Alexander Dunlap, became professor of Greek in Glasgow University, and afterward published a grammar of that language (1736) that was long held in esteem. 

Alexander, who was born in America, and died in 1742, was an eminent professor of Greek in the Glasgow university, and author of a Greek Grammar long held in esteem. 

Father: William Dunlap  
Mother: Sarah Carstairs  

Marriage  1 Elizabeth Stewart of Hartwood

Marriage 2 Abigail Mure of Caldwell 1729 11 Children

Death: March 1762, Trongate, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: James Mure of Rhoddens

Mother: Elizabeth Hutcheson

Marriage: 3 February 1729, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland


Children of Professor Alexander Dunlop and ? had 9 children, most, if not all of them are buried in the Waxhaw Cemetery








5. Patrick, who was born (at Queensberry House, Canongate, Edinburgh) 7 January 1717,^" matriculated at St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, 27 February 1736-37.

He married, first, 14 August 1749, Agnes Mure, second daughter of Mr. William Mure of Caldwell, Advocate, but by her, who died at Caldwell 27 May 1758, he had no issue.

He married, secondly, 31 March 1763, Elizabeth Dunlop, daughter of Mr. Alexander Dunlop, Professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow, and by her, who died at Shewalton, 21 March, and was buried at Dundonald 27 March, 1832,' had issue :

(1) William, born 9 August 1763. He was gazetted ensign in the 48th Regiment of Foot 9 February 1780, and lieutenant
21 June 1781.'' He died (unmarried) at Glasgow, 13 March, and was buried there 17 March, 1783.

(2) John, born 14 May 1765, matriculated in 1778 at the University of Glasgow, where he was Snell Exhibitioner 8 April
1784; 10 also, 23 September 1784, at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1788. He succeeded to Shewalton
at his father's death, 26 February 1798. 'He was appointed lieutenant in the 3rd, or West Lowland, Regiment of Fencibles,
1 March 1793, and captain 25 December 1794 ; major in the 7th, or Ayrshire, Regiment of Militia 23 May 1798, and lieutenant-colonel commandant of the same regiment (then styled the Ayrshire and Renfrewshire) 20 August 1799. He had commission as Deputy-Lieutenant of Ayrshire 15 January 1800. He died (unmarried) at Shewalton, 30 January 1837, and was buried at Dundonald.

(3) Alexander Charles, a midshipman R.N., died (unmarried) at Glasgow 30 April, and was buried there 1 May, 1786.

(4) David, born at Irvine 26 July 1772.He matriculated, 22 February 1787, at the University of St. Andrews. and in 1789 at the University of Glasgow. ^o He was admitted Advocate 17 December 1793,-i appointed Solicitor-General for Scotland 5 May 1807 ; "and elected M. P. for Ayrshire 5 June following. He was appointed one of the Senators of the College of Justice, and a Lord of Justiciary, by royal letter dated 15 February and took his seat on the bench, as Lord Boyle, 28 February 1811 ; was nominated Lord Justice.


Children of Professor Alexander Dunlop and Abigail Mure 11

  1. James Dunlap b: 1729-1751 James Dunlop was drowned at sea
  2. Frances Dunlap b: March 1735/36
  3. George Dunlap b: November 13, 1736
  4. Elizabeth Dunlap b: June 26, 1741-1832
  5. Hutcheson Dunlap Major Hutcheson of the 53rd. Regiment b: October 13, 1745-1791
  6. William Dunlap Merchant; Secretary of State for Jamaica b: 23 December 1742-1815
  7. Ann Dunlap (1744-)
  8.  John Dunlap (1730-1805)

(16) John Dunlop

Birth:  1730

Death:  1805, 

Burial: after 1 January 1805, Inverkip Street Cemetery, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Occupation: Tide Surveyor

Spouse: Jean Fisher

Birth: 2 December 1738

Death: 22 March 1817, age: 78

Burial: after 22 March 1817, Inverkip Street Cemetery, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Father: The Reverend Robert Fisher, Minister of Maybole, Ayrshire

Mother: Susannah Hutchison of Monkwood


(17)  Alexander Dunlop of Keppoch*

Birth: 1766

Death: 17 December 1840, age: 74

Occupation: Merchant in Greenock, Renfrewshire

Spouse: Janet Graham of Lambhill and Gairbraid

Birth: 1769

Death: 1795, age: 26

Father: Captain Robert Graham of Kilmanan (1720-1804)

Mother: Mary HILL of Lambhill and Gairbraid (1730-1809)

Marriage: 1788

Children: John of Gairbraid (1789-1868)

Captain Robert Graham of Gairbraid, R.N. (1790-1841)

Dr. William

Janet of Gairbraid (1794-1877)

Other spouses: Margaret Colquhoun of Kenmure


(18)  John Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 2 August 1789, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: 12 December 1868, London, Middlesex, England, age: 79

Burial: after 12 December 1868, Paddington Cemetery, Paddington, London, Middlesex, England

Occupation: Solicitor (Legal Practitioner) - a partner in the legal firm of Stewart & Dunlop (of Greenock, Scotland)

