By: Wanda Bostic Dunlap

May 2009

Revised:  OCT 2012

"The Grahams descend from the Anglo-Norman Knights who entered Scotland in the 12th century.

The “Graham”, name is said to be derived for the town of Grantham ; a town located in Lincolnshire , England .  The name is also strongly associated with Scotland .

Auchterarder Castle was originally the Grahams of Perthshire's stronghold; which later passed to the Drummonds through marriage."


"In 1127 William de Graham (Graeme); received his lands in Abercorn and Dalkeith, Scotland; from King David; and personally witnessed the signing of the Charter founding the "Abbey of Holyrod" in 1128.  Later records mention Henry de Graham in the early 1200’s, and Sir John de Graham in 1298.

Sir William Graham of Kincardine; married Mary Stewart, daughter of King Robert II; that ruled between 1371 & 1390.

James, John, and David Graham descended from William de Graeme.

 Peter de Graham started the branch of Grahams in Dalkeith and Eskdale, Scotland.

William de Graeme's youngest son formed the Grahams of Montrose lineage.

The Graeme's married into the family of the Celtic Earls of "Strathearn".

In 1189 the Normans first arrived in Ireland; they were to have a lasting effect upon that country as they had already done in Wales and Scotland.

In 1282 the Welsh Parliament, led by Llewellyn ap Gruffudd, declared war on England. Llewellyn was killed  at Cilmeri, Powys on Dec. 11, 1282; the last legitimate Prince of Wales.  His son Prince Dafydd was executed by the English Crown in 1283.

On March 3, 1284, following the defeat of the Welsh Princes, Edward 1st established English rule over Wales by the Statute of Rhuddlan.  In April 1284, Edward 1st declared his son to be the "Prince of Wales".

The first Scottish Parliament met at Scone in 1292.

In 1296 the Clan Graham fought the Wars of Scotland's independence.  Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine, Strathearn; fought fought against the English, and died in the Battle of Dunbar in 1296.

In 1297 William Wallace of Scotland; won the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

In 1298 Sire Patrick Graham's nephew; Sir John Graham fought with William Wallace and was killed at the Battle of Falkirk.

In the 13th century:  The Graham clan chief was Sir David de Graham.  David married the daughter of the Earl of Strathearn, and received the lands of Kincardin, Scotland as dowry.  David's son;  Sir John Graham of  Grahamston and Dunduff, fought along side of William Wallace and died at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298.  Sir John Graham had previously rescued William Wallace at Queensbury.  Sir John Graham is buried in "Falkirk" churchyard; and his double headed sword is preserved at Buchanan Castle; by the Duke of Montrose.

On March 24, 1306; Robert the Bruce was crowned King of Scotland at Scone.  Robert died June 7, 1329 after giving his country complete independence from England.  His great victory at Bannockburn over the English army under Edward II took place on June 1314.

In 1346 the Clan Graham fought against England at the Battle of Durham; supporting King David II of Scotland.

 Sir John Graham of Dunduff's son:  David Graham fought under Robert the Bruce, receiving his knighthood.  David Graham's great grandson:  Sir William Graham married Mary Stewart; the daughter of King Robert the Bruce the second; that ruled Scotland between 1371 and 1390.

In 1370 The Grahams acquired lands of Mugdock, north of Glasgow, Scotland; and they built the stone Castle Mugdock.

In 1400 Owain Glyndwr of Wales began his revolt against English rule. 

In 1451, the Grahams' acquired the lands of "Old Montrose in Angus"; and Patrick Graham of Kincardine was promoted to "Lord Graham".  The grandson of the forth Lord Graham, James Graham, fought with great valor in 1488 for King Charles I;  and in 1504 was appointed the "Earl of Montrose" 

James V, the last king of an independent Scotland died on Dec 1542. 

In 1569 the Graham's of Downie acquired Duchray Castle near Aberfoyl.  In the 1690's the Graham sisters entertained the opposing officers while Rob Roy Macgregor conducted "smuggling" beside the castle.

1602 saw the end of the old Gaelic order in Ireland with the defeat of Hugh O'Neill at Kinsale. 1603 James VI of Scotland banned the Clan Macgregor and the Celtic fight to survive as a cultural entity.  The Battle of Culloden saw the defeat of the forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the end of the Gaelic way of life in much of Scotland.  June 1639 Charles I of England was forced to recognize an independent Scottish Parliament. On December 1707 the Scottish Parliament reluctantly assented to union with England and Wales.


History recorded during 1610-1640; indicates that great numbers of Scots and English were "immigrated" to Northern Ireland's, Ulster Plantation; encouraged by King James I of England (previously known as King James VI of Scotland.)

1620 Rev. Gordon Graham is recorded at 10 Castlebridge Court, New Castle, County Down, Ireland.


 James Graham II (b 1612) became the "Marquess of Montrose" in 1644 .  He was the only son of John Graham 4th Earl of Montrose and Lady Margaret Ruthven.  James Graham's grandparents were William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie, and Dorthea Stewart; daughter of Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven. James and owned "Braco Castle"; which was passed to the Smythes through marriage in 1790."

"Covenanters were 17th century Scottish Presbyterians who aimed for an ideal society, in which the clergy should confine themselves to their spiritual duties.  (Too much political authority had been given to the Bishops by King Charles I".

James II (b1612) was a Scottish nobleman and solider; who joined the "Covenanters" in the wars of the three kingdoms.  He joined the support of King Charles I as the English Civil War developed from 1644 to 1646.  In 1645 King Charles I appointed him Lord Lieutenant and General Captain of the Scottish forces in 1645.  He fought again in the "Scotland Civil War" in 1650; on behalf of the King Charles I, and was simply referred to as the "Great Montrose".  He was captured at Dunbeath Castle (owned by the Clan Sinclair) in 1650; while fighting during the English Civil War; and was hanged as a result of his support of King Charles I that lost the war..  His head hung on the highest stone of "Old Tollbooth" outside St. Giles Cathedral from 1650 to 1661.  His remains were given a proper burial in 1661 and his body laid to rest at Holyrod Palace.

