Audley, Stanley, Leigh, and Poole Families:

Souce:  "The Ancient History of Sandbach" by: J P Eaarwacker

Heighley Castle built by Sir Henry Audley "Henry de Aldithleye" during the reign of King John and finished in 1233.

Henry died at age 25.  His son James (b1220) in Staffordshire; was only 3 years old; when his father died.  James was also the heir to three other families. 

King Edward II arranged James Audley's marriage to Joan Mortimer; daughter of Roger Mortimer.  Robert became the Queens lover and helped kill King Edward.

Henry son and heir:  James Audley (b 1220) in Staffordshire; served at the "Battle of Poitiers" under Prince Edward of Wales.

Lord James de Audley  was appointed Justiciar of Ireland .

 James married Ela de Longespee, daughter of King Henry I's (b 1132), illegitimate son William de Longespree (b1205), and Idonea de Caville (b1207)..   

Ela Longspree was the ggrandaughter of King Henry I and the mother of Elizabeth Audley.  Elizabeth married William Bostock.

Ela Longspree  also married  Thomas Newburgh, Earl of Warwick 6th; and Sir Phillip Basset, Justiciar of England; and had two daughters.

Sir James Audley was Knighted 1330; was succeeded by his son Nicholas Audley in 1391.  Nicholas married Elizabeth Beaumont, daughter to the "Constable of Scotland"  Alexander Comin "Earl of Bogham".   Nicholas sister-in-law was Eleanor Plantagenent, direct descendent of King Henry II.

After Elizabeth Audley's death in 1400, the Barony passed thru the female line to John Touchet  

Lord Edmund Audley of Heyley, "Earl of Ireland" is also known as Edmund Touchet.  He studies at Oxford and became a prelate lawyer. He became the "Bishop of Salisbury"; died in 1624, and is buried in Ramsbury..

Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton Knight, Son and Heir of John and Margaret Savage Dutton, married Anne Audley; Daughter of  Lord Hugh Audley.   Lord of Glouchester Hugh Audley’s other daughter Elizabeth Audley (b 1227) married  William Bostock (b1225); son of Sir Henry Gilbert Bostock (b1205).  Sir Thomas Dutton’s & Ann Audley’s daughter Margaret Dutton married first Thomas Aston and afterwards married Raufe Vernon of Haslington in Cheshire. Elinour Dutton, another Daughter, married Richard Cholmondley.  Descendent of Sir Thomas Dutton:  Peter’s daughter  Elinour married Randle Brereton of Malpas  1475. Read more about the Dutton family on the "Dutton Family" link on my main webpage..

The Stanley family "Earls of Derby" are descendents of the Audley family

Thomas Audley became Thomas Stanley.  He was the youngest brother of Lord James Audley.

Thomas Audley married the sole heir of Lord Henry de Stanley.                                                                          King Henry VI:   bestowed the titles of:  "Knight of Garter", "Lord Deputy of Ireland", and "Earl of Derby" on   this new name Thomas  "Audley" STANLEY.

Descending from Thomas Audley Stanley:

John de Leigh I married the daughter and sole heir of  High Sherrif, Richard de Sandbach: . Elizabeth Isabel Sandback Leigh  The Sandbach estate manor called "Little Hassell"  passed into the Leigh family.

John de Leigh was a direct descendent of Randle de Mechines, Earl of Chester that died 1153.

After John de Leigh's death in 1423, the "Manor of Sandbach" was passed to Thomas de Stanley.

Thomas de Stanley marred Margaret Bostock, daughter of Adam Bostock (b132530) and Margaret/Margery DeArderne  Whettenhall.

Margery DeArdern Wettenhall; daughter of Sir John Wettenhall of Kinglsey, Lord of Acton and Margred Verch Gruggydd.  Margred, daughter of Madog II "King of Powy's" and Emma Mainwaring Audle: descendent of King Alfred the Great of France. 

Story of Sir William Stanley:   

Exerted from the “Baldwin Project”       LEICESTER AND RUTLAND



IN Bosworth Field , olose by the pleasant town of Market Bosworth , was fought the last battle in the thirty years' long Wars of the Koses. Here Henry Tudor (who was descended from John of Gaunt), at the [146] head of 6000 men, met Richard III. with an army twice as large. The tyrant king cast his eyes round the field, and, seeing his rival at no great distance, he drove against him with fury, in the hope that either Henry's death or his own would decide the victory between them. He killed with his own hands Henry's standard-bearer; he dismounted another knight; he was now within reach of his rival, who declined not the combat. Then Sir William Stanley, breaking in with his troop, surrounded Richard, who, fighting bravely to the last, perished by a fate too mild and honourable for his detestable crimes. The body of Richard, thrown carelessly across a horse, was carried to Leicester amid the shouts of the crowd, and was buried at the Grey Friars' Church of that place. Crown Hill, close by Bosworth Field , is still shown as the spot where Lord Stanley placed the crown upon Henry Tudor and proclaimed him king, Henry VII., the first of our Tudor sovereigns.

We must not omit to notice the beautiful Vale of Bever, "large, and very plentiful of good corn and grass," which lies to the north of Melton Mowbray. At the head of it is Bever, or Belvoir, Castle, upon a steep hill of red gritstone, such another "princely brow" as Windsor , with a wide view over a pleasant and fertile land.



Visitation of Cheshire 1580:  Shows Mary Stanley married to John Poole of Chester:  A hole new story of
"Cardinal" Reginald de la Pole.

Eleanor Poole married our Sir Henry Gilbert Bostock (b1205).   Read about the Pole/Poole family connections.


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