Charles had a twin brother Isaac (b 1569)
Their parents had twelve children,  three sets of twins.


Father:  Robert Bostock b 1522
 Emma Bromfield b. 1541  Surry England

 In London 1600

Children of  Charles
Bostock and Mary Saunders
1.   Charles Bostock
11  b. 1606
2.   Arthur Bostock b. 1612
  John Bostock  b. 1616

also had FIVE daughters:  Mary, Susan, Elizabeth, Ann, Katherine

It is believed Charles b. 1569  was married prior to Mary Saunders and had one son:  Gyles/Giles/Gilbert  b. 1591

Harleyan Manuscripts 1535 (Part 1B)  lists the Bostock's of Bostock in Chester England  lists Charles b. 1606  was the son of Charles b. 1569.   The village of Bostocke, old county of Cheshire located between the ancient salt-towns of Northwich and Middlewich.


Reasearch by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap May 2008