"ARUNDEL"  Discovering the "Bostock" Connection"

Located in Middlesex, England

William the Conqueror created Roger de Montgomery as "Earl of Arundel" in 1067.  Roger was also given lands including "Arundel Castle".

Without an heir, Roger's descendents passed "Arundel Castle", lands and titles to  nephew:  John Fitzalan in 1243

Thru the years the FitzAlan's married the daughters of very prominent people:

    Elizabeth Plantagenet Cornwall, grandaughter of King Henry Plantagenet. .

    Elizabeth de Spencer in 1385

    Daughters of Mainwaring in 1405

   Daughters of the Berkeley's in 1407


Thru the years the FitzAlan's held very prominent positions:

   Knights of the Garter

    Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports

    Lord Treasurer

   Warden of the New Forest 1489

   Lord Mautraves 1487

   Earl of Arundel


Several stories involving the descendents of the Henry FitzAlan family lead to our Bostock connection:

Henry FitzAlan (b1512) , "Earl of Arundel";  descendent of Walter FitzAlan (1160) "High Stewart of Scotland"

Their home in Surrey county, situated on the road to London towards Croyden, in a place the Norman's called "Estraham" in the "Doomsday Book 1066".

 married Catherine Grey ("queen for a day sage"),  and bore three children:

    Mary FitzAlan died at age 17 in 1556/7;  giving birth to son Phillip Howard.  ( wife of Thomas Howard. 4th Duke of Norfolk)

    Henry FitzAlan II,  died at age 18 in 1556 from a fever contracted in Brussels.

    Joan Fitzalan became the SOLE surving heir to her father's estate.

Life of Joan Fitzalan is fascinating!:

Joan Fitzalan obtained an education equal to any man's; and was an avid translator of Greek and Latin.

In 1550, Joan FitzAlan married John Lumley of "Lumley's Castle".

    John Lumley inherited his grandfather's estate as an infant.  Born in 1534, he became a politician and a collector.   

    John Lumley was created Baron and Knight of the Bath in 1553. 

In 1553 Joan FitzAlan Lumley  rode in the third chariot in Queen Mary's Coronation.

In 1557 Joan was called upon to nurse her father at "Nonsuch Palace" in Surrey.

Upon her father's death:  Joan Fitzalan and her husband John Lumley inherited her father (Henry FitzAlan's) finest library in England; which later became known as the "British Museum Library"Harl mss no 411

In 1558 Joan was also among Queen Elizabeth's "Ladies of Honor"

1596 Joan died at Arundel Palace in London: She outlived all three of her children.  Charles, Thomas, and Mary Lumley

John Lumley died in 1609.  He outlive is wife Joan and all three of his children.  Upon his death, his estate of "Arundel" was bequeathed to Sir Richard Lumley, a grandson of Anthony Lumley, who was a brother to his grandfather.


Collins Peerage of England reports the following connection with the Lumley and Bostock family:

"Col. Henry Lumley, Regiment of Horse, living in 1697 of Yardley, Hertsfordshire;                                                    descendent of Richard Lumley:   married Susan Bostock, daughter of William Bostock, gent."


Researched, Compiled, Written, and Posted by:  Wanda Bostic Dunlap April 2011