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        Jerry L. Dunlap 
Jerry & Wanda Dunlap's Home in Danville, Va Wanda Bostic Dunlap  

I was born in Leavenworth Kansas in1953. One of only three boys left to carry on the  Dunlap name in our direct family line. Since then my younger brother Richard Allen Dunlap has past away leaving one son and my older brother Verlin Wayne Dunlap has had two son so, we have three more boys to carry on our family line. In 1958 my family decide to move to Azusa, California, after the death of my little sister Wanda Ann Dunlap in 1958 the family moved back to Leavenworth, Kansas were I grew up until I left Leavenworth, Kansas in 1971. In December 1971 I joined the United States Navy, basic training in San Diego, California while in basic training I decide on a carrier as a Jet Mechanic. I went to Memphis, Tennessee for A School to become a Aviation Machinists’ Mate, "Jet Mechanic". after graduating from "A" school I  was then transferred to Jacksonville Florida to Patrol Squadron VP-49 the Woodpeckers while I was with VP-49. I went overseas to Iceland in December of 1972,  I went overseas to Iceland three times and went to Italy once, while in Italy I reenlisted and was transferred to NAS Cecile Field Florida. Assigned to the AIMD Department NAS Cecile Field Florida were I overhauled the TF-41 jet engines, I became a Crew Leader and CDI Inspector for the TF-41 jet engines. I decided to leave the Navy in 1979 as a 2nd Class Petty Officer. In late October of 1981 I moved to Dahlonega, Georgia, then South Carolina and finally Danville, Virginia. 

Its was back around 1998 -1999 when my cousin Barbara Mae Dunlap Schroeder had emailed me and said she had been working on our family tree and asked me if I wanted her to email me a copy of the Dunlap Family Tree. After a few more emails she asked me if I could help her place the Family Tree on the Internet, she knew that I was a Computer Tech and knew how to Design WebPages. I looked over her information and began to design a website for the Family Tree and after about a week or so I up loaded the website to the Internet. The website took the family from our generation to Adam Dewy Dunlap born in  1832 in Augusta County, Virginia.

In December of 2003 I remarried and my wife Wanda asked me about my family and I showed her the Family Tree that Barbara had sent to me. After a while she got more and more interested in the Dunlap Family and began doing more research on the Dunlap Family Tree trying to take it back further than Adam Dewy Dunlap born in 1832 in Augusta County, Virginia. After many hours, days and months of research she had taken the Dunlap Family Tree back to Dom Gulielmus (William) de Dunlop born 1183-1247 Ayrshire, Scotland, Borough Irving, Ireland. After all of Wanda's hard work and research I decided to create my own Dunlap Family Tree Website The more research she did the more interested she got in the Dunlap Family. Wanda did the research and I created the website. Wanda found Dunlop Royalty and it  was very interesting to learn that the Dunlap's evolved from the Glasgow Scotland Dunlop’s, that they were Principles and Professors at Glasgow University.  They were also Presbyterians by faith which led to their exile from  Scotland to Ulster Ireland Plantation and then to America in the early 1700’s. My husband Jerry L. Dunlap and I lived in Dahlonega, Georgia and then in Lexington, South Carolina we move to Danville, Virginia in the late part of 2004 and found that we were close to where our Scottish ancestors settled in the Shenandoah Valley in the early 1600’s. Over 200,000 Scotch & Scotch-Irish immigrants migrate to the valley during that century. After more research we took a trip up to the Shenandoah Valley and to the town of Churchville, Virginia. We found the home place of Jerry's Great Great Great Grandmother Margaret E. Minnic Dunlap  (Minic), “Grandmuz” Dunlap and his  Great Great Great Uncle Samuel Alexander Dunlap Family and their  Property. The owners of the property now allowed us to walk the land were my ancestors settled in the Shenandoah Valley outside of Lone Fountain, Virginia. We have visited Middlebrook, Virginia were my Great Great Great Great Grandfather Archibald Dunlap Sr. was said to have lived, but have not yet found the home place or his burial place.. Please don't think that we just made only one trip throughout Virginia and found what we were looking for. We would make a trip, find something interesting and then came home and did more research and to fine tune the locations that we needed to return to. While in Churchville, Virginia we decided to stay over one night at the Buckhorn Inn, a beautiful 200 years old Inn nested within the mountains just out side of Lone Fountain, Virginia very close to Churchville. During our stay we discovered that Sue Ella Stoutamyer who married Robert Bailie (Bailey) Dunlap and the sister of George Eakle Stoutamyer that married Elsie Cameron Dunlap played guitar and mainline and other string instruments along with her other brothers William and Gary at Buckhorn Tavern Inn in the early 1900's. We returned to the Buckhorn Inn this year for a nice weekend and to explore the home place of the Samuel Alexander Dunlap Family my Great Great Great Uncle..