James Graham II was the only son of John Graham; 4th Earl of Montrose and Lady Margaret Ruthven.  Lady Ruthven's grandparents were 1st Earl of Gowrie, William Ruthven; and Dorothea Stewart.  Dorothea was the daughter of Henry Stewart, the 1st Lord Methven.  (Read more on the Stewart's below)

 John Graham was the 1st Viscount of Dundee; also known as "Bonnie Dundee" of Claverhouse.  John graduated from St. Andrews University in 1661.  King Charles II was the first "Jacobite Leader" and he appointed "Bonnie Dundee" as leader in 1678; to "stamp out religious rebellion and anti-Royalist objectors within the Scottish borders.  John Graham left  Holland  to return to Scotland, where he was appoint Captain by King Charles II; ordered to "suppress conventicles" which were illegal outdoor Presbyterian Meetings known as the Battle of Drumdog.  After the battle, John returned to Glasgow.. 

In 1678; Sire William Lockhart wrote a letter to his uncle;  James (Duke of York); which was also his father-in-law; recommending John Graham as a soldier to be commended.

In 1680 "Bonnie Dundee" John Graham, was appointed "Provost of Dundee"; and 1682 he was appointed "Viscount Dundee" by King James VII; for his support and effort to restore King James's throne. The king rewarded him with a royal grant of the "Barony of the outlawed Macdougal of Freuch".

In 1681 John Graham was appointed to the "Sherriffships" of Wigtown, Dumfries, Kircudbright, and Annandale. In 1682 the King appointed him as Colonel of the Scottish Forces.

In 1683 Lauderdale's title of "Constable of Dundee" was transferred to John Graham; and he was nominated to the "Privy Council" of Scotland. John Graham became "The Earl of Lauderdale" and was given Castle Dudhope.  He also became the "Lord of Dundee and Dunhope".

In 1684 John Graham was promoted to Major-General and added to his position of "Constable"; the dignity of "Lord Provost of Dundee" Scotland.

In 1688 King James VII of Scotland (also known as King James I of England): appointed John Graham as "Viscount Dundee".

In 1689;  John Graham "Bonnie Dundee", and was appointed "Commander in Chief of All of Scottish Forces, by King James VII; however John Graham died later that year in 1689.

King James VII was over-thrown in Scotland, and left for Ireland.  John remained loyal to his monarch, country and the new reigning:   Stuart/Stewart cause.

Source:  "Bonnie Dundee" by Andrew M. Scott




Ancestor of the "Duke of Montrose"; Lord William K. Graham  married  into the Stewart family in the eleventh century. William married the daughter of Sir John Stewart of Rallston, 7th High Steward of Scotland.  (Egidia Stewart)

James Graham and William Graham  were descendents of King Robert III; through his second daughter, Princess Mary.  

William Graham, "7th Lord of Claverhouse"; died in 1652 and his sons:  John, James, and David became the responsibility of their paternal uncle.  Their uncle  was listed as George Graham, "Burgesses of Dundee".    

The eldest son of Sir William Graham and Lady Madeline Carnegie;  John Graham, became of age in 1667 and inherited the  Claverhouse Estate;  near Dundee. Lady Madeline Carnegie was the 5th daughter of the Earl of Southesk.  

 John Graham was educated at the University of St. Andrews and graduated in 1661.

John Graham (b 1649-1689) of Claverhouse, Dundee; was active in Scotland against the “covenanters”.  In 1688 he joined King James  in England as second in command of the Scottish forces; but after the king declined, he returned to Scotland ; where he was slain in battle in 1689.

The Graham family of Dundee's property included the "Claverhouse Estate"; described as a "House in Glen Ogilvie at Sidlaw Hills, located just north of Dundee (it has since been demolished).  They also owned "Claypott Castle", and a house located at "Mill of Mains".

John Graham began his military career in 1672 as Jr. Lt. in Sir William Lockhart's "Seats" regiment; which was under the command of the Duke of Mormouth in the service of the French King Louis XIV.

By 1674 John Graham was a "Cornet of Oranges Guard" and was at the Battle of Seneffe.  It is said that he rescured the "Young Prince" during that battle when the prince was thrown by a horse; and John received a Captains Commission as his reward.

James Graham (John's Brother); married Lady Jane Cochrane; and rallied the Scot Highlanders to the Jacobite cause. Claverhouse was responsible for policing SW Scotland during and after the religious unrest and rebellion of the 1670' and 1680's.   After James died; Presbyterian Historians dubbed him "Bluidy Clavers" and "Bonnie Dundee".

Claverhouse remained loyal to King James after the Revolution of 1688.  James lost his life in the Battle at Killiecrankie, Perthshire and is buried at "St Bride's Kirk", located beside "Blair Castle" in Perthshire.


South Carolina Council Journal (page 100 & 101):

 Early 1660 records tell a story about a “covenator” imprisoned in “Tollbooth”, Linlithgow Scotland named:  William Graham that was transported out of Glasgow , Scotland ; on the ship “Pelican of Glasgow”.  The Master of the ship was James Givon; who was instructed to transport William Graham to South Carolina in 1684.

 This Journal also tells  of William Graham being GRANTED 450 acres of land in the Williamsburg Township , SC; on May 1747 by South Carolina Ltn. Governor.

The Journal also records  William Graham, born in Argyll, Scotland; lived in Donegal, Ireland; and in 1736 sailed  on a ship named the  “New Built” that sailed to America from Liverpool, England.




“Border Papers” Vol. I:  December 1583; Calendar of Border Papers 1: 1560-95                                                                

A Manuscript:  “Moon Light Border Riders” by Thomas Musgrave  (written the end of 1583);  details many fascinating stories of the history of the Scottish “Grame” and the English “Grayme” families.  They became “Border Riders” because their land was on the dividing line of England and Scotland .  They were described as those who equaled the veracity of the invading Vikings.  Describing them as “Villans that kept the gentlemen in fear. 