Spouse: Janet Napier Dunmore of Ballikinrain

Birth: 1791

Death: 9 May 1861, 17 Priory Road, Kilburn, Middlesex, England, age: 70

Father: Robert Dunmore

Mother: Janet Napier

Marriage: 1813, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Children: Alexander Graham

Margaret of Gairbraid (1817-1833)

? of Gairbraid (1819-1819)

Robert of Gairbraid (1820-1858)

Dr. John

Thomas of Gairbraid (1824-1826)

Mary of Gairbraid (~1826-~1834)

? of Gairbraid (1829-1829)

William Carstares of Gairbraid (1831-1891)


(19)  Alexander Graham

Birth: 6 March 1814

Death: 27 July 1892, 96 Portland Place, London, Middlesex, England, age: 78

Occupation: British Consul

Spouse: Esther Ritchie Cooper

Death: 10 May 1844

Marriage: 11 July 1843, Jamaica


Other spouses: Mary Elizabeth Guise Gordon of Culdraine


(20)  John Alexander Graham Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: about April 1844

Death: about June 1844, age: <1


(19)  Alexander Graham (See above)

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Guise Gordon of Culdraine

Death: 20 August 1892

Father: The Honourable William Gordon of Culdraine

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 1861, St. George London, Middlesex, England


Maria Guise


Giulia Alice (-1931)

Other spouses: Esther Ritchie Cooper


(20)  Anna Dunlop

Spouse: ? VON Quistorp


(21)  Erica VON Quistorp

Spouse: Siegfried ?


(20)  Maria Guise Dunlop

Spouse: ? VON Maucler


(20)  Ellen Dunlop

Spouse: ? Cooper


(20)  Giulia Alice Dunlop Death: 1931


(19) Margaret Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 1817

Death: September 1833, age: 16


(19) ? Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 6 March 1819

Death: 6 March 1819, age: <1


(19)  Robert Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 1820

Death: 18 August 1858, Calcutta, Bengal, India, age: 38

Burial: after 18 August 1858, Scottish Cemetery, Calcutta, Bengal, India


(19)  Dr. John

Birth: 1823

Death: 30 July 1867, Up Point Camp, Jamaica, age: 44

Occupation: Medical Practitioner

Honours: Crimean Medal - Britain; Crimean Medal - Turkey


(19)  Thomas Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 1824

Death: 1826, age: 2


(19)  Mary Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: about 1826

Death: about March 1834, age: 8


(19)  ? Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 1829

Death: August 1829, age: <1


(19)  William Carstares Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 31 December 1831, Scotland

Death: 22 June 1891, age: 59

Occupation: Clerk - Bank of England

Spouse: Lucy Helen Dunmore Brown

Birth: 1846, Bombay, India

Death: 18 November 1921, age: 75

Father: William Craufurd Brown

Mother: Elizabeth Boyd

Marriage: 1 June 1871, Presbyterian Church, Marlborough Place, St. John London, Middlesex, England


Elizabeth Lillias Mary (~1873-)

John Graham, I.C.S. (1875-)

Janet Napier Dunmore (~1878-)

Lucy Helen Dunmore (~1880-1930)

Margaret Jean

William Craufurd Carstairs


(20)  Elizabeth Lillias Mary Dunlop

Birth: about 1873, Kensington, Middlesex, England

Spouse: Dr. John Acton Southern, M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P.

Occupation: Medical Practitioner

Marriage: 21 April 1897

Children: Lieutenant-Commander John Dunlop, R.N.

Helen Mary

Eric Bruce


(21)  Lieutenant-Commander John Dunlop Southern, R.N.

Occupation: Lieutenant-Commander - Royal Navy

Spouse: Gloria Millicent Osborne

Marriage: 8 June 1928

Children: Guy Hugo (1929-)

Angela Mary (1931-)


(22)  Guy Hugo Southern

Birth: 12 October 1929, age: 79


(22)  Angela Mary Southern

Birth: 22 February 1931, age: 77


(21)  Helen Mary Southern


(21)  Eric Bruce Southern


(20)  John Graham Dunlop, I.C.S.

Birth: 1875, Kensington, Middlesex, England

Occupation: Officer - Indian Civil Service

Spouse: Vera Chamberlain

Marriage: 16 March 1921


(20)  Janet Napier Dunmore Dunlop

Birth: about 1878, Beckenham, Kent, England

Spouse: The Reverend Robert Milne

Death: 13 September 1932

Occupation: Priest

Religion: Church of England

Marriage: 16 July 1902


(20)  Lucy Helen Dunmore Dunlop

Birth: about 1880, Beckenham, Kent, England

Death: 3 January 1930, age: 50

Spouse: Colonel Rupert Henry Anderson-Morshead

Birth: about 1886

Death: 27 May 1918, near Soissons, France, age: 32

Occupation: Colonel - British Army

Father: John Yonge Anderson-Morshead

Mother: Helen Beatrice ?

Marriage: 3 June 1914


(20)  Margaret Jean Dunlop

Spouse: John Alistair Erskine Cuninghame of Balgownie

Death: 9 September 1934

Marriage: 6 June 1901

Children: Margaret Helen Erskine

Josephine Marsaili


(21)  Margaret Helen Erskine Cuninghame


(21)  Josephine Marsaili Cuninghame


(20)  William Craufurd Carstares Dunlop

Spouse: Caitlin Amy Longford

Marriage: 10 April 1915

Children: Lorraine Carstares


(21)  Lorraine Carstares Dunlop


(18)  Captain Robert Graham Dunlop of Gairbraid, R.N.

