Father:    Valentine Bostick b 1700 New Kent VA d. 1774 GA.

Mother:   Mary 

 Nancy Ann James

Children of  Charles
Bostock (b. 1740) and Nancy Ann James
1.  John Bostick 
6 b. 1788 d: 1848
2. Samuel Bostick SR b. 1767
d: 1848   (married : Nancy Jane Adams)
 Richard Bostick  b.  1798/1800    (married:  Margaret) (belived to be Samuel's son 1767)

I have seen a record of one female daughter that married "Whaley"

I have also seen the following listed as children of Charles and Nancy but I believe they are grandchildren:
4.    Sarah "Sally"
Bostick  b. 1793 ( married: Hugh Maxwell)
5.    William
Bostick b. 1794  (married: Mary)
6.    Daniel
Bostick b. 1803 (married: Nancy Dunmark)
7.    Venica  "Polly"
Bostick  b. 1805   (married:  James Crump)
8.    James Jacob
Bostick  b. 1807  (married: Ann Jane Evans)
CHARLES "Charley" Bostick b. 1810  married:  Dicey Lou Denmark)


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