Denis Family:  Descendents of the King of Portugal


King Alfonso Denis,  3rd King of Portugal  and THE ALGRAVES (b 1210, d 1279)

King Alphonso III: (his will dated 1337) 

Married: Maria Perez, daughter of:  (Rebeyra Perez and Sousa)


William Lesire Talbot came to England 1066 with William the Conqueror:  William  Talbot descended from Lord Rychard Talbot, King of Portugal and wife: Ancreta Strange    Ancreta Stange: (heir to Countess Elisabeth of Notynham)  

His descendent Geoffrey de Talbot (b 1080) in Bashall, Yorkshire, England married Agnes de Lacy.

Connection to  the Denis/Dennis family ties to Ireland:

Agnes de Lacy descended from:

Hugh de Lacy of "Castle Trim";  High Steward of Ireland 1172.Led the Anglo-Norman Invasion of Merth Ireland.  Their victory broke up Ireland's central and eastern core; bringing it under the rule of Three Lords of Ireland; known as the:  "Earls" of Ulster":  John deCourcey  1177-1205, Hugh de Lacy I & II  1205-1242, John O'Neil 1509-1603


John de Lacy, "Constable of Chester" married Margaret de Quincy: the daughter of Sir Robert de Quincy and Hawise de Mechines Kevelock. Robert died young and Hawise remarried Warin de Bostock.

John de Lacy and Margaret Quincy's son:  Sir Thomas Lacy married Dorothy Denis.


Descending from Geoffrey de Talbot and Agnes de Lacey: Gylbert Talbot (d 1418), married: Beatrice Denis of Sousa. (daughter of King Alphonso Denis III)

Gylbert Talbot and Beatrice Denis de Sousa's daughter: Elizabeth Talbot married Sir Richard Chomondley , Knight of Gloucester.

Sir Richard Chomondley:  son of William and Maud Chomondley, grandson of: Hugh Chomondley and Mary Stanley.

Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby:  Lord High Steward of England 1553 (highest judicial power under the King)

The Bostock connection to the Denis/Dennis Family:

Arthur Bostock (b1558/59):

Charles (b 1569) brother: Arthur (b1558/59) was baptized in Davenham, Cheshire and married Ellen Denis/Dennis in 1603, and for a while exiled to Dublin Ireland. St. Martin Parish of Surrey identifies the "DENNIS" family origin as County Galloway, Ireland; which would explain their exile to Ireland for a few years prior to returning to England; where Arthur died 1632  and is buried at Bunbery, Cheshire. Ellen Dennis Bostock died in 1642 and are buried at Tarporley, Cheshire England..

 According to "Genealogy of the Bostick Family in America by Henry Anton Bostick"  Arthur & Ellen Dennis had three sons: Arthur, Richard, and William. Their son Arthur (b 1603) was baptized at Tarporley in 1603.  He married Jane Whittle (daughter of Rev. Robert Whittel) in 1627 and had four children: Charles, John, William, and Mary (Harris).  Just prior to his death, Arthur left his estate to his eldest son Charles in 1740.  Arthur's son William  left for America in 1639/40, seeking religious freedom. They settled in Stradford,  Fairfield, Connecticut.  Henry Anton Bostick lived in the early 1900's and it is not certain what evidence his "Genealogy" account was based on; but the dates given in his account differ from other proven genealogy documentation.. 

Source: "From Generation to Generation" by:  Henry M. Neil:  also list  Arthur's son: John Bostock/Bostwick; baptized at St. Helen's, Tarporley, Cheshire in 1638 and died in 1688.  John Bostwick married Mary Brimsmead in 1665; (daughter of John Brimsmead and Mary Carter).  I believe this John is the second son of Arthur and Jane Whittle listed above.

My ancestor: Charles Bostock (b1569): was the brother of Arthur Bostock (b 1558)


Sources:  Visitation of Cheshire 1580,  Visitation of Gloucester 1623


Written by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap  Sept. 2009



Dorothy Denis was the daughter of Sir William Denis and Ann Berkeley of Berkeley. Ann Berkeley was the daughter of Sir Maurice V. Berkeley of Gloucester.