Birth: 1 October 1790, Keppoch, Scotland

Death: 28 February 1841, Gairbraid, near Goderich, Upper Canada, age: 50

Burial: after 28 February 1841, Goderich, Upper Canada

Occupation: Captain - Royal Navy; later Captain - the Canada Company

Robert Graham Dunlop (1 October 1790 ) was a ship's captain and political figure in Upper Canada.

He was born in Keppoch, Scotland in 1790 and joined the Royal Navy at the age of 1 He became a lieutenant while serving during the Napoleonic Wars; he later reached the rank of captain. He retired from the Navy in 1823 and came to Upper Canada in 1833 with his brother William Dunlop who was a general superintendent for the Canada Company. He was appointed a justice of the peace in the London District in the same year. In 1835, he was elected to the 13th Parliament of Upper Canada for the new riding of Huron. He tended to support the province's administration, including Lieutenant Governor Sir Francis Bond Head and was reelected in 183 In 1837, he joined the Orange Lodge and became a member of its provincial executive in 183 He was named a colonel in the Huron militia during the Upper Canada Rebellion, but his unit was not called to serve. He supported the redistribution of the clergy reserves among the Protestant churches and promoting immigration to Upper Canada. He also supported the campaign against slavery in the province.

He died on the family estate near Goderich in 184


Dunlop, ROBERT GRAHAM, ship

Sent to sea at 13 as a cabin-boy in the Royal Navy, Robert Graham Dunlop rose to the rank of lieutenant during the Napoleonic Wars in a distinguished career that featured exploits on land as well as at sea. Following the war, he attended lectures at the universities in Glasgow and Edinburgh, captained mercantile voyages to the East Indies, and returned briefly to the Royal Navy (being promoted captain before retiring in 1823). In 1833 Captain Dunlop emigrated to Upper Canada. He made the trip out with his famous younger brother, Dr William Dunlop, who was already well established in the Goderich area and who had recently been appointed general superintendent of the vast Huron Tract by the Canada Company.

Shortly after his arrival at Goderich, the captain was appointed a justice of the peace and a commissioner of the Court of Requests, and the following year he briefly commanded the Canada Company

In the summer of 1835 Captain Dunlop, standing as a constitutionalist, won a by-election to become Huron County

Throughout his career in the assembly the captain showed a constant interest in Huron County affairs, supporting the Huron Fishing Company and improvements to Goderich harbour. He was also in favour of increased immigration, an extended franchise, improved jails and better treatment of the insane, the establishment of Mechanics

Although Robert Graham Dunlop represented Huron County until the close of the final session of the Upper Canadian assembly in February1840, after 1838 his health declined and he kept mainly to Gairbraid. He died there in February1841, mourned by all as a quiet, kindly gentleman of well-proved loyalty.

Spouse: Louisa McColl

Marriage: 4 July 1836


(18)  Dr. William

Birth: 19 November 1792, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: 28 June 1848, Lachine, Quebec, Canada, age: 55

Burial: after 28 June 1848, Goderich, Upper Canada

Occupation: Surgeon - the Connaught Rangers, then with the 89th. British Foot; Member of Parliament for Huron

A surgeon in the Connaught Rangers of Britain, William Dunlop was active in the campaigns against the Americas in 1813, 1814, and 1815 (War of 1812). William Dunlop came to Canada in 1813 as a 21 year-old assistant surgeon with the 89th British Foot. Like other memorable war doctors, he was faced with seemingly impossible tasks. After the battle of Chippawa, Dunlop worked alone on 220 men from both armies because the chief surgeon had been sent home and the chief assistant had fallen ill from fatigue. Apparently, Dunlop carried on alone for more than two full days, barely sitting down and stopping only to eat and change clothes.

The regiment was afterward transferred to Calcutta, where William contracted to exterminate tigers from the island in the Ganges named Saugor, after having killed an immense number of these royal game, he was called "Tiger" by the natives.

After returning to native Scotland in Edinburgh for awhile, he embarked on a scheme in Image 1826 with John Galt called "the Canada Company". In Canada he became distinguished as a "chopper", a founder of cities along Lake Huron, a counselor, friend and guide to emigrants and settlers in Upper Canada, and as a humorist and novelist. Dr Dunlop wrote a highly regarded manual in 1826 entitled "Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada" (John Murray, London) consisting of 126 pages for the use of emigrants.

