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THE compiler of the following pages has been engaged for many years in collecting information concerning the family of BOSTOCK in its various branches, and fearing that the result of some part of his labour might be entirely lost, has ventured to have printed that part of his researches which concerns the branch from which he himself is descended.
This Tarporley branch was one of little importance, and is not entered in any of the Visitations of the Heralds to the County of Cheshire, but the compiler thinks it may claim one of the most distinguished members of the BOSTOCK family, viz.: JOHN (BOSTOCK) of Wheathamsted, 33rd and 35th Abbot of Saint Albans, as being descended from it.
The compiler has endeavoured to show the descent of the family from the, Saxon holder of Botestoch (Bostock) and other lands in Cheshire previous to the time of the Norman Conquest. He is aware that many inaccuracies, omissions, or inexact additions, may be found in his work, and admits his want of many requisite qualifications for such an attempt; but it is only intended for circulation among his own family and friends, who he hopes will accept the attempt, which he knows
to be quite unworthy of the subject, and will excuse him now in his 77th year for all the faults to be found in the accompanying pages.
The attempt may, perhaps, induce someone bearing the Old Name, better qualified to undertake the work, to continue the subject, and give a history of the family in full, and at the same time correct the errors found herein.


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At, the time of Conquest of England by the Normans was Lord of Bostock, Shipbrook, Davenham, Audlem, Claverton, Crewe, a part of Edlaston, a part of Wybunbury-cum-Frith, a part of Leftwich, a part of Wistanston, two hedged enclosures for deer, an eyrie for hawks, houses in Chester, and a salt pit in Northwich; all in the County of Cheshire. Most of these lands were granted after the Conquest o Richard de Vernon; Baron of Shipbrook as recorded in Domesday Book

Born circa 1080
was his son, according to the old pedigrees, and might have been so called after Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, when Osmer became reconciled to the new order of things.

Born circa 1100
his son, possibly named after the son of Hugh Lupus, who was drowned by the sinking of the ship, the "Blaush Nef," off Barfleur, 25th November, 11?0

Born circa 1130
his son, according to the old pedigrees, who with Sir Gilbert his son is named in the deed of gift by Hugh Kyviliock, Earl of Chester, on the marriage of his daughter Amicia to Ralph Mainwaring, afterwards justice of Chester, as follows -
"Hugo Comes Cestr. Constabolar', Dapifer, et omnibus; Baronibus suis et Universis Ballivis et hominibus suis Francis et Angelicis tam presentibus quam futuris salutem. Sciatis me dedisse at concessisse et hac presenti Karta mea confirmasse Radulpho de Menilwarin cum Amicia Filia mea in libero maritagio servitium Gilib. filii Rogeri, scillicet, servitium trium Militum faciendo, michi servitium duorum Militum ille et haeredes sui michi, et haeradibus, meis, quare volo et firmiter paecipio ut nullus super hoc cum vel haeredes suos vexet, vel amplius quam, servitium duorum Militum de hoc praedicto tenemento requirat. Teste. R. Abbate Cestr. Bertreia Comitissa Cestr. Simon, Thuschet, etc., etc., etc."

1. Sir Gilbert de Bostock
Born circa 1150.
The date of the deed is about the year 1174. By which deed the said Hugh Earl of Chester gives unto Ralph de Menilwarin or Mainwaring with his daughter Amicia in free marriage to the services of Gilbert son of Roger: vis, the services of three Knights fees doing unto the said Hugh and his heirs the service of two Knights fees.
There is nothing in this deed to show that Gilbert son of Roger is Gilbert de Bostock; but Gilbert de Bostock is styled a Knight in the old pedigrees, and is the first of the Name of Bostock who is so designated.
The head of the house of Mainwaring was seated at Warmimchan in Cheshire, and the male line became extinct in the time of Edward the First, when the daughter and heiress of Sir Warin Mainwaring married Sir William Trussel, and their direct heirs failed early in the reign of Richard the Second.
During the absence of a patron to the living of the Parish of Warmingham caused by a uncertain succession to the Manor, in the year 1435, John Bostock of Warmingham, as, "Scuteferi hac vice" (i.e. Esquire to the Lord, this time) presented to the living, and he was a descendant of Gilbert son of Roger (de Bostock).
About the year 1150, did many gentlemen begin to bear arms by borrowing from their Lords arms of whom they held in fee, or to whom they were most devoted. (Camden's "Remains Concerning Britain.")
The Bostocks held under the Vernons. The arms of the Vernons were Or a fesse azure. Their crest a bear's head. The arms of Gilbert de Bostock as given in the Visitation of Cheshire in the year 1580, were Sable a fesse humette (cut off at each end) argent. Crest on the stump of a tree, a bear's head mussled.
It must have been previous to the adoption of these arms by Gilbert de Bostock that he renounced the fishing of Davenham in favor of Warin de Vernon, as found in deeds and evidences of Sir John Savage, preserved in Her M.S., 1424, fo. 123, and 1505, fo. 126, as "Carta Gilberti de Bostock in qua quiet clamavit Warino de Vernon piscatura 'de Danen; Testib's Ric'o Vernon fratre Wareni de Vernon Rico'd filio Martini Benester, Ric'o filio Wareni de Vernon Rad'o Will'o et Rob'to fratribus ejusdem Richardi. below this the drawing of a circular seal of an eagle displayed, the head turned to sinister, S. Gilberti de Bostock."
Above the arms (Sable a fesse humette argent) is written "Willms. fillio Gilberti de Bostock remisit d'no suo Warino de Vernon."