  In an effort to stop the moonlight Border Riders: Thomas Musgrave appealed to the Earl of Warwick and his brother; Lord of Hunsdon.    

 The Lord of Arrundall and Dacres Christopher of Bewcastell were the noblemen that the riders most often raided.  Surrounding families: Taylors, Foster, Rutlidge, Poudams, and others banded together to defend against “the riders by night  that come and do their evil deeds and anie/steal part of it, and are back in their own houses by day”

This manuscripts tells the history of the “Grame”, “Grayme”; that first inhabited the waters of the Eske River in England .  The adjoining land to the waters of the Eske River was owned by the “Storyes”.  The Storyes feared Lord Daker, that had been appointed “warden”; so they fled their land on the banks of the Eske River and settled in Killum, Northumberland. 

 After the Storyes fled:  Rich Grayme “Grame” and his five brothers took over the “Storyes” land and divided it among them.  Rich Grame of Netherby was in alliance with Scotland .  This land was on the border of Scotland and England .  The Clan of brothers and their descendents married the daughters of  Lord Meskyrshin, Lord Mangerton, the Lorde of Gratney, Hamilton's, The Armstong's, the Urwen's, and the Bell families.  They quickly increased in number and became a strong force to be reckoned with.

I suspect the pillaging and plundering resulted in some of our earliest Graham, Grame, Grayme ancestors were exiled from the countries of Scotland and England ; to Ulster Ireland. 

The Irish Rebellion of 1641:  an outbreak between Ireland's natives and the Scotch and English Ulster Colonists forced many of the Colonists to flee Ireland for America. By  Several years after the the outbreak; over 12,000 emigrants left Ulster Ireland annually, for the American Plantations. By 1715 it is estimated that over 50,000 Scotch and Irish families had settled in Ulster.  Five ships bearing 700 Ulster emigrants sailed for Boston in 1718 under the leadership of  Rev. William Boyd.

"Among the  Families that were shipped from the South East of Scotland to the Ulster Plantation of Northern Ireland were : Armstrong's, Beatty's, Elliott's, Johnston's, and Graham's."  Those that were granted land in Northern Ireland, were required to build a fortress around their property.

Thanks to Bruce Graham of Tauraga, New Zeeland for sending me this fascinating manuscript in September 2012; that identifies the earliest STORIES of the  "Grame/Grayme" families; that became known as the "Border Riders" . They lived on the dividing line of England and Scotland. Without his willingness to share his discovery; we would continue to know very little about our ancient ancestors and their ways of survival.




James Graham (1648-1689) was the first "RECORDER" for the City of New York in 1700-1719.

John Graham (1694-1773); was an American “divine” author/poet..

Joseph Graham (1759-1836); was a soldier of the Revolutionary War of America.

Sylvester Graham (1794-1851); was an advocate of vegetarianism.  

First Grahams in America:

Among the early US recorded immigrants from Britain to America was Andrew Graham; who is recorded in Virginia in 1651.

In 1682, a company of the "Landlords of Scotland" arranged for a settlement in Port Royal, S.C.  Many of the colonists were Presbyterians that were banished from their country for practicing their protestant faith.

In 1718 the Scot-Irish Ulsters were allowed to select a "Township" site of 12 miles square at any place of their choice on the new frontier of America.  

1715 to 1729 Scots Highlanders settled in North Carolina on the Cape Fear River.

William Graham:   was among the Scot immigrants who flocked to Virginia in 1729-1740; many of whom were killed by indians.

Between 1732-1734 a colony of Scot-Irish emigrants from Ulster; settled the "Township" of Williamsburg, S.C.; the village known as "Kingstree".

In 1735 a strong infusion of Scots in New York were invited to settle the lands between the Hudson River and the Northern Lakes.

 In 1738 Captain Campbell brought over eighty-three Highland families to settle 30,000 acres of land; what is now known as Washington County.

In 1739 many Highlanders from Argyllshire; settled at "Cross Creek", now known as Fayetteville, NC.

John Graham 1st  (b 1720 d 1780):  and wife Mary Graham sailed from Northern Ireland to England to board a ship bound for America   on June 1 5, 1733 . The ship named: “Georgia Pink”,  sailed from London , England to Savannah , Georgia .  They arrived in America on August 29, 1733 .  The main reason they made the journey is because: King George II of England had requested that James Oglethorpe begin a settlement there.

John Graham was granted a lot of land in Savannah , Georgia to build a house, and a plot of land outside the town to grow food and livestock.  He remained there until he left for the Carolinas on December 9, 1738 .

Records in the South Carolina Archives of History shows that John Graham bought 3300 acres of land in Horry County , SC in June of 1766.  The land was located on Mitchell Swamp , Horry County , SC.

In Feb. 23, 1768 ; John Graham received a Royal Grant from King George III of England for an addition 500 acres of land.  

The Scots Magazine records numbers of settlers from the Western Isles embarked for Carolina and Georgia in 1768.  By 1769 hundreds of Highlanders arrived at Brunswick, NC.

In 1770 Six Vessels carrying 1200 Scot emigrants left the Western Isles of Scotland, Ireland, and England; and sailed for the North Carolina.

Between 1771-1773; a total of 30,000 Ulster emigrants arrived in America; 10,000 of them were "Weavers" mainly originating from Paisley, Scotland.

Scot-Irish Americans are described as being the descendents of Presbyterian Protestants.


John Graham was recorded in 1802 in Conwayborough, (now known as Conway , SC ); when the first Board of Commissioners was organized; and he served on that board along with seven other men

 Next Generation:

 John Graham 2nd was born 1765; and  married Martha Graham and had seven children.  He served as Captain in the Revolutionary War of America; which is recorded  in the Archives of History in Columbia , SC.   In his will dated May 14, 1811 ; recorded in Horry County SC Courthouse: John Graham 2nd left his son Joseph Graham in charge of his grist mill Plantation .