He was described by a colleague: "This remarkable biped stands 6 feet 3 inches; 2 feet 8 inches across the shoulders, his head crowned with red locks". Dr Dunlop was also a Member of the Provincial Parliament. Gairbread Log-House, at Colborne Township (Huron District) was the well-visited home of Dunlop and his brother, Captain Robert Dunlop. It was the center of jovial entertainment in the wilderness, a meeting place, a refuge for all comers. Dr Dunlop was eulogized by a friend thusly: "Farewell, noble savage! wild as thy woods! When shall we again revel in the rich luxuriance of thy anecdotes or shake under the titanic bray of thy laughter?! ...Though Toryism were expelled from all the rest of the globe, it would find shelter in the log house of Dunlop!" From 1841 until 1846 he represented Huron Riding in the Legislative Assembly. He died in 184




"Upon inquiring where my wounded were to be put, I was shown a ruinous fabric, built of logs, called Butler's Barracks, from having been built during the Revolutionary War by Butler's Rangers for their temporary accommodation. Nothing could be worse constructed for an hospital for wounded men - not that it was open to every wind that blew, for at midsummer in Canada that is rather an advantage; but there was a great want of room, so that many had to be laid on straw on the floor, and these had the best of it, for their comrades were put into berths one above another as in a transport or packet, where it was impossible to get round them to dress their wounds, and their removal gave them excruciating pain...

"Waggon after waggon arrived, and before mid-day I found myself in charge of two hundred and twenty wounded, including my own Regiment, prisoners and militia, with no one to assist me but my hospital sargeant, who, luckily for me, was a man of sound sense and great experience, who made a most able second; but with all this the charge was too much for us, and many a poor fellow had to submit to amputation whose limb might have been preserved had there been only time to take reasonable care of it. But under the circumstances of the case it was necessary to convert a troublesome wound into a simple one, or to lose the patient's life from want of time to pay him proper attention.

"I never underwent such fatigue as I did for the first week at Butler's Barracks. The weather was intensely hot, the flies were in myriads, and lighting on the wounds, deposited their eggs, so that maggots were bred in a few hours, producing dreadful irritations, so that long before I could go round dressing the patients, it was necessary to begin again; and as I had no assistant but my sarjeant, our toil was incessant. for two days and two nights, I never sat down. On the morning of the third day, however, I fell asleep on my feet, with my arm embracing the post of one of the berths. It was found impossible to awaken me, so a truss of clean straw was laid on the floor, on which I was deposited and an hospital rug thrown over me. and there I slept soundly for five hours without ever turning.

"There is hardly on the face of the earth a less enviable situation that that of an Army Surgeon after a battle - worn out and fatigued in body and mind, surrounded by suffering, pain and misery, much of which he knows it is not in his power to heal or even to assuage. While the battle lasts these all pass unnoticed, but they come before the medical man afterwards in all their sorrow and horror, stripped of all the excitement of the 'heady fight'."

William Dunlop was born in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and received a medical education at The University of Glasgow in a time when Scotland was bursting with creativity and achievement in science, political thought, architecture, and engineering, as well as literature. Self-confidence and self-discipline were in the air. They impelled young Dunlop first into a career in the army as surgeon. At the end of the Napoleonic Wars he was slated for Spain but sent instead to the Canadian frontier in 181

At Ganonoque, Fort Erie, and Niagara, he saw action; in 1815 he volunteered to lead a party from Lake Simcoe to Penetanguishene, cutting a military road from December to March to the potential northern shipbuilding center. Then he was shipped back to England with the dim prospect of half pay at the age of twenty-four.

Shipped next, through family business interests, as a civilian to India, Dunlop tried journalism in Calcutta (taking an important stand against censorship). Next he undertook to prepare Saugog Island, near Calcutta, for settlement by clearing it of tigers. He conquered innumerable tigers by throwing snuff in their faces and then shooting them point-blank, or so his tale ran. The tale earned him the sobriquet "Tiger". The exploits also earned him "jungle fever"; he was invalided home in 1819 via South Africa. After his convalescence, from 1820 to 1824 he sent articles to Blackwood's and was welcomed by the magazine's brilliant circle including John Galt.

Dunlop moved to London, carrying his Edinburgh reputation for wit and energy. He edited the British Press and Telescope, (magazines focusing on affairs in India), helped edit a medical textbook, and daled, like Galt, in business management.

Galt, excited about the settlement of Canada, talked Dunlop into going to the New World in 182 As "Warden of Woods and Forests", Dunlop had the job of inspecting Canada Company lands. Diving into the woods west of Toronto, he was in at the founding of Guelph, and was himself the founder of Goderich. "Founding" involved chopping a hundred-mile road from Guelph to the beautiful harbor on Lake Huron, building a rough receiving house, packing out a wheel of roads for an elegant townsite, and claiming and clearing a fine holding across the river. Here he would build "Gairbraid", the fabulous bachelors' hall visited by many travelers in the next twenty years.

When Galt fell out with the Canada Company and was recalled in 1829, Dunlop stayed on, eventually becoming general superintendent of the Huron Tract. Meantime, roaring through the bush, hunting, drinking, and fraternizing, he collected materials for Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada, for the Use of Emigrants: By a Backwoodsman. Journals in England, especially Blackwood's and Fraser's (which had featured his portrait and feats in 1830 and 1833), hailed Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada, for the Use of Emigrants: By a Backwoodsman as the best of its multitudinous kind. Dunlop wrote on the climate, the cooKery, the canals, the soil, the sects, and the sports, always with gusto, frankly reporting drawbacks, but openly calling working-class immigrants to come to Huron. Far from the folk art of a raw frontier, Dunlop's book controls his own turbulence with style and self-conscious structure.