2. William de Bostock
Born circa 1175.
= Margaret, daughter of Warin de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook. (Probably dowered with some of the lands formerly belonging to Osmer).
In the time of Philip de Orreby, Justice of Chester (1209-29), William de Bostoc acknowledges holding his lands of Warin de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook, by ploughing and shearing his Lord's demesne lands. - (Cheshire Domesday Roll). In the year 1218, Warin de Vernon confirms the hamlet of Merebury, to William de Merebury and the deed is witnessed by Richardo de Vernon and Mattias filo suo, Gilberto de Bostoc and Willielmo filio suo, Hugone de Tw'a, Hamone Britain, and others.

3. Sir Warin de Bostock
Born circa 1200.
Probably named after his maternal Grand-father, Warin de Vernon.
Married circa 1220.
= Hawise, born about 1180, daughter of Hugh Kyviliock, Earl of Chester, sister to Randle Blundeville, Earl of Chester
Randle Blundeville was created Earl of Lincoln, 23/5/1217. He transferred the title to his sister Hawise on his death, 28th Oct., 1232, and the same was confirmed to her son-in-law, John de Lacy, 22nd Nov. in the same year.

Hawise = Robert, eldest son of Saher de Quency, Earl of Winchester, first husband, he died about the year 1217, and before his father. (In Her M.S. 1535 she is stated to have had issue by both husbands.)
Margaret only child.
Born circa 1210
marr. 1221 was living 1257.
= John de Lacy Constable of Chester Born circa 1195. Earl of Lincoln 22/11/1232 died 22/7/1240.
= Walter Marshal Earl of Pembroke 2nd husband. Born circa 1201 marr. cir. 6/1/1243 died 24/11/1245

4. Sir Henry de Bostock
Born circa 1220.
= Eleanor, daughter of Robert Poole of Cheshire.

5. Sir William de Bostock
Born circa 1240.
= Elizabeth, daughter of James, Lord of Audley and of Heligh
= Amice 2nd wife, sues John de Arelid for dower, 31, Ed. I., 1302.

by Elizabeth
6. Sir Edward de Bostock or Philip = Maria, dau'r of Matthew de Vernon
Born circa 1260.

7. Sir Adam de Bostock
Born circa 1290.
= Jane, dau'r of Sir William Brereton, of Brereton.

8. Sir William de Bostock
Born circa 1315.
= Alice, dau'r & sole heir of William de Multon Lord of Multon juxta Bostock.
= Joan, dau'r of Edwd. Norreys

by Alice
9. Adam de Bostock
Born circa 1340.
= Margaret, dau'r and co. heir of Sir John Wettenhall of Kingsley

10. Adam de Bostock
Born 15th Aug. 1363.
One of King Richard II's faithful body guard; was at the battle of Shrewsbury. 21st July 1403, and with his brother, David, was excepted from the general pardon of King Henry IV. Inq.p.m. 1415.
= Jonet, dau'r of Sir Henry Bradshaw of Bradshaw, Lanc.

11. Sir Ralph de Bostock, Knt.
Born 1392.
Knighted in France, 2. Hen. V., when in the retinue of Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter; named in the Agincourt Roll; witness to the Leigh and Grosvenor deed, 1412. Inq.p.m. 6. Hen. V., 1419, and 11 Hen. V., 1424.
= Isabel, dau'r of William de Lawton, of Wigland.

12. Sir Adam de Bostock, Knt.
Born 22 Feb., 1412; died 30 April, 1475.
One of the parties to the award of the Abbot of At. Alban's, 1434. Fought at battle of Blore Heath, 1459.
= Elizabeth, dau'r of Sir Hugh Venables of Kinderton.
13. William
a quo
Bostock of Bostock.
do. of Whatcroft.
do. of London

Bostwick of America

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