Next Generation:

Joseph Graham:  (b1790 died after 1860);  married Claire Graham and made his living in the “turpentine” business and was a surveyor for the State of Virginia and Kentucky .  Joseph deeded land to his infant grandson named Cornelious Graham.  Cornelious Graham was the oldest child of Alpha A. and Helon Johnston Graham.  Recorded in Deed Records of Horry County Courthouse, Book L-Page 493, SC.  

Next Generation:

Alpha A. Graham (b 1826 d 1900) was one of the three children of Joseph and Claire Graham.  Alpha served in the Civil War, Company F Infantry Regiment, Hampton Legion of South Carolina; and married Helon Alice Johnston.  (Not to be confused with Alpha A Graham born 1878; son of Waterman Graham below.)

Next Generation:

 Daniel Graham (b 1854 d 1923) was one of twelve children of Alpha A. and Helon Johnston Graham.  Daniel’s will is recorded in the Horry County Courthouse, Probate Judge Office, Inventory and Appraisement Book, page 429, May 2, 1923 .   Daniel married Charlotte Marian Grainger  (b 1859 d 1936); of Conway SC (daughter of Waterman E. Grainger and Nancy E. Williamson).

Maternal great great grandfather: Daniel Graham b:4 FEB 1854 d.23 FEB 1923; Married: 1874 Charlotte Marian Grainger b: 2 AUG 1859 d.3 JUN 1936 (d/o: Waterman Grainger b:10 NOV 1835 AND Nancy E. Williamson b: 1836). Daniel and Charlotte are buried at Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Aynor, Horry Co., S.C. They resided in Conway and Aynor, S.C.

 children are:

      (1) Waterman E. (Bud) Graham SR (b 1875 d 1938):

                                wife #1:  Sarah Frances Clark (b1984 d 1936)

                                (the children of Waterman (Bud) Sr.:)

                      :         Waterman E. (Shaver) Graham, Jr. (b 1907) (married Sally Frances)

                      Corene Graham (married Clayton Collins of Clemson , SC )

                      Thorn B. Graham

                      Zebbie D. (Zeb) Graham

                      Sallie Frances Graham (married Samuel Lex Collins of Leland, NC)

                      Jenkins Graham

                      Laneau Graham

                      Flossy Graham

                      Fay Graham

                      Kate Graham

                      Adel Graham

                      Mary Graham

         wife # 2:  Kate Dudley

                  Children were:  Margaret Graham

                                          Betty Lou Graham

                                          Jenkins Graham


 Children of Daniel Graham and Charlotte Grainer Graham Continued::


(2)   Nancy E. (Nanie) Graham   (b1877 d 1900)

 (3)   Alpha Allen Graham            (b1878 d 1944)

 (4)  George Emory Graham        (b1880 d 1918)

 (5)   Helon Glena Graham           (b1883 d 1966)

 (6)   Walter Homer Graham        (b1884 d 1885)

 (7)   Samuel Walter Graham       (b 1885 d 1940)

(8)   Quince Daniel Graham        (b 1886 d 1927)

 (9)   Curtis Asbery Graham        (b1889 d 1968)

 (10)  Abram Tillman Graham      (b1891 d 1957)

(11)  Lizzie Viola Graham           (b1892 d 1976)

 (12)  Julius Pink Graham             (b1893 d 1973)

 (13)  Charlie Hesicar Graham      (b1895 d 1931)

 (14)  Purley Luther Graham         (b 1898 d 1986)




The recorded history of the family of Stewart began after the "Norman Conquest" the Castle of Oswestry, Stropshire was granted to Alan FitzFlead (b1070).  Alan's son  Walter Fitzalan,(b1160)( native of Salop) became the High Steward of Scotland 1st.

Walter (b1160) married Eschina Londoniis:  Their son was Alan FitzWalter (d 1204) also High Steward's of Scotland 2nd..

Alan Fitzwalter married  Alesta MAR.  Their first son was Walter FitzWalter  High Steward of Scotland 3rd;  their second son was David Stewart.

From this point on the High Steward's of Scotland assumed the Stewart name; and the merging of the Graham, Bruce and Stewart families began:.

Walter FitzWalter married Jean Macrory.  Their Son Alexander Stewart became the High Steward of Scotland 4th. Their descendents (grandson): Sir John Stewart was the son of the High Steward of Scotland 6th:  parents of Walter Stewart (b1293).  Walter's wife;  Isabel Graham; parents of Sir John Stewart of Rallston.

Walter Stewart's first married:  Princess Majorie Bruce (b1297); (daughter of the King of Scotland;  Robert Bruce (d1304) Marjorie Carrick married at  Turnberry Castle in 1271).. Robert and Marjorie's son was Robert Bruce I (b1274) King of Scotland.  Their second son Edward Bruce (b1316) was the King of Ireland. Their other sons Thomas and Alexander Bruce of Carlisle Castle were executed by the English in 1306/07.  Their daughter Christina Bruce married Andrew Murray of Bothwell. Christina Bruce and Andrew Murray's son John Murray; married in 1348 to Mary Margaret Graham.  After the death of John Murray, Margaret Graham married Robert Stewart/Stuart (b1339) of Fife, Duke of Albany in 1361.

Mary Margaret Graham (b 1334) was the daughter of Sir John Graham of Abercorn, Brothwell, Earl of Menteith.  Margaret's husband Robert Stewart/Stuart of Fife, of Stirling Castle, Duke of Albany was the Governor of Scotland, Regent to James I, and Prime Minister to Robert III.

Robert of Fife's parents were: Robert Stewart II (b1316)  King of Scotland. and Elizabeth Mure (daughter of Adam Mure and Joan Cunningham Mure of Rowallen, Ayrshire.)    (We have Elizabeth Mure in the Dunlap ancestry connection)

Robert II and Elizabeth Mure Stewart's son:  Robert Stuart III (b1337) King of Scotland; married Annabella Drummond of one of the most distinguished Scottish families.  (Sir John Drummond; 1st Lord of Drummond, Earl of Perth and Melfort is the head Sir John Drummond. was Statesman and Ambassador to the English Court)  John's descendent, David Drummond married Margaret Graham of Ardlsennie).