Dunlop settled into local and provincial politics in the later 1830s as the colony moved toward splitting among the Family Compact, William Lyon Mackenzie's radicals, the colonial governors, and the Canada Company. In spite of lack of support from compact, company, and government, Dunlop raised a militia, "The Huron Invincibles", to patrol western frontiers against American attacks fomented by Mackenzie's rebels. Wearied by his subsequent effort to get pay for his militia, Dunlop resigned from the company, and stood for Parliament, for the seat first held by his now-deceased brother Robert. He won a bitter contest. In Parliament at Kingston and later Montreal, he paced, roared, and pounced, delighting the gallery, wearying opponents, and sometimes flaergasting his party.

Though returned in a series of elections, he was gradually weakened in constitution by the pace of his travels, his drinking bouts, and his political rages. In 1846 he resigned his seat, accepting a well-paid sinecure as "Superintendent of the Lachine Canal". He then worked on a memoir of his earliest, most energetic foray through Canadian life. In Recollections of the American War, 1812-1814 he recalls landing in Quebec, the eager dash upriver, the "brigandish" exploits, and the dreadful scenes of horror and sorrow as he mopped up after battle. The aging writer rekindled a great narrative force as he moved from the natural drive of travel account through the anecdotal richness of pungent war scenes to the culminating energy of the Penetanguishene road building. Dunlop died at Lachine, Quebec, and his body was brought back by Louisa McColl Dunlop, his devoted, ferocious sister-in-law, to Goderich.

Dunlop had contributed literary distinction as well as legendary leadership to early Canada. Consciously a "backwoodsman", he was also a "Blackwood's man". John Wilson, Blackwood's editor, described him thus: "Gruff but gracious, he was at once one of the most forbidding, and one of the most winning of men". Carl F. Klinck and W. H. Graham refueled interest in this remarkable man in the late 1950


Dr. William


In the name of God, Amen. I, William Dunlop, of Gairbraid, in the Township of Colborne, County and District of Huron West, Canada, Esq., being of sound health of body, and my mind, just as usual, (which my friends who flatter me say is no great shakes at the best of times,) do make this my last Will and Testament as follows, revoking of course, all former Wills.

I leave the property of Gairbraid, and all other landed property I may die possessed of, to my sisters Helen Boyle Story and Elizabeth Boyle Dunlop; the former because she is married to a minister whom (God help him) she henpecked. The latter because she is married to nobody, nor is she like to be, for she is an old maid, and not market - rife. And also, I leave to them and their heirs my share of the stock and implements on the farm; provided always that the enclosure round my brothers grave be reserved, and if either dies without issue, then the other to inherit the whole.

I leave to my sister-in-law, Louisa Dunlop, all my shares of the household furniture and such traps with the exceptions hereinafter mentioned. I leave my silver tankard to the eldest son of old John, as the representative of the family. I would have left it to old John himself but he would have melted it down to make old temperance medals, and that would be sacrilege - however, I leave my big horn snuff box to him, he can only make temperance horn spoons of that. I leave my sister Jennie, my Bible, the property formerly of my great-great-grandmother, Bethia HAMILTON, of Woodhall; and when she knows as much of the spirit of it as she does of the letter, she will be another guise Christian then she is.

I also leave my late brother's watch to my brother Sandy, exhorting him at the same time to give up Whiggery Radicalism and all other sins that do most easily beset him. I leave my brother Alan my big silver snuff box as I am informed he is rather a decent Christian, with a swag belly and jolly face. I leave Parson Chebasse (Magg's husband), the snuff box I got from the Sarnia Militia, as a small token of my gratitude for the service he has done the family in taking a sister that no man of taste would have taken. I leave John Caddle a silver teapot to the end that he may drink tea there from to comfort him under the affliction of a slatternly wife. I leave my books to my brother Andrew, because he has been so long as Jungley Wallah that he may learn to read with them. I give my silver cup with a sovereign in it, to my sister Janet Graham Dunlop, because she is an old maid and pious, and therefore will necessarily taking to horning. And also my grandma's snuff-mull, as it looks decent to see an old woman taking snuff.

I deliberately constitute and appoint John Dunlop, Esq., of Gairbraid; Alexander Dunlop Esq., Advocate, Edinburough, Alan C. Dunlop Esq., and William Chalk, of TucKersmith; William Stewart and William Gooding Esquires., of Goderich, to be the executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal the thirty-first day of August, in the year of our lord 184 W. Dunlop. L.S.)

The above instrument of one sheet, was at the date hereof, declared to us by the testator, William Dunlop, Esq., to be his last will and testament, and he then acknowledged to each of us that he had subscribed the same and at his request signed our names thereunto as attesting witnesses - James Clouting, Patrick McNaughton, Elizabeth Stewart.