After my wife Wanda Bostic Dunlap did all the research on the Dunlap Family, she began doing research on her Bostic Family Tree and I created a the website Bostock Family Tree Please take time to visit her site and learn about the Bostic Family. 

We have visited many towns through out Virginia and explored many Cemetery throughout Virginia, Green Hill Cemetery, Augusta County, Churchville, Virginia were most of my Great Great Great Grandfather Archibald Dunlap Jr. family are buried, his wife Margaret E. Minnic Dunlap  (Minic), “Grandmuz” Dunlap and my Great Great Great Uncle Samuel Alexander Dunlap Family and most of his family are buried there too. I have not yet found the burial place of my Great Great Great Grandfather Archibald Dunlap Jr.. Archibald Dunlap Sr. brother Robert Dunlap is buried with his wife Margaret Kerr in the Shemariah Graveyard, Rockbridge County, Summerdean, Virginia. Please look at the Dunlap Family Tombstones website to see were other Dunlap family members are buried. I found cemeteries on private land and asked the owners if I could walk through them to see if any Dunlap Family members were buried in any of the cemeteries The owners were very kind and allowed me to look but, I found none of our family members. we also visited these other cemeteries,  Rockbridge County, Virginia Cemeteries, Kerrs Creek District, McKee Cemetery, Rockbridge County, VA. Also called Big Springs Cemetery, Bethelham Church in Middlebrook, Virginia. The old Bethelham Church in Middlebrook, Virginia burnt down along time ago and when it did the church lost all of the cemetery records and many of the grave sites are unmarked, I believe that my Great Great Great Great Grandfather Archibald Dunlap Sr., his wife Elisabeth Baird  and his father  Rev Prof John Dunlap  and his mother  Nancy Isobell / Isabel Colvin may be buried there, but at this time there is no way to find out because of the lost records that burnt in the fire.

Our Dunlap Family has had Royalty, Dom William Gulliemus de Dunlop was of equal rank with close by Barons of the Realm, including Dom de Balliol, Dom de Fleming, Dom de Crawford and Dom de Gray. Dominus was used to designate a Lord, Baron, or Peer of the Realm. He was the first recorded holder of the surname, Neil Fitz-Robert de Dunlop, 2nd of that Ilk. Appeared in the Ragman Rolls subscribing allegiance to Edward the First of England circa 1301. His wrong choices would continue as during the contest for the Scottish Crown , he supported John Balliol against the Bruce. When the Bruce attained the Crown, Neil had to forfeit Dunlop lands. John Dunlop 9th of that Ilk that married Marion Douglas who was the daughter of Margaret Stewart Princes Mary Stewart, Grand daughter of Robert III and therefore directly related to Robert the Bruce,  Rev. Alexander Dunlop was a famous Presbyterian clergyman at Paisley, Scotland, Rev. Prof William Dunlap when he returned from America he got the offer first of an appointment as minister of Ochiltree, and second of the church of Paisley. However he declined both of these offers. In 1690, Dunlop accepted the appointment of Principal of the University of Glasgow, Reverened Professor John Dunlap(1684) was born in the Carolinas but returned to Scotland in 1690 with his parents. He married Nancy Colvin and returned to British-America settling first in New York, then in Chambersburg, Pa, 1775 and later removed with his family of nine children to Augusta County, VA, 1783. He was both a College Professor and a Farmer. They were connected with the Church of Scotland( Presbyterian). Samuel Alexander Dunlap served in the Confederate Army in the cavalry. Was owner and operator of a Tan-yard at his home on Swoope Branch near Lone Fountain. Va. he also was a harness maker, cobbler, broom maker and farmer. Served on School Board and on Board of Supervisors. There has been Millers, Engineers, Nurses, Owner and operator of a ice plant, Postal Service workers, Bankers and the list goes on and on, many of the Dunlap's fought in Wars both in Scotland and the United States and continue to serve or Nation today..