Robert III and Annabella's daughter, Margaret Stewart/Stuart (b 1370);  married Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas, and their Archibald 5th married Euphemia Graham, Countess of Stratherne.(d 1468);  (Daughter of Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathearn 2nd.)  Euphemia's grandmother was Euphemia Stuart, Countess of Strathearn, daughter of David Stuart.                 David was the son or Robert Stewart II, King of Scotland.

SOURCES:  "Dynasty's of the World" by John Morley, Printed at Oxford

                     "The Royal Line of Sucession" by. Patrick W. Montague-Smith


Graham Family of Horry County, S.C.

By: Wanda Bostic Dunlap Jan. 2009

William’s father and grandfather both were named “WILLIAM” and both were born in Scotland 1660 and 1680.

My ancestors William Graham was born in Linlinthgrow, Scotland in 1660.  He has supported the "Covenantor Movement", and was imprisoned  at "Tolbooth",  1684 and transported  from Glasgow Scotland.  He  left  Scotland on the ship "Pelican of Glasgow" headed for South Carolina in the USA.  The Ship Master was "James Givson".

 His son William Graham born in Argyll, Scotland in 1680, but he  had lived in exile for several years in Donegal, Ireland.    In 1736  he left Ireland for Liverpool to book passage and  board the ship: "New Built"  which departed from Liverpool, England to the USA in 1736.  William Graham was granted 450 acres of land in Williamsburgh Township in 1747;   Horry County, S.C.; by Lt. Govenor of South Carolina. (SC Council Journal page 100).  William Graham married Jane Neilson.

His son John Graham  was born in 1720 in Northern Ireland; left Donegal with his father William Graham and his mother Jane Neilson to America in 1736.  in 1766 John Graham acquired 3330 acres of land on "Mitchell Swamp". He married Margaret Johnston; and he died  1780 in Horry County, SC.

John Graham and Mary Margaret Johnston's son was:  John Graham born 1765 and married Martha.  In his will of 1811 John mentions their three sons:  Joseph, John, and William.    John Graham was a surveyor of Virginia and Kentucky;  he owned a plantation and a Grits Mill which had been part of his Kentucky/VA survey but the land became part of Tennessee.  John sold his interest in Tennessee to his younger brother William Graham.  The Plantation has been in the hands of the descendents of William Graham and his wife Elizabeth Bellamy (b.1759); since it was created in 1766.  (John and Margaret migrated to Horry County, SC).

I received the following  message Aug. 2012 from a descendent of William and Elizabeth Graham:  "Carolyn Buckley",still living in TN:

(William and Elizabeth Graham continue living on  gallant old Graham plantation. Still today;  William and Elizabeth's descendants own and live on lands never changed out of Graham hands since 1766.
 Have you been to "William Bellamy Graham Cemetery" ?
 Have you seen Graham Family Heirloom, King George III Royal Seal Pendant?)

I descend from John and Martha Graham's son:  Joseph Graham born 1794 and his wife "Clare" of Horry County, SC. Joseph Graham started a business manufacturing "Turpentine".  He is the father of Alphia Alford Graham born 1826 that setteled at Gallivant's Ferry, SC and is buried at Rehobeth Methodist Church in Aynor, SC.    Alphia Graham married in 1847 to his first wife: Helon Alice Johnson and to his second wife "Elizabeth C. Jordan" in 1882.   

I descend from Alphia's son Daniel Graham born 1854. Daniel married Charlotte Marian Grainer  and they had fourteen children .  Their first son was born 1875 and named Waterman Evander Graham and is my great grandfather. His nickname was "BUD".


My maternal grandmother was Sallie Frances Graham b. 19ll. She is a descendend of the following:

Maternal great grandfather:  Waterman Evander (BUD) Graham , Sr. b: 20 FEB 1875 Death: 15 APR 1938; Married Sarah Frances Graham; and are buried at Rehoboth United Methodist Church Cemetery, Horry County, S.C.

Maternal great great grandfather: Daniel Graham b:4 FEB 1854 d.23 FEB 1923; Married: 1874 Charlotte Marian Grainger b: 2 AUG 1859 d.3 JUN 1936 (d/o: Waterman Grainger b:10 NOV 1835 AND Nancy E. Williamson b: 1836). Daniel and Charlotte are buried at Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Aynor, Horry Co., S.C. They resided in Conway and Aynor, S.C.

ggg grandfather: Alpha A Graham b: 22 JUN 1826 d.28 JUN 1900 Married:1847 Helon Alice Johnson b: 6 JUL 1826 Death: 11 SEP 1881 (d/o Meshac Johnson b: 1795  AND Rebecca Rhea b: 1806 in N.C) Buried: Rehobeth Methodist Church, Aynor, SC Horry co They resided at Gallivants Ferry, S.C.

ggggggg grandfather: John Graham b: ABT. 1720 in Northern Ireland  acquired 3330 acres in 1766 in TENNESSEE on "Mitchell Swamp"; sold out to his younger brother  William and migrated to Horry co., SC.     Death: BEF. 7 OCT 1780 in Horry Co, SC; married  Margaret Johnston

The Graham Plantation has remained in the hands of  John's younger brother' descendents: William Graham and Elizabeth Bellamy's hands since 1766. Located in Tennessee.


Here is the story of MY LINEAGE GRAHAMS: 

SOURCE:  "The Original Scots Colonists of America"  David Dobson's Supplement: 1607-1707"

  William Graham, of Linlithgow, a Covenanter imprisoned in Linlithgow Tolbooth, transported from Glasgow  May 2, 1684 possibly on the (ship) "Pelican of Glasgow", master James Givson,to Carolina. [Privy Council Vol. 8]

[1] William Graham Birth: 1660 in Linlithgow, Scotland  

                  Imprisoned for his belief in Christianity and the Protestant Movement across Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

   + Spouse Unknown

  [2] William Graham b: ABT. 1680 in Scotland Death:

        BEF. 1750 in Williamsburg Twshp, S.C.  USA

       + Jane  Neilson

SOURCE:   "South Carolina Council Journal Pages 100-101"

Meeting of Wednesday A. M. the 20th May 1747

Read the Petition of Will'm Graham, Planter, humbly shewing that the Pet'r and his family arrived here from Ireland ab't Eleven years ago, (1736); in the Ship called the "New Built [sic] of Liverpool".

