It  is quoted as saying  he died in a hunting accident while hunting turkeys.  He reportedly hid in some bushes and called turkeys; his friend, thinking it was a real turkey, accidentally shot him.  Apparently this story is only partially correct.  He may have been shot and died later of his wounds.  We have a copy of an application (Widow's Application for Pension, State of   North Carolina  ) from the NC Dept of Archives and History, dated July 15, 1901 , in which Sarah E. Bostic, age 70, applied for a pension based on John Miller's service in the Civil War.  It states that he died of "erysipelas and fever."  It contains a Physian's Certificate from Dr. G. W. Kennedy, MD, of Beaulaville(NC), confirming the cause of death.  Erysipelas, being a severe streptococcal infection of the epidermal and subcutaneous skin tissues, resulting in a high fever and localized edema, would be consistent with a gunshot wound.  

Father:   John Bostick (b 1788)
Mother:  Elizabeth Miller Bostick (b. 1791) (d approx 1840)


Children of  John Miller Bostick and Sarah Williams Bostick:
1.     Sarah Elizabeth. Bostick b. 1849 (married: Alsey "Alsa" F. Sandlin)
2.   Stokley Sidbury Bostic b. 1851 (married: Mary Quinn)
3.     Mary G.. Bostick b. 1854 (married: B. H. Moreadith)
4.     Chancy W. Bostick b. 1858 (married Mary Thigpen)
5.     Ira G..M.  Bostick b. 1859/60
6.     Jesse Thomas Bostick b. 1862/63 (Married:  Mary Eliza Jones)
7.     John "Willie" Bostick b. 1866 (Married: Margaret Ann Whaley & Estelle Maready)
8.     Arthur O.. Bostick b. 1888 (married:  Naomi Burton)
9.  Osker . Bostick
4  b. 1869  d. 1932 (Married:  Melissa Thomas)

His father: John Bostick (b. 1788) at age 23, married in 1811 to Elizabeth Miller (b. 1791). They had two daughters and one son: John Miller Bostic 5 (b 1824); Daughter: (Mosley b. 1814). Mosely Bostick married Drew Thigpen in Duplin county; the same Drew Thigpen that shows up as one of the witnesses on almost all the deeds and wills in Duplin County during his lifetime.! Drew and Mosely's children are listed below.

Daughter:  Celea Bostick (b 1811) married Hosea Hunter (b. 1807) of Limestone, NC. Hosea and Celea's children are listed below.. There are many ties between the Hunters and Thigpens to the Bostick family of Duplin County. For 10 years John Miller and Eliabeth Miller would not have another child after Mosely was born in 1814. Their  son (OUR John Miller Bostick) was born Feb. 23, 1824. (My father Milton Bostic shared the same birth date as his great grandfather and never knew it!)

Elizabeth Miller (b. 1791) died twenty years after the birth of her son,  sometime prior to 1840 because:

Records show John (b. 1788) married again in 1841, to Emily “Emma” Lanier (born 1807). Emma was 29 years younger than John; John was 53 years old when he married Emma. They had 5 children. Thomas (b. 1841), Jacob (b. 1841), Isaac (b 1845), (Samuel (b.1843), and Mary Susan (1847); all born in Duplin county.  John died in 1848 a year after their last child Mary was born, John was 60 years old. (Leaving a 41 yr. old widow Emma and 5 young children under the age of 7).  Emma died in 1857 and two of her sons, Thomas and Isaac joined their older half brother John Miller in the Civil War in 1858.  Since John Miller was more than 25 years their senior, he must have assumed the position of father and/or "head of the family".


Researched and Written by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap  May 2008