(18)  Janet Dunlop of Gairbraid

Birth: 19 April 1794

Baptism: 1794, age: <1

Death: 20 February 1877, 4 Danube Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: 82


(17)  Alexander Dunlop of Keppoch* (See above)

Spouse: Margaret Colquhoun of Kenmure

Birth: 30 December 1768

Death: 15 August 1818, Edinbarnet, Scotland, age: 49

Burial: after 15 August 1818, Keppoch Enclosure, Cardross Parish Church, Cardross, Scotland

Father: William Colquhoun of Kenmure

Mother: Judith Dunn Thibou

Marriage: 24 September 1796, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Children: Hutcheson of Keppoch (1797-<1866)

Alexander Colquhoun Stirling, Advocate; M.P. (1798-1870)

Alan Colquhoun (1800-1853)

Henry Liston (1801-1808)

Margaret Colquhoun (1802-)

Jane (1803-)

Helen Boyle (1805-)

Mary (1807-1846)

Andrew Anderson, M.A. (1809-1879)


Elizabeth Boyle (1812->1881)

Robina Liston (1813-1816)

Other spouses: Janet Graham of Lambhill and Gairbraid


(18)  Hutcheson Dunlop of Keppoch

Birth: 27 September 1797, West Parish (Old Parish), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: before 1866, age: 68

Hutcheson Dunlop died unmarried and without any known children.


(18)  Alexander Colquhoun Stirling Murray-Dunlop, Advocate; M.P.

Birth: 27 December 1798, Keppoch, Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Baptism: 27 January 1799, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 1 September 1870,

Burial: after 1 September 1870, Corsock, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

Occupation: Advocate at the Scottish Bar - Edinburgh; Member of Parliament for Greenock (1852 - 1868)

Spouse: Eliza Esther Murray

Birth: about 1818

Death: 14 July 1902, Corsock, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, age: 84

Father: John Murray of Edinburgh

Mother: Anna Jennings

Marriage: 18 July 1844, Ainslie Place

Children: Anna (1845-1903)

Margaret Colquhoun (1847-1902)

Alexander Colquhoun Stirling (1848-1874)

John (1849-1871)

James Hamilton (1851-1870)

Elizabeth Alice

Mary Janet, M.B.E.; J.P.

Captain Henry Liston, R.A.; J.P.; Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Kirkcudbrightshire (1857-1919)


(19)  Anna Murray-Dunlop

Birth: 1845

Death: 1 March 1903, age: 58

Spouse: The Reverend Professor Thomas Martin Lindsay, LL.D; D.D.

Occupation: Minister; Principal of the Free Church (of Scotland) College

Religion: Free Church of Scotland

Marriage: 8 October 1872

Children: Alexander Dunlop, C.B.E.; 1st. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer (1879-1952)


(20)  Alexander Dunlop Lindsay, C.B.E.; 1st. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer

Birth: 14 May 1879

Death: 18 March 1952, age: 72

Occupation: 1st. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer

Education: Glasgow Academy, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland; University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland; University College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Honours: Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Spouse: Erica Violet STORR

Marriage: 1907

Children: Michael Francis Morris, 2nd. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer (1909-1994)


(21)  Michael Francis Morris Lindsay, 2nd. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer

Birth: 24 February 1909

Death: 13 February 1994, age: 84

Occupation: 2nd. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer

Education: Baliol College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Spouse: Hsiao LI

Father: Colonel Wen-Chi LI

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 25 June 1941

Children: James Francis, 3rd. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer (1945-)


(22)  James Francis Lindsay, 3rd. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer

Birth: 29 January 1945, age: 63

Occupation: 3rd. Baron (Lord) Lindsay of BirKer

Education: Geelong Church of England BoysVictoria, Australia, Australia; Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire, England

Spouse: Mary Rose Thomas

Marriage: 1966


(19)  Margaret Colquhoun Murray-Dunlop

Birth: 1847, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Baptism: 8 August 1847, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 11 January 1902, age: 55

Spouse: The Reverend Benjamin Bell

Birth: about 1846, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: after 3 April 1881, age: 35

Occupation: Minister - Church of Scotland

Religion: Church of Scotland

Marriage: 17 April 1872

Children: Alexander Dunlop (~1874-)

Edith Cecelia Colquhoun (~1875-)

Alice Esther Murray (~1877-)

Benjamin (~1879-)


(20)  Alexander Dunlop Bell

Birth: about 1874, Kirkden, Angus, Scotland


(20)  Edith Cecelia Colquhoun Bell

Birth: about 1875, Kirkden, Angus, Scotland


(20)  Alice Esther Murray Bell

Birth: about 1877, Kirkden, Angus, Scotland


(20)  Benjamin Bell

Birth: about 1879, Kirkden, Angus, Scotland


(19)  Alexander Colquhoun Stirling Murray-Dunlop

Birth: 3 October 1848

Baptism: 17 December 1848, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 8 October 1874, age: 26

Spouse: Charlotte Claudine Georgina

Father: James Coape

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 4 February 1872


(19)  John Murray-Dunlop

Birth: 15 December 1849

Baptism: 17 February 1850, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 1 June 1871, Richmond, Surrey, England, age: 21

Burial: after 1 June 1871, Corsock, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland


(19)  James Hamilton Murray-Dunlop

Birth: 3 October 1851

Baptism: 16 November 1851, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 1 November 1870, age: 19

He died of Typhoid fever.


(19)  Elizabeth Alice

Birth: 22 April 1853

Baptism: 18 May 1853, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 25 June 1887, age: 34

Burial: after 25 June 1887, Corsock, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland


(19)  Mary Janet Murray-Dunlop, M.B.E.; J.P.