That on application to the then lieu't gov'r for land, 450 acres were ordered to be laid out to him in Williamsburgh Town'p by virtue of family right; . . . whereupon y'e following certificate of the Surv'r Gen'r was produced and read.

So. Carolina. I hereby certify that William Graham with 60 other persons obtained a warrant of survey directed to James St. John Surveyor Gen' dated 25 Aug 1736, the quantity assigned to the said Graham 450 acres in Williamsburg Town'p.. . thereof the Survey'r May y'e 29th 1747. G. Hunter Serv. Gen'l.

[1] William Graham Birth: 1660 in Scotland Death: 1690    

               + Spouse Unknown

         Linlithgow,  Scotland; a Covenanter imprisoned in Linlithgow Tolbooth, transported from Glasgow May 2, 1684 possibly on the Pelican of Glasgow, master James Givson, to Carolina. [Privy Council Vol. 8] 

[2] William Graham b: ABT. 1680 in Scotland Death: BEF. 1750 in Williamsburg Twshp

                            + Jane  Neilson

       [3] William Graham b: ABT. 1720 in Northern Ireland Death: 14 JUL 1824 in Horry Co, SC

                            + Elizabeth Bellamy b: 1759

                           [4] Eliza Ann Rebecca Graham

                           [4] Peggy Ann Graham

                           [4] William Bellamy Graham b: 11 OCT 1792 in Loris, Horry Co., SC

                           [4] Abraham Jordan Graham b: 8 MAR 1801 in Horry Co, SC

                           [4] Susannah Graham b: 1803

      [3] Neilson Graham b: ABT. 1720

      [3] Hugh Graham b: BEF. 1713

      [3] John Graham b: ABT. 1720 in Northern Ireland Death: BEF. 7 OCT 1780 in Horry Co, SC

                         + Margaret Johnston

                         [4] Joseph Graham

                         [4] William Graham b: 3 DEC 1748 in Argyll District, Scotland Death: 14 JUL 1824 in Horry Co, SC

                                     + Elizabeth Bellamy b: 1759

                         [4] Gilbert Graham b: ABT. 1750

                         [4] John Graham b: BEF. 1765 Death: AFT. 14 MAY 1811

                                           +Martha Graham

                                (5) Joseph Graham , Jr. b: 1794 in Horry District, SC Death: AFT. 2 OCT 1850

             Horry County Courthouse Probate Judge Office, box 3, #21.

                       dated 14 May 1811.In the name of God, Amen

WILL OF JOHN GRAHAM:  (born 1765)

          I, John Graham, Sr., being infirm in Body, but of sound Memory and understanding, do make this my last Will and Testament. First,

I give my Soul to God who gave it and my Body to the dust. And as for such worldly goods as it pleased God to bless me with, I will and bequeath as follows:

Item I, I give unto my beloved wife, Martha Graham, and my son, Joseph, and two daughters, Jennet and Margaret, my two Negroes, Walley and Rose and the use of my grist mill

plantation and plantation tools together with all my household furniture and stock of cattle, hogs, equally to each and every of their uses, and benefit, until my daughter Margaret comes of age or marries, at which time, I allow my Negro man, Walley and Rose and all the surviving part of my stock of cattle, hogs, household furniture and plantation tools, to be equally divided between my wife and son, Joseph, and two daughters, Jennet and Margaret or those of them  who may survive, I allow, that the decease of my wife her part of my estate, above mentioned in conjunction with my

children, return to my daughters, Jennet and Margaret.

Item II, I  give unto my son Joseph my bald face Filly, and my  plantation and Mill

after my daughter Jennet comes of age or marries or in case of her death until my daughter Jennet comes of age, marries or dies. I allow my Roan Mare for the use of my wife and three children above mentioned.

When my daughter Margaret comes of age, I allow said Mare to be equally divided between her and my daughter Jennet. If there is more money due my Estate than will satisfy my just debts, I do allow it to be equally divided between my wife and children  above named.

Item III, I give to my sons John and William, one shilling each in addition to what they have already had.

Item, I give unto my daughter Elizabeth one shilling in addition to what she has had. Item, I give unto my daughter Mary, one shilling in addition to what she has had with allowing her a privilege to live on my land and lending a part of it for her support.

      I do appoint my son, Joseph Graham,(b1794) and William H. Grice, Executors of this my last will and Testament, revoking all former wills and bequeaths by me made.

Witness my hand and seal this 14th day of May in the year of our Lord, one

thousand eight hundred and eleven.

Signed in the presence of

William Grice

John Graham, Sr.

Jane Graham

Betsy (her X mark) Murphy

South Carolina, Horry District} Henry Durant, Esqr. Ordinary of said District - Personally appeared before me,

Jane Graham, who being sworn by me on the Holy Evangelist of the Almighty God, doth make oath and say that she saw John Graham, Sr., sign, seal, publish, pronounce and declare the within Instrument of Writing to be and contain his last Will and Testament and that the said John Graham was then of sound and deposing mind, memory and understanding

to the best of the deponent's knowledge and belief: and that she, the said Jane Graham, did sign her name a witness thereto at the Request of the Testator in his presence given under my hand this ninth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven.

Sworn before me the date above written

Henry Durant, Ordinary

Jane Graham, Witness

Justice of the Quorum 1804


[1] William Graham Birth: 1660 in Scotland Death: 1690

   + Spouse Unknown

The Original Scots Colonists of America David Dobson's Supplement: 1607-1707. William Graham, of Linlithgow, a Covenanter imprisoned in Linlithgow Tolbooth, transported from Glasgow May 2, 1684 possibly on the Pelican of Glasgow, master James Givson, to Carolina. [Privy Council Vol. 8] [1] William Graham Birth: 1660 in Scotland Death: 1690 + Spouse Unknown

[2] William Graham b: ABT. 1680 in Scotland Death: BEF. 1750 in Williamsburg Twshp

    + Jane  Neilson

 William Graham (immigrated to colonies in 1741 with brother John from  Donegal Ireland from  Scotland ). William immigrated with wife Jane(?) and 2 sons

William Graham b: ABT. 1680 in Scotland Death: BEF. 1750 in Williamsburg Twshp + Unknown Neilson NOTE; South Carolina Council Journal Pages 100-101. Meeting of Wednesday A. M. the 20th May 1747 Read the Petition of Will'm Graham, Planter, humbly shewing that the Pet'r and his family arrived here from Ireland ab't Eleven years ago, in the Ship called the new built [sic] of Liverpool, that on application to the then lieu't gov'r for land, 450 acres were ordered to be laid out to him in Williamsburgh Town'p by virtue of family right, whereby a precept from the Survey'r General's office issued to Anthony Williams for running out the said Tract, the charges to be made by the Public, as it was on y'e survey in favour of the Petitioner, notwithstanding he was very often solicited so to do, but never complied with the Survey'r Genl's order there, notwithstanding y'e Pet'r from the Encouragement he had of obtaining a Grant from the Hon'ble Board, did settled [sic] and improve the said land, and at present lives on it. The Pet'r therefor humbly prays that he has five or six times traveled down ab't 60 miles on foot to Chs Town in order to have this affair executed, occasioned always by the false misrepresentations of the s'd Williams, that at last yr' Excell'cy & Honors may compel y'e s'd William's to do y'e Pet'r Justice and that he make a return of y'e Surveyor so that a grant may pass, whereupon y'e following certificate of the Surv'r Gen'r was produced and read. So. Carolina. I hereby certify that William Graham with 60 other persons obtained a warrant of survey directed to James St. John Surveyor Gen' dated 25 Aug 1736, the quantity assigned to the said Graham 450 acres in Williamsburg Town'p and y't no return of a Plat thereof had been ever made to the Survey'r Generals Office; to my knowledge by Anthony Williams who surveyed y'e same many Complaints of S'd Williams neglect of duty in such cases are dayly made, by people who apply to me for their plats, upon his information them that he returned them to me, when last in Charles Town, that I have not seen him these 5 years past; a Summons was ordered by his Excell'cy and Hon'ble Council for his attendance to answer y'e Complaint of Archibald Campbell for whose Brother William y'e said Williams surveyed some lands but after the death of s'd William Campbell Williams returned a plat of different lands by Archibald Campbell guardian to his Brother William's children. May y'e 29th 1747. G. Hunter Serv. Gen'l.


[3] John Graham b: ABT. 1720 in Northern Ireland Death: BEF. 7 OCT 1780 in Horry Co, SC

                         + Margaret Johnston

      (4) Joseph Graham 

       [4] William Graham b: 3 DEC 1748 in Argyll District, Scotland Death: 14 JUL 1824 

            in Horry  Co.,  SC   Wife: Elizabeth   Bellamy b: 1759 

      [4] Gilbert Graham b: ABT. 1750 

      [4] John Graham b: BEF. 1765 Death: AFT. 14 MAY 1811

      [4] John Graham b: BEF. 1765 Death: AFT. 14 MAY 1811

             + Martha Unknown

John Graham, surveyor, of  Virginia and  Kentucky (1765-1811). He was the grandson of William Graham (immigrated to colonies in 1741 with brother John from  Donegal , Ireland from  Scotland

                 [5] Mary Graham

                 [5] Elizabeth Graham

                 [5] John Graham

                 [5] William Graham

                 [5] Jennet Graham

                 [5] Margaret Graham

                 [5] Joseph Graham , Jr. b: 1794 in Horry District, SC Death: AFT. 2 OCT 1850

                              + Clare Unknown

                         [6] Isabella GRAHAM b: 1818

                         [6] Joseph Isaiah Graham b: 26 Jun 1825

                         [6] Alpha A. Graham b: 22 JUN 1826 Death: 28 JUN 1900 :Buried:

                                Rehobeth Methodist Church, Aynor, SC Horry co.

