Duplin County, NC


 "During the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England, (1558-1603):  Nicholas Lanier and his wife Lureese Lanier were musicians of the Queen's Royal Orchestra; and during the "Protestant Reformation; they became "Huguenots".

"The Lanier's originated in Italy; however, during the English Crusades; many migrated to France. (In French the name "Lanier" means FALCON); while other's migrated from England to America:

John Lanier (b. 1631); son of Clement Lanier (b. 1585); migrated from England to Virginia, USA in 1657.

( Sampson County was formed in 1784 from the western part of Duplin County, NC:  1st TEN Deed Books of Sampson County are in Clinton, NC)

("Real Property" Deed Books of Sampson and Duplin County, NC:  are at the Court House in Kenansville, NC)

Mt. Olive Tribune:  "Our Heritage", by:  C. Moore 1993




John Lanier III (b. 1680) married Bird Thomas (b. 1703) and moved from Virginia to Sampson/Duplin County, NC in 1750.

(Their son Thomas Lanier (b.1733);  and their grandson:  Stephen Lanier (b. 1760)

Stephen Lanier (b. 1760) married   RHODA James;    of the Isaac James family of Cypress Creek, Duplin Co., NC

(Their daughter EMMA Lanier (b. 1807); married  John Bostick  (b.1788):  (John's second wife)

(RHODA James: was the sister of NANCY Ann James : both daughters of Isaac James): 

John Bostick (b. 1788), (d. 1848):    first wife Elizabeth Miller (b. 1790),  (d. 1838:  parents of John Miller Bostick (b. 1824)

Charles Bostick II (b. 1740) was born in New Kent, Virginia (St. Peter's Parrish)

Valentine Bostick (b. 1700): of New Kent; was the only son of Charles Bostick I (b. 1675) born in New Kent ,VA

Valentine Bostick married Mary: and their only son Charles Bostick II was born in 1740.

Valentine sold his father's land in Virginia in 1741,  to John Woodall of VA.

Valentine ran an "Eating House/Ordinary Tavern" in 1744 in Orange County, VA

Valentine and his family migrated to Onslow County, NC in 1748

Valentine's father: Charles Bostick I (b. 1675);  died in 1750

Valentine received a LAND GRANT of 400 acres in Chatham county, GA in 1753

Valentine became a "Master Teacher" for a school in Chatham County, GA in 1758

Valentine and family migrated back to Onslow County, NC in 1758


Nancy Ann James (b. 1750):  of the Isaac James Family of Cypress Creek, Duplin County,

Nancy Ann James married Charles Bostick II (b. 1740) (only son of Valentine)

Charles Bostick I married Pheobe Ann Bassett (b. 1680); and resided within the Blissland Parrish, of New Kent/ Virginia

Charles Bostick I (b. 1675); was the son of Charles Bostick SR. (b. 1642) in Petersborough, at St. John's Baptist: South Hampton, England:  and migrated to America in 1671 .




 Isaac James's sister: MARY James married:  of the  Joab Fountain family of  Fountaintown; on Duplin/Onslow County line, NC

Joab Fountain and Mary James Fountain:  parents of Lydia Fountain:  that married into the John Brown, SR (b1750) family.

 John Brown, Sr. and Lydia Fountain were parents of SON:  John Brown Jr. (married Jane Pickett) and DAUGHTER:   Linda "Lindee" Brown (b. 1853): (married John F. Craft)

John F. Craft  (b. 1853) and Linda Brown Craft resided at "Cypress Creek" in Duplin County: as did the family of Isaac James.

John and Linda Craft's daughter:  Elizabeth Ann Craft( b. 1875);  married Edgar L. Mobley (b.1875)

Edgar L. Mobley was the son of:  Henry W. Mobley and Lucy Jane Manning

Edgar L. Mobley (b. 1875) and Elizabeth Craft Mobley's daughter: Lucretia Mobley:  married into the Oscar Urias Bostick family of Duplin Co., NC. Lucretia Mobley (b. 1903): married Rushin B. Bostic (b. 1897): the first son of Oscar and Melissa Bostick.

Oscar U. Bostick (b 1869):  was the son of John Miller Bostic (b 1824); and Sarah Elizabeth Williams (b.1829)

John Miller Bostic (b 1824):  was the son of John Bostic (b 1788)  married first in 1811 to: wife #1:  Elizabeth Miller (b. 1790) (d. 1838)

John Bostick (b1788) and Elizabeth Miller Bostick had two daughters:

Celia Bostick (b 1811) married HOSEA HUNTER; and Mosely Bostick (b 1814) married DREW THIGPEN  

John Bostic (b 1788)  second wife:  EMMA LANIER (b. 1807)

John Bostic  was the eldest son of Charles Bostick (b 1740) ; and Nancy Ann James Bostick.

Charles Bostick purchased 100 acres of land from Henry Allen in 1778. (Sampson-Duplin Co. Real Property, Kenansville, NC) Deed Book F pgs 190-192 &  Deed Book 6  pg 232 ("Allen's Swamp, "Bachelor Swamp,  and South of "Muddy River" bordering John Brown's land.)

Charles Bostick received LAND GRANT #1023 in 1788 for his service in the American Revolution (Duplin County Book 66, page 339)(as Private in the NC Militia)   Granted 150 Acres (Bordering his existing property along "Stephen's Swamp"; and NW branch of "New River") 

John Bostic and his family lived on the 250 acres of land that he inherited as the ELDEST Son;  from his father Charles Bostick (b1740).

John Bostic's WILL  recorded in April 1848  Duplin County Deed Book 2 page 212:  John's words: "Boundary lines go through MY PLANTATION, along Stephen's Swamp, known by the name of J. Hall's Place. Lat 34.87  Lon 77.75". I live my ELDEST son John Miller Bostick (b1824)  220 acres of land.

(John Miller Bostick married Sarah Elizabeth Williams:  after his death, Sarah broke up  their 220 acres; (shown in Duplin County records): deeding their eight children 20-30 acres each)

John Bostic's WILL recorded in April 1848:  "I leave  the house and remaining 30 acres of land to my second wife EMMA LANIER".

Stephen Lanier and Rhoda James Lanier's daughter: EMMA LANIER (b 1807);  married  29 years her senior:  John Bostick (b. 1788) 

John Bostick (d. 1848) leaving Emma Lanier Bostick widowed at age 41: with five small children under age 7.

John Bostick (b 1788) and Emma Lanier (b. 1807): parents of : Thomas (b1841), Samuel (b1843), Jacob (b1844), Isaac (b.1845), Mary (b1847)



Researched and Written by:  Wanda Karyn Bostic 2014