We would love to share our story and history with other Dunlap/Dunlop's  evolving from the James Dunlop and Jean Sommerville lineage from the 1500’s in Scotland. We would love to hear from any of them in Campbelltown,  Argyleshire, Scotland , where our Archibald’s were born.

Please visit the Dunlap links on the far left side of this website to see all of Jerry’s Scottish history that we’ve been researching for several years. Our Dunlap Family Tree which traces our line back to Scotland in the year 1260 and through 24 generations to the present day and many of the branches that have came from the Dunlap Family Tree. The * that you find throughout our website indicates my direct family line through 24 generations of my family tree.

It is amazing to me how so many other families are tied together through the branches of the Dunlap Family, there are so many that Wanda and I can't do all the research that we would like to do to tie them all together. If anyone has a branch that comes off of our Dunlap Family Tree and would like for me to add it to our Dunlap Family website, please send your information to me at and I will try my best to add your branch to the tree. I have tried over the years to create a Dunlap Family Tree website that would contain all the information that I could find, so that the members of the Dunlap Family could have a place to find information about the history of the Dunlap Family. I hope that when you visit our site you find something new or interesting about the Dunlap Family.

You know, I enjoy living in the present and looking forward to the future. Sometimes I think that the only people that really appreciate the present are those people looking for their past. We look back in time to find where we came from and to discover our past and how it effects our present. Have you ever took the time to look at your children and see the way they hold their heads, their arms or the way they walk, all these things come from our past. Our Father, Mother, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, and all the way back as far as we can go. I have a thing that my body does and no one in my family has the same thing, I never really met my true Grand father and one day I did, I asked him to show me something and guest what? What I had came from him. The one person that I never got to know had the same physical trait that I had. Each day you discover things about yourself and you say, where did that come from and then you think it came from my past. Then the older you get the more interested you get and then you start looking and the things you find just amaze you. The more you look the more you are amazed. Why do you like a certain flower, trees or the mountains or the sea shore? I been where my forefathers have been and I seen what they have seen and I know now why I enjoy the things I enjoy, it’s because they enjoyed them too.

Jerry L. Dunlap

Over the years we have heard from people from all over the United States and the World and have enjoyed getting to know members of the Dunlap Family that we have never meet before.

Adam Stoutamyer in Mapleton Maine son of George Dunlap Stoutamyer, son of Samuel Richard "Dick" Stoutamyer who was the son of Elsie Cameron Dunlap Stoutamyer

Jill Stoutamyer Houghton in Gorham, Maine her grandfather is Richard Samuel Stoutamyer (he went by the name Dick) he lived in Madison ME, His parents were Elsie Cameron Dunlap and George Eakle Stoutamyer.

 Mark Townsend in London England, UK My family also descends from the Dunlops of Dunlop, and I'm glad to see you have the correct 'Douglas' in your family tree. Unfortunately a couple of Dunlop sites have Marion Douglas's father as the Earl of Douglas - not true! As you have stated, her father was Archibald, 5th Earl of Angus. You are therefore descended from Princes Mary Stewart, Grand daughter of Robert III and therefore directly related to Robert the Bruce.