                                Married:1847 Helon Alice Johnson b: 6 JUL 1826 Death: 11 SEP 1881

                                     d/o Meshac Johnson b: 1795 

                                 AND Rebecca Rhea b: 1806 in Granville Co., NC Married:1882 

                              (7)  Elizabeth C. Jordan b: 16 APR 1843 Death: 21 SEP 1906 :Rehobeth

                               [7] Cornelius J. Graham b: 8 JAN 1848 in Horry Co., SC d.24 Feb 1897

                                    +Mary Jane Dorsey [w/o Cornelious Graham] 8 Nov 1855 - 27 Aug 1916

                                      [8]Helen Graham d.June 19, 1959. She was 78

                                             +James T. Johnson

                                              [9] Mrs. T. L. Alford of Marion,

                                              [9] Mrs. Thurmond Allen of Aynor

                                              [9] Mack D. Johnson

                                              [9] Andrew C. Johnson,

                                              [9]Thorey W. Johnson,

                                              [9]W. Truluck Johnson        

                                              [9]John T. Johnson of Loris            

                                              [9] H. Light Johnson of Galivants Ferry

                                [7] Lewis Graham b: ABT. 1850

                                [7] Evander Graham b: 30 OCT 1852 d.18 Aug 1921

                                        + Euza Beth [w/o E. Vander Graham] 31 Jul 1846 - 21 Nov 1910

                                [7] Helen A. Graham b: ABT. 1855

                                [7] Adeline Graham b: 22 MAR 1855

                                [7] William Graham b: ABT. 1858

                                [7] David Walker Graham b: 26 OCT 1861 in Horry Co., SC

                                [7] Florence Graham b: 23 DEC 1863

                                [7] Alva Graham b: 8 JAN 1866 d:8 Dec 1923 GETHSEMANE

                                             +Susie [w/o Alva Graham?] 15 Jun 1874 - 7 Nov 1925

                                [7] Waterman Graham b: 10 MAY 1867 in Horry Co, SC d.6 Mar 1943

                                        +Nora [w/o Waterman Graham] 30 Apr 1876 - 21 Dec 1945

                                [7] Covington Graham b: 11 JAN 1869

                                [7] Laura J. Graham b: 28 JUL 1870

                                [7] Daniel Graham b: 4 FEB 1854 Death: 23 FEB 1923

                                    Married: 1874 Charlotte Marian Grainger b: 2 AUG 1859 Death: 3 JUN 1936

                                                d/o: Waterman Grainger b: 10 NOV 1835

 AND Nancy E. Williamson b: 12 FEB 1836

                                        [8] Nancy Elizabeth Graham b: 12 JUN 1877

                                        [8] Alpha Allen Graham b: 18 DEC 1878 d;13 Nov 1944

                                                +Mary W. [w/o Alpha A. Graham] 6 Jun 1881 - 3 Dec 1931

                                        [8] George Emory Graham b: 2 AUG 1880

                                        [8] Hellon Glena Graham b: 15 MAY 1883

                                        [8] Walter Homer Graham b: 11 MAR 1884

                                        [8] Samuel Walter Graham b: 26 MAY 1885    

                                        [8] Quince Daniel Graham b: 30 DEC 1886

                                        [8] Curtis Asberry Graham b: 10 APR 1889

                                        [8] Abram Tillman Graham b: 26 FEB 1891

                                        [8] Lissie Viola Graham b: 3 MAY 1892

                                        [8] Julius Pink Graham , Sr. b: 23 DEC 1893

                                        [8] Charley Hesicar Graham b: 11 OCT 1895

                                        [8] Purley Luther Graham b: 3 SEP 1898

                                        [8] Waterman Evander(BUD) Graham , Sr. b: 20 FEB 1875 Death: 15 APR 1938

                                                       Married Sarah Frances Graham

                                                   Marriage 2 Kitty Dudley

                                             [9] Corene Graham b: in Horry Co, SC died May 2, 1963.

                                                  + ? Collins

                                                  +G. Dewey Frye

                                                      [10]Clayton W. Collins

                                                      [10]Clemson H. Collins

                                             [9] Thorn B. Graham

                                             [9] Zebbie D. Graham

                                             [9] Daughter Graham

                                                              +Robert W. Barnhill

                                             [9] Daughter Graham

                                                             +H. P. Granger

                                             [9] Sallie Frances Graham b.1911

                                                     + Samuel Lex Collins

                                                      [10] Odessa married Charles Thompson

                                                            (11) Carolyn Faye Thompson   Spouse:  Charles Williams

                                                      [10] Dorothyrene married Milton B. Bostic

                                                              (11) Ronald Wayne Bostic  d. 1950

                                                              (11) Wanda Karyn Bostic b. 1952

                                                                       (12)  Rachel Lea Carlile b. 1981

                                                                               (13) Xavier Andreas Carlile b. 1998

                                                                        (12) Ross Cooper Carlile b. 1985

                                                                        (12)  Caitlin Marie Carlile b. 1988

                                                              (11)  Cheri Loretta Bostic b. 1955

                                                                        (12)  Danny Lee Ottaway, Jr.

                                                                                (13)  Skyler Ottaway

                                                                                (13)  Damian Ottaway

                                                                        (12)  Leland L. Galt III

                                                               (11)  Randall Milton Bostic b.1958

                                                               (11) Jodie Vadina Bostic b. 1965

                                                                        (12)  Amber June Hall b 1989

                                                                        (12)  Micheal Elijah Hall b. 1991


                                                      [10] Samuel Lex Collins, Jr. married Josephine

                                                               (11)  Timothy Collins

                                                                        (12)  Bradley Collins

                                                                        (12)  Ashley Collins    

                                                               (11)  Allen Collins

                                             [9] Mary Graham

                                             [9] Daugher Graham

                                                             +Raleigh Graham

                                             [9] Waterman Evander Graham , Jr. b: 1907

                                             [9] ADELL Graham b.4-24-1901 d.2-21-1976  buried at Rehobeth

                                                    Married  Mack D. Johnson b. 12-28-1900 d. 12-29-1972 buried at Rehobeth


SOURCE:  "The Original Scots Colonists of America"  David Dobson's Supplement: 1607-1707"

 Graham Family Connections with Scottish and English Royals, you list John Graham, born 1765-1811, son of John Graham and Margaret Johnston as surveyor of Virginia and Kentucky. There was a John Graham who did surveying in those states...but I"m not sure he was the son of John Graham and Margaret Johnston. 
         I am descended from the Grahams of Horry County and have done some research. John Graham, born about 1765-died 1811 married Margaret Mary Johnstone, daughter of Gilbert Johnstone (died 1775 in Bladen, North Carolina. Gilbert was the son of James Johnstone, Earl of Annandale and Hartfell (Scotland).
                                            Norma Graham Dunkelberg 


One of my web readers sent the following information:  Pamela T. Johnson of Augusta GA:

I recently found your information online. I saw my Great Grandfather's name Daniel Graham. When I clicked on, I was like this is my family. One of my family members had put together some information, but it do not go beyond the US. I wanted to know where from her...
Waterman "Bud" Graham was my great grandfather's brother. My grandmother remember him very fondly. "Uncle Bud" was her favorite. She use to love to go to his house. There was always something going on. But, she said that he told the best stories and she would sit in his lap as he told them. Since most of the family had not left Horry County, we were able to collect pictures of the family as well. I am not sure if you have been in contact from anyone there. However, if you would like copies of the pictures, I am sure we can scan them to you.


 Posted  Jan. 2009 by:  Wanda  Bostic Dunlap

Daughter of:  Milton B. Bostic and Dorothyrene L. Collins b. 1936

Grand Daughter of:  Sallie Frances Graham  b. 1911 and   Samuel Lex Collins



Researched and Written by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap  August 2008