Occupation: A Justice of the Peace

Honours: Member of the Order of the British Empire


(19)  Captain Henry Liston Murray-Dunlop, R.A.; J.P.; Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Kirkcudbrightshire

Birth: 11 February 1857

Death: 2 January 1919, age: 61

Occupation: Captain - Royal Artillery; A Justice of the Peace; Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Kirkcudbrightshire

Spouse: Mary Hutchison Jennings

Father: Edward Jennings

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 20 April 1880

Children: Lilias Esther (1881-1882)


(20)  Lilias Esther Murray-Dunlop

Birth: 1881

Death: 1882, age: 1


(18)  Alan Colquhoun Dunlop*

Birth: 31 May 1800, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Baptism: 30 June 1800, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, age: <1

Death: July 1853, age: 53

Spouse: Jane Ann Grant

Birth: about 1809

Death: after July 1837, age: 28

Father: Colonel Ludovic Grant of the Bank House, Kempsey

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 16 February 1829

Children: Jane Bracken (1829->1881)

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander of the 2nd. West India Regiment (1833-1885)

Ludovic (1834-1865)

Other spouses: Anne HAY of Collipriest


(19)  Jane Bracken Dunlop

Birth: 7 December 1829, Calcutta, Bengal, India

Death: after 3 April 1881, age: 51

Spouse: Colonel James Duff, Younger of Hatton; Colonel - 74th. Foot

Birth: 2 May 1820, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 1898, age: 77

Occupation: Younger of Hatton; Colonel 74th. Foot

Father: Garden Duff

Mother: Louise Dunbar

Marriage: 4 April 1855, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Children: Jane Louisa (1856-)

Mary Clementina (1857-~1867)

The Reverend Garden Llanoe (1858-1938)

Jessie Margaret (1859-1910)

Alan Colquhoun (1860-1897)

James Dunlop (1860-1940)

Alexander Ludovic (1862-1933)

Charles Edmund (1863-)

John (1864-~1935)

Helen (1865-)

Katherine (1866-1927)

Rose Mary (1868-1963)

Alice (1869-)

Mabel (1871-1901)


(20)  Jane Louisa Duff

Birth: 24 January 1856, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Spouse: Garden Duff Dunbar of Hempriggs

Birth: about 1838, Inverness, Invernessshire, Scotland

Marriage: 26 September 1876

Children: Captain Sir George Duff of Hempriggs (1878-)

Kenneth of Hempriggs (-1914)


(21)  Captain Sir George Duff Dunbar of Hempriggs

Birth: 1878, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Occupation: Captain


(21)  Kenneth Dunbar of Hempriggs

Death: 1914 - 1918


(20)  Mary Clementina Duff

Birth: 14 May 1857, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: about 1867, age: 9


(20)  The Reverend Garden Llanoe Duff

(See duplicate branch below)


(20)  Jessie Margaret Duff

Birth: 25 September 1859, Alvah, Banffshire, Scotland

Death: 4 August 1910, age: 50


(20)  Alan Colquhoun Duff

Birth: 20 November 1860, Dunlugas, Banffshire, Scotland

Death: 5 January 1897, Juulpore, Bengal, India, age: 36

Spouse: Bertha Hope Duff

Birth: 29 June 1866, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 6 March 1897, age: 30

Father: Garden William Duff

Mother: Jean Cook

Marriage: 23 August 1888

Children: Ludovic James Colquhoun (1889-)

Jean Alison Mary (1893-1894)


(21)  Ludovic James Colquhoun Duff

Birth: 16 August 1889

Spouse: Isabella Ann Patterson

Marriage: 28 October 1948


(21)  Jean Alison Mary Duff

Birth: 1893

Death: 12 March 1894, age: 1


(20)  James Dunlop Duff

Birth: 20 November 1860, Dunlugas, Banffshire, Scotland

Death: 25 April 1940, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, age: 79

Spouse: Laura Eleanor Lenox-Conyngham

Marriage: 28 December 1895

Children: Alan Colquhoun (1896-~1971)

James Fitzgerald (1898-1970)

Patrick William (1901-<2004)

Mary Geraldine (1904-1995)

Hester Laura Elisabeth (1912-~2001)


(21)  Alan Colquhoun Duff

Birth: 11 November 1896

Death: about 1971, age: 74


(21)  James Fitzgerald Duff

Birth: 1 February 1898

Death: 1970, age: 71


(21)  Patrick William Duff

Birth: 21 February 1901

Death: before 2004, age: 102


(21)  Mary Geraldine Duff

Birth: 9 March 1904

Death: 26 November 1995, age: 91


(21)  Hester Laura Elisabeth Duff

Birth: 17 August 1912

Death: about August 2001, Darlington, County Durham, England, age: 88


(20)  Alexander Ludovic Duff*

Birth: 20 February 1862, Marnoch, Banffshire, Scotland

Death: 22 November 1933, age: 71

Spouse: Janet (Jessie) Douglas Duff

Birth: 30 October 1856, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 21 February 1908, age: 51

Father: Garden William Duff

Mother: Douglas Isabella Maria Urquhart

Marriage: 3 September 1886

Children: Helen Douglas (1887-1978)

Dorothy Alexandra (1890-)

Other spouses: Marjorie Hill-Whitson


(21)  Helen Douglas Duff

Birth: 3 September 1887

Death: 1978, age: 90


(21)  Dorothy Alexandra Duff

Birth: 26 June 1890


(20)  Alexander Ludovic Duff* (See above)

Spouse: Marjorie Hill-Whitson

Other spouses: Janet (Jessie) Douglas Duff


(20)  Charles Edmund Duff*

Birth: 17 March 1863, Marnoch, Banffshire, Scotland

Spouse: Mary Susan Smith

Marriage: 11 January 1894

Children: Ian Archibald James (1895-1949)

Colin Guthrie (1896-)

Other spouses: Edith Alice Ives


(21)  Ian Archibald James Duff

Birth: 20 January 1895

Death: 1949, age: 53


(21)  Colin Guthrie Duff

Birth: 16 July 1896


(20)  Charles Edmund Duff* (See above)

Spouse: Edith Alice Ives

Marriage: 14 July 1916

Other spouses: Mary Susan Smith


(20)  John Duff*

Birth: 12 April 1864, Marnoch, Banffshire, Scotland

Death: about 1935, age: 70

Spouse: Evelina Constance Pratt

Death: 28 January 1898

Children: Frances Evelina (1898-)

Other spouses: Lily Clough


(21)  Frances Evelina Duff

Birth: 23 January 1898


(20)  John Duff* (See above)

Spouse: Lily Clough

Death: 31 August 1905

Children: Lily Katherine (1905-)

Other spouses: Evelina Constance Pratt


(21)  Lily Katherine Duff

Birth: 1905, age: 104


(20)  Helen Duff

Birth: 14 October 1865, Marnoch, Banffshire, Scotland


(20)  Katherine Duff

Birth: 6 December 1866, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 22 December 1927, age: 61

Spouse: Cecil Robert Stevens

Children: Cecil James (1893-)

Mignorette Kathleen Jean Duff (1906-)


(21)  Cecil James Stevens

Birth: 1893


(21)  Mignorette Kathleen Jean Duff Stevens

Birth: 1906, age: 103


(20)  Rose Mary Duff

Birth: 22 September 1868, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 25 April 1963, age: 94

Spouse: James Brignell Dand

Death: August 1904

Marriage: 25 December 1901

Children: Alistair James Duff (1902-)

Richard Travers Middleton (1905-)


(21)  Alistair James Duff Dand

Birth: 1902


(21)  Richard Travers Middleton Dand

Birth: 1905, age: 104


(20)  Alice Duff

Birth: 13 October 1869, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


(20)  Mabel Duff

Birth: 15 November 1871, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 9 April 1901, age: 29


(19)  Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Dunlop of the 2nd. West India Regiment

Birth: 5 July 1833

Death: 5 April 1885, age: 51

Occupation: Lieutenant-Colonel - the 2nd. West India Regiment

Spouse: Margaretta Ormerod Harrison

Father: Alexander Harrison

Mother: ? ?

Children: Alan (1865-)



(20)  Alan Dunlop

Birth: 15 November 1865, St. James, Trinidad

Spouse: Harriet Florence Carter

Marriage: 17 September 1902

Children: Benjamin Alan (1904-)


(21)  Benjamin Alan Dunlop

Birth: 5 February 1904, age: 104

Spouse: Katherine Cochrane

Marriage: 22 May 1928


(20)  Marianne

Death: 1928

Spouse: Arthur William Cadell of Tranent

Marriage: 26 September 1888


(19)  Ludovic Dunlop

Birth: 25 July 1834

Death: 1865, age: 30


(18)  Alan Colquhoun Dunlop* (See above)

Spouse: Anne HAY of Collipriest

Father: James HAY of Collipriest

Mother: Lady Mary Ramsay of Dalhousie

Children: Mary Ramsay (1841-1847)

Alan Colquhoun (1843-1845)

Dr. James Hay

Charles Edmund

John (1850-1852)

Alice Margaret (1852-1853)

Other spouses: Jane Ann Grant


(19)  Mary Ramsay Dunlop

Birth: 29 January 1841

Death: 29 January 1847, age: 6


(19)  Alan Colquhoun Dunlop

Birth: 14 June 1843

Death: 13 January 1845, age: 1


(19)  Dr. James Hay

Birth: 14 June 1847, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 17 February 1922, age: 74

Occupation: Medical Practitioner


(19)  Charles Edmund

Birth: 16 February 1849

Death: 10 December 1915, age: 66

Burial: after 10 December 1915, Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


(19)  John Dunlop

Birth: 17 September 1850

Death: 15 June 1852, age: 1


(19)  Alice Margaret Dunlop

Birth: 23 August 1852

Death: 31 January 1853, age: <1


(18)  Henry Liston Dunlop

Birth: 1801

Death: 1808, age: 7

Burial: 1808, Inverkip Street Cemetery, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland


(18)  Margaret Colquhoun Dunlop

Birth: 1802, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Baptism: October 1802, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, age: <1

Spouse: