LINEAGE OF: King Alfred the Great of England;- 

Son of King Ethelwulf of England b. 806 d. 856 at St. Martin Parish, Surrey England.  Upon the death of Ethelwolf/Ethelwulf, and his brother Ethred;  Pope Leo III gave Alfred the royal sanction of great authority with the Anglo-Saxons.  Alfred was twenty-two years old.  

After years of war; the West Saxons of Mercia were the only remaining power in England.  King Burrhed of Mercia was Alfred's brother-in-law. Together they continued to fight army of  the Danes, under the command of Heldene, their chieftain.  Alfred found a secluded fortress on the Isle of Nobels, also known as AEthelingay/Athelney, in Somersetshire.  He made frequent and unexpected attacks/sallies upon the Danes.  Hubba the Dane had spread devastation and fire over Wales; having heard the news about Alfred's success in England; Hubba took his fleet of twenty three vessels and landed in Devonshire.  After years of attacks and capture, Alfred spared the remaining Dane's lives  and founded a scheme to convert them from enemies into faithful subjects,; if they pledged submission and converted to Christianity and incorporated with the English..

1. King ALFRED THE GREAT, b 849 Wantage "Dorset" Berkshire d. 900, m. Ealhswith.

2. King EDWARD THE ELDER,  b 871 WESSEX  d. 925, m. AEthelfaed at St. Peters, Glouchestershire

3. EAlfleda, m. King Charles IV  b. 879 (the Simple) of France.

4. King Louis IV of France, d. 954, m. Gerberga, dau. of Henry Auceps, Emperor of the West.

5. Charles, Duke of Nether Lorrain and Brabant, d. 992, m. Bona, Countess of Arderne.

6. Gerberga, Duchess of Brabant, m. Lambert I, Count of Louvain.

7. Lambert II, Duke of Brabant, d. 1054, m. Oda, dau. of Gothelo, Duke of Lorrain.

8. Henry II, Duke of Brabant, d. 1068, m. Adela, dau. of Otto, Count of Orlamunda.

9. Godfrey I, . Duke of Brabant, d. 1140, m. Ida, dau. of Albert, Count of Namur.

10. Adelicia (widow of King Henry I) m. William de Albini, Earl of Arundel, d. 1176.

11. William de Albini, 2nd Earl of Arundel, d. 1196, m. Maud, dau. and h. of James de St. Hilary, and widow of Roger, Earl of Hertford.

12. William de Albini, 3rd Earl of Arundel, d. 1221, m. Mabel, sister and coh. of Ranulf aka William Randel Bostock (1155), Earl of Chester.

13. Cecilia, m. Roger de Montalt, who died 1260.

14. Leucha, dau. and coh., m. Philip de Orreby, s. of Sir Philip de Orreby, justice of Chester.

15. Agnes, d. and h., m. Sir Walkelyn de Arderne, justice of Chester.

16. Sir Peter De Arderne, d. 1265, m. Margery.

17. Sir John De Arderne, d. 1308, m. Margaret verch Griffith ap Madog.

18. Agnes, m. Sir John de Wettenhale, Cheshire, living 1318.

19. Margery De Arderne, m. Sir Adam de Bostock.

20. Sir Adam Bostock (b1363/64 m. JonetJenet, dau. of Sir Henry Bradshaw.

21. Sir Ralph Bostock , m. Isabel, dau. and h. of William Lawton.

22. Sir Adam Bostock, killed at Blackheath 1459, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Hugh Venables, Baron of Kinderton.

Researched and Written by:    Wanda Bostic Dunlap     Dec. 2009

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