GLOUCESTER, SURREY :  (Bostock, Holt, Bromfeld, and Denis Families)

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Migration of the Bostocks from Chester to Cheshire to Surrey:

Why Chester to Cheshire? 

Chester, located on the Dee River was once the PRIMARY legionary headquarters for the Romans. Later Chester became the seat for Palatine Earls.   After 1284, Chester became associated with the DIRECT heir to the throne of England.

Many of our ancestors held such prestigious positions of power:

Ranulf et Mechine, Earl of Chester 1120-1129

Simon De Monfort, Earl of Chester 1264-1265

Hugh Kevilock, Earl of Chester  married  the daughter of : Earl of Gloucester (Robert Caen b 1090) Maud Fitz Robert.

(It is easy to see how the "Fitz" in a name confuses the actual name:  Maud Fitz Robert  means "Maud daughter of Robert";  her name was Maud Caen, )

Three of our ancestors held the positions of "Lord Wardens":

"In1265, King Edwards "Longshanks" Plantagnet; assigned "Lord Wardens" to govern the "Cinque Ports" as peace keepers  of England's south eastern ports, and tax collectors for the crown.  Counties of  Surrey and Kent:  were part of the "Cinque Ports" of England.  In our lineage there are many Bostock's that married directly or indirectly into the Devereux, Beaumont, and Beaufort families  from 1265 to 1400;  All three were "John" and all three were Lord Wardens (power equivalent to Lord Mayors of the cities).  After the 13th century, " Lord Warden"  responsibility was taken over by the family of the Kings:  Plantagenet, Boleyn, Stewarts, etc".

The significance of the marriage of:   Hawise de'Mechine Kevilock's  to Warin de Bostock  of CHESHIRE;  becomes alarmingly clear after discovering such power in Hawise's family.  It is also more easily understood how Warin acquired so much land and wealth. Hawise descends from ALL the "Earls of Chester" and ALL the "Lord Warden's" of Surrey.

What brought the Bostock's of Cheshire to Surrey?:

Our  descendent William Bostock  has been recorded as residing in many places: Stapleton, Huxley, Bunbury, London and Cheshire.  He is the first connection to Gloucester, Surrey.  The Parish of Stapleton , co. Gloucester, Surrey would be  the most obvious explanation for the meeting of George of Cheshire and Emma of Surrey. Also an explanation of how  and why the Denis, Holt, Bromfeld and Bostocks families met and created our history:

George Bostock (b 1481), son of William Bostock (b 1450) of "Oldbury", Parish of Stapleton, co. Gloucester.

George Bostock married Emma Holt of Surrey. They were married in Cheshire.

Emma, daughter of Sir Edward Holt; born 1470  St. Martin Parish, Surrey.

George & Emma's son:  Robert Bostock (b1524) in Cheshire;

Robert married  in Davenham, Cheshire: Emme Bromfeld (b1535)  St. Martin Parish, Surrey.  Emme Bromfeld Bostock (d 1632) age 97;  the same year her oldest son Arthur died age 48.  Were they both victims of the "plague"?

Emma and son Arthur are buried together in Bunbury, Chesire.   Robert  Bostock (d 1583) and is buried in Davenham.

Why wasn't Emma buried with her husband Robert?

Emme Bromfeld: daughter of Humphrey Bromfeld: "Count of Surry", Salop.

Ancestor of Edward Bromfield 1636 "Lord High Mayor of London".

Robert & Emme's oldest son:  Arthur (b 1558) in Davenham, Cheshire married Ellen Dennis of Gloucester.

Arthur and Ellen married in Davenham, Cheshire.  Arthur (d1632) and is buried in Bunbury,  Chesire ..

Note:  Surry of London, Vol 20, page 113: 1664-1683:

references TWO:    St. Martin of Barnehurst   and   St. Martin of Leicester

According to:  "Cambridge University Alumni 1261-1900":

Robert (d 1583) age 48 in Davenham, Tarporley, Cheshire

Emme Bromfeld Bostock (d 1632) age 97 in Bunbury, Cheshire.

Robert and Emme Bromfeld Bostock's 7th son: Charles (b1569), baptized at St. Wilfrid, Davenham;    married at St. Bartholomew, Shopgate, London:  :  Mary Saunders: Daughter of Thomas Saunders of Backchurch, Soper Lane, Northamptonshire.

Many of our ancestors continued in the service to their King:  Charles Bostock (b1569), of Broad Street, London. Assigned "Master Scrivener" by the King.  (Record Keeper) and also "Master Worshipful" of London..


Ancestors of "Denis Family of Galloway, Ireland": 

John Denis: First Master and Huntsman, founded the county Galway in 1829:


Sir Walter Denis, KNIGHT:  of St. Augustin's Green by Bristol:  His WILL dated Feb. 1570: Descendents:

According to "Herald's College":  Sir Walter Denis's son:

Walter Denis, Parson of Derham in 1577; resided in Pulverchurch, county Gloucester.

Married:   Euinor Auson in "Berry of Eston", Lester community, Warwick.

Their son:  John Denis

Their grandson:  Henry Denis of Pulverchurch, (b1623); became and Esquire and "Sheriff"

Henry married:  Margaret Speke in Somersett community, Gloucester.

According to the "Visitation of Gloucester 1623":

During the reign of King Henry VIII:

1638 Lord Viscount of Ireland: Sir William Denis, Knight:

 Married:  Ann Berkeley of Gloucester

Ann, daughter of   Maurice V. Lord Berkeley

William Denis and Ann Berkeley Denis  had one daughter:   Dorothy Denis

Dorothy Denis,  married Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlescott, Warwick

Lord Thomas Berkeley:(son of Robert Berkeley, Knight; father of Simon Berkeley) Married:  Margaret Yates, daughter of John Yates

Their descendent:  Lord Thomas Berkeley III, built a fine house at "Over" 


Descendents of the "Kings of Wessex":

King Eglbert b 775 in Wessex England:  married Rettburga

Their 5 sons became the King of Kent, Kings of Wessex , and King of England - Alfred the Great. b 849.

Their daughter: Ethelswith became the Queen of Mercia, Wantage, Berkshire, England.

King Alfred the Greats son:  King Edward (b  871) in Wessex England;   Edward was responsible for merging all the counties of the England under one King and one Kingdom of England. 

Edward also united England with France and Germany thru the marriage of his daughters:

King Edward's daughter "Elfgiva" married King Charles of France in 879; parents of King Louis (b 921) in France.

King Edward's daughter "Edith" married the Emperor of HRE, Otto of Saxony Germany.

It is through Hawise that our Bostock blood entwines with the Kings of England, Wales, France, and Germany.


Sourced and Posted by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap  August 2009