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North Carolina, Richmond County. We, John Wall, John Snead, Israel Watkins, Peter H. Cole & Thomas Dockery was duly summoned by the Sheriff of said County pur-suant to an Order of Court for the purpose of acting as commissioners in laying off 96 acres of land which belonged to two orphan children of William Thomas, deceased. Samuel Thomas and Patsy Thomas, who died intestate and previous to their arriving at full age, and we the commissioners pursuant thereto did this 5th day of Septír meet on the premises aforesaid and after duly considering and and maturely investigating the same, both in point of quantity and quality do apportion the said land in the following shares and in the following manner, to wit:- No. 1 Mary, No. 2. George, No. 3 Elizabeth, No. 4 Jane, No. 5 Robert, No. 6 Nathan, No. 7 Esther, No. 8 John, No. 9 William, No. 10 and Sarah No. 11, agreeable to the plats and representations herewith submitted. (signed) John Wall, John Snead, Israel Watkins (x his mark), Peter H. Cole and Thomas Dockery. Test: Wm. Crawford. 


North Carolina, Richmond County. Jany 14th 1813. We, Matthew Covington, William Thomas & Elijah Thomas, Executors of the last will & testament of William Thomas, deceased, have proceeded agreeably to the requisition of the said will to divide and appropriate the real estate of the said deceased amongst the different legatees of the said estate. After taking same into mature consideration and having particular reference to the said will, we have made the following distribution of the lots of land agree-ably to the above representation , to wit:- No. 1, to Robert Thomas - No. 2 to Rachel Thomas - No. 3 to Jane Thomas, No 4. To Samíl Thomas, decíd, No. 5 to Martha Thomas, decíd, and No. 6 to Esther Thomas; and each respectively to hold agreeably to the dividing lines courses, distances and boundaries above specified. Witness our hands and seals this day & date above (signed) Matthew Covington, Esq., William Thomas and Elijah Thomas. Test: Wm. P. Leak. 


North Carolina, Richmond County Ė Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, March Term 1812. To the Worshipful the Justices of said Court now sitting: The petition of Wm. Thomas, the younger, respectfully sheweth: 
1. That in the Month of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred, William Thomas, the father of your petitioner died after having duly executed his last will and testament leaving the following heirs or representatives, viz:- Rachel Thomas, his widow, William Thomas, Stephen Thomas, John Thomas, Mary, now married to Thomas Plummer, Wm. Thomas, Nathan Thomas, Geo. Thomas, Sarah married to John Moorman, Elizabeth married to Zachariah Ratliff, Easter married to Henry Thomas, Jenny Thomas, Robert Thomas & Samuel. Thomas and Patsy Thomas, the latter two being now dead, having died infants. 
2. Your petitioner further sheweth that the said testator, by a clause in his last will and testament directed that  which he resides and his dwelling house to be divided equally between his widow and the five last mentioned children when the oldest of said children attained the age of 18 years, and that Easter, the present wife of Henry Thomas, arrived at the age about 2 years ago and that the division was effected about six months afterwards, but before the division took place two of the said children, viz, Samuel & Patsy had died, in a state of infancy and intestate.Your petitioner further sheweth the part of said land which was devised to Patsy & Samuel remains in common amongst the heirs, but separate into 2 parts, distinct from that of the other heirs and legatees. 
3. Your petitioner further sheweth that all shares given to persons dying under age and intestate fall back into the generalequally the property of all the heirs. 
4. Your petitioner prays this Worshipful Court to appoint five commissioners pursuant to the Act of the General Assembly passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven for the purpose of dividing and appropriating the afore-said shares of the said Samuel and Patsy, decíd, among the surviving brothers & sisters and the widow having accepted the part allotted to her in the will. 
5. Your petitioner further showeth that a survey of land has been made (a plat of which is hereto attached) that it has been divided into six parts  that the parties entitled under the will has received and accepted to their parts. Your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray. A. McMillan, Counsel Pro Petitioner. 

We the subscribers appointed to settle and make distribution of the personal estate of William Thomas, deceased, report that after allowing the different charges and ac-counts against the estate and to the Executors Matthew Covington, William Thomas and Elijah Thomas, four dollars each for settling and dividing lands that there was due to each of the heirs twenty four dollars and ninety two cents which is respectfully submitted this 22nd March 1814. Walter Leak, Thomas Blewett and Thomas Dockery. 

There were several other 'William Thomas' estate records in Richmond County, although all were later than 1800. I believe the archivists may have been confused with them. The ones above were catalogued as 'different' people. I think they are the same person. 

Anyway, hope you can use some of this. Good luck in your search. Myrtle Bridges
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Information posted by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap August 2008