Bostock and Horton Family:

 From The Ancient Parish Registers:

Charles Bostocke born  1637:  St. John's Baptist, Petersborough, Salop, Stropshire,  Northampton, England:             Son of Charles

Baptism:  Charles Bostock,  13, Feb. 1639/40 :

by REV. Peeter "Phillip" Bostocke (b 1575) of Ryhill;   Educated at St Edmunds, Bunbury; (a College of Oxford ),  graduated  1632.


          Charles Bostock married Mary Elizabeth Horton of  St. Edmunds ye King, Lombard St., London. in 1668

                         (Son of  Charles Bostock, grandson of George of St Andrews, Undershaft, High Street, London )



Source; "Horton Family Yearbook, descendents of Isaac Horton" Vol 1-4:

Prior to 1310, long before the Earl of Lincolnton;  Robert de Horton  issued a bond on "Manor Great Horton".

Horton is on Anglo Saxon origin, and has been known in England since the conquest of Caesar. The Horton's are found in the oldest ancient Roman Records and sometimes has been written "Orton".

Robert de Horton of "Manor Great Horton; also owned a MILL in Leicester prior to 1310.

Robert de Horton's descendents:

 William Horton, Esq, of "Frith House" in Barksland, Halifax "

                                       married:  Elizabeth Hanson of "Toothill"

Children of :  William & Elizabeth Horton:

    1)  William Horton, born 1576 of "Bark Island Hall"; and acquired "Howroyde Estate" in 1576

    2)  Joseph Horton born 1578  settled in Mousely, Leicester


Children of:   Joseph Horton, born 1578::

    1)  Barnabus Horton (b 1600) 

    2)  Thomas Horton

    3)  John Horton  (was in New York in 1645 but returned to his family in England)

                            Mary Elizabeth Horton: (b1643)  Married  Charles Bostock                                                       

    4)  "Jeremy"  Jeremiah Horton (settled in Mass.)

1626 Captain Jeremy Horton was owner and MASTER of the ship "Swallow" of Barnstaple.  He and his ship made serveral voyages to New England in 1633 and 1638.


Barnabus Horton (b1600): Mousely, Leceister

    Married 1:  Ann Smith of Stanion, Northamptonshire  (died in 1632 giving birth to Joseph Horton) 

   Married 2:  Mary Elizabeth Tuthill

1638/39:  Barnabus and Mary Horton, along with their two sons:  Joseph (b1632), and Benjamin (b1634)   along with:   two of Barnabus's brothers immigrated to the United States in 1639/40 aboard his brother;   Captain Jeremy Horton's ship  "SWALLOW"; and landed in New Haven, Conn. in 1640.    

1640 Barnabus and family settled in New Hampton, Mass. 

1645 Barnabus along with Rev. John Davenport, and Governor Eaton; all members of the Puritan Churches of England; organized themselves into a Congregational Church and sailed to the east coast of Long Island, NY;  a place now called "Hallock's Landing".  These were the first persons/patentees of any civilizated nation, that had ever attempted to settle on the east end of Long Island.

Barnabus Horton built the first framed dwelling house ever erected on east Long Island, "Southold"; a home that was still standing and occupied in 1875;  where six generations of Horton's lived.

Prior to the death of Barnabus Horton at age 80 in July 13, 1680;  he had served as:

             "Deputy to the New Haven Court in 1654"

            "Constable in 1659 & 1661"

            "Magistrate in 1664"

Barnabus Horton's Children:    Joseph (b1632) married Jane Budd in 1655 (dau. of Lt. John Budd)

                                                 Benjamin (b1634) married Anna Budd  (dau. of Lt. John Budd)

                                                 Caleb (b 1641) married Mary Tuthill


Joseph Horton (b1632) owned land in Southold Long Island; sold his house and 4 ac of land to his father Barnabas in 1664; and moved to Rye, Westchester NY, which was part of the Connecticut Colony at that time.

1667 Joseph Horton was appointed Lieutenant and commissioned to determine the boundary of NY and Conn.


Both Charles and Mary Bostock are buried in New Kent, VA

Researched; compiled and posted by:   Wanda Bostic Dunlap 2011


"Year Books of Probate Acts: Court of Canterbury 1630":

"St. Leonard Shoreditch, in the borough of Hackney, Middlesex:   Register Vol. IV 1558-1640"



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