Gloria Black Ruffin in Spring, Texas, Archibald Dunlap Sr. was her great great great grandfather and her great grandfather was William Bailey Dunlap

Linda Strain Pagter in California her great great great grandfather was Robert Dunlap

Bryce Dunlop moved from Arran, Scotland to Ireland his mum takes the Dunlop name we are all still living in Scotland Ayrshire/Glasgow mainly although many have since moved abroad. The Irish records department have sent me on some details  (linkages to the Royal Stewart and the Bruce etc) His granddad Andrew Dunlop died in WWII at Anzio / Italy on the 9th February 1944 (last Friday 63 yrs ago). his mum was 2 and her bros 7 and 11 so nobody really knew anything about him.. I have since recovered his full military records and contacted his old mate (89yrs old) in Edin.

Felicia, My ancestors are William and Jane Dunlap from Ireland. They had a daughter, Isabel, born around 1830s. The family came to the United States. Isabel married Samuel Robbins. The Robbins family settled in Troy, OH. I have pictures of William and Jane Dunlap. The spelling of the last name could have been incorrect. I am searching for more information.

Dorothy Shaffer maiden name Dunlap. James Perry Dunlap's son Domer Dunlap is my Great grandfather and he moved to Oregon and had my grandfather Joseph Dunlap and my father is John Sylvester Dunlap my mothers name is Carol Sue Dunlap (maiden name Williams). The Eakin's and the Marsh's are part of my family line as well. I have been only able to go back as far as my great great grandfather in Pennsylvania James Perry Dunlap.

We were very proud the The House of Dunlap displayed information about our website. On Jerry and Wanda's site there are quite a few historical jewels including a map and some letters from some of our lads in the Civil war.
They added a link to our website as the Shenandoah Dunlaps on their website

There has been many other people that have visited our website over the years, however at the time they visited the website I did not have a Guestbook installed on the site, if you revisit our site please try to sign our Guestbook.


Jerry & Wanda Dunlap
Danville, Virginia

If you have any updated information on this family tree please email,
Jerry Lee Dunlap

Jerry Lee Dunlap's Family Page    Wanda Bostic Dunlap Family Page


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Dunlop House Ayrshire 7

We have to turn the clock back to the 1200's to start the history rolling at the Estate. Commissioned by the family of Dunlop the building here today is actually the fourth in succession to other structures. Designed by famous Architect David Hamilton. Little is known of the very first building, but there are mentions of a residence on these lands around 1260. The second larger structure was completed around 1300, then a third completed around 1600. The present Dunlop House was completed in 1834, the same year construction began on the Dunlop Parish Kirk.

“Black n Blue”

Epic of the House of Dunlop 7


House Flag of the Dunlop line 7



Wanda Bostic Dunlap, Wanda has done research on the Family Tree for over 5 years, as she finds new information I edit our website. I think some of the most interesting information came from Maurice Mackenzie Collins Genealogy, ECT. of the Samuel Alexander Dunlap Family Of Augusta County, Virginia and The House of Dunlap. by Hanna, James. Ann Arbor, MI. (1957), but there are many more sources that we also found to be very interesting too.


1. Source: Barbara Schroeder: Barbara researched the Family Tree for many years and shared her information with me.

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6. Source: Linda Strain Pagter    Nancy Isobell / Isabel Colvin
General Register Office, New Register House, Edinburgh, Scotland, #027578 certified document receipt number, Dated 23 Jun 1992: "Extract of an entry in an Old Parochial Register in the Parish of Campbeltown in the County of Argyll, from the Register of Births and Baptisms: March 1765:  Robert; John Dunlop and Isabel Colvin had a son born the 3d and baptized the 7th March called Robert." 

7. Credit for some of the photos, poem and tartan that you see on this website go to The House of Dunlop The House of Dunlop



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13. Franklin County Veterans Hall of Honor: The War With Mexico By Terry O. Wilson

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Wanda Bostic Dunlap has done research on the Family Tree since 2003, as she finds new information I edit our website.

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