrence Mobley and Elizabeth A. Craft Mobley:  of Maple Hill, NC

    1)  Lucretia Mobley (b 4-2-1903) (d1-4-1993)  (married:  Rushion B. Bostic)

    2)  Willie Mobley

    3)  Linda Mobley

    4) Millard Mobley

    5) Penne Mobley

    5)  Ivy Mobley

Children of Rushion B. Bostic and Lucretia Mobley Bostic, of Beulaville, NC:

    1)  Milton B. Bostic

    2) Haeru Bostic

    3) Evelyene Bostic

    4)  Rivers Bostic

    5)  Olivia Bostic

    6)  Macon Bostic

    7)  Joyce Bostic

    8)  Jeweldean Bostic


Source:  Bostic family bible and:

Source: Book by: A. Kellon Maready, "Decendants of John Brown and Lydia Fountain" of Duplin Co., NC


It has been established that the first John Brown came to America in 1661 from Europe; in "A Genealogy of the Brown's ...written by Charles W. Brown, Sr.  Some of the Browns migrated south from the Isle of Wight, VA to North Carolina; settling in Onslow and Duplin Counties, NC. 

The actual connection to the John Brown 1661 from Euroupe; has not been proven but below are listed some connecting possibilities for our Mobley Lineage:

Lord of Mobberly, County Chester (1281), Chesire, England
(William de Mobberly)

Sons: John de Mobberly (1304)
Richard de Mobberly (1306)
Ralph (Raufe) de Mobberly (1322)

Descedents of Edward Mobberly:

Edward Mobberly b. 1593, d. 1633 in Chesire, England Ann Osborne

John Mobberly SR (son of Edward) b. 1633 in Frodham, Chesire, England; d. 1683 in Maryland.
He married Elizabeth Venns b. in England; d. in Maryland

John Mobberly I (Son of John) b. 1650; d. 1726 in Saint Mary’s County, MD
He married Elizabeth Woods in 1670

Sons of John Mobberly I and Elizabeth Woods: Edward Mobberly
James Mobberly
William Mobberly b. 1662
John Mobberly Jr. b. 1667 Chesire England
d. 1726 Prince George Co, MD
Thomas Mobberly b. 1696 Hollow Parrish, MD
d. 1769 Ann Arundel, MD

Decedents of John Mobberly II (Jr.):

John Mobberly II (Jr.) b. 1667 Chesire England; d. 1726 Md; (m. 1686)Ann Woods Biggers (daughter of John Biggers, Jr.)

Sons of John II and  Ann Woods Biggers Mobberly: 

(James) Mordecai Mobberly b. 1690 MD, d. 1759 Albemarle Co., VA
William Mobberly b. 1692 MD, d. 1775 Pitt Co., NC
Edward Mobley b. 1696 MD, d. 1769 MD
John Mobberly III b.1687  in Anne Arundel Co., MD, (m.1710) Rachel Pindell in St. Barnabas Ch, Ann Arundel Co, MD                       d. 1752 in Edgecomb Co., NC

Sons of John III & Rachel Pindell Mobley (b. 1714 MD; d. 1792 Wake Co., NC:)
Edward Mobley b. 1716 MD; d. 1777 Wake Co., NC
Hammond Mobley b. 1718 MD; d. 1800 Wake Co., NC
John Mobley IV b. 1720 Queen Ann Parish, MD; d. 1753 NC

Descendents of  John Mobley/Mobberly IV b. 1720 d. 1753 in Wake Co., NC; (m. 1739) Chloe Crouch :

Sons of John & Chloe CrouchMobley: 

William Mobley b. 1740/52 NC; d. 1822 NC
Edward Mobley b. 1748 NC

Descendents of  William Mobley/Mobberly b. 1740/52 married Sarah Ledford in Martin Co, NC:

Children of William & Sarah: Ledford Mobley:

Patsy Mobley
Ledford Mobley
Moses Mobley
William Mobberly
Notley Mobberly b. 1785
Payton Mobberly b. 1788
Alexander Mobberly b. 1804 d. 1842 Williamston, NC

Descendents of Alexander Mobberly b. 1804 (m. 1828) Christine Taylor:

Children of Alexander & Christine: 

William Mobberly 
James Mobberly b. 1830/31 Williamston NC d. Cross Roads, Martin, NC 
Alexander Mobberly

 (four daughters:) Celia, Cinthia, Chrissey, Harriett

Descendents of   James Mobberly b. 1830/31 (m. 1847) “Chrissey” Cristner:

Sons of James & Chrissey: 

William A. Mobley
David Mobley
Henry/Henery W. William Mobley 
William A. Mobley
James Speller Mobley b. 1856
Kinchen Mobley
Andrew Mobley


Another Mobley Connection of Duplin County:

My grandmother was a Craft, born in the Cypress Creek area. Her father was Johnny Nixon Craft and her mother was Missouri Mobley. Both passed when I was young and I don’t remember much about them except Grandpa Johnny had the only general store in the area for a long time and Grandma Missouri was sickly .
My grandmother’s name was Phnella. She had a brother named Garland, and two sisters, Azel and Evelyn.
I was just wondering if you had run across any information about them during your research. Thanks,Estell Carter

Many Thanks to  Hilda Fowler Brown for contacting me and sending me the book "Descendants of John Brown and Lydia Fountain" written by A. Kellon Marready; that led me to the discovery of many of my ancestors. I am truely grateful!

Posted by:  Wanda Karyn Bostic Dunlap  August  2009

UPDATED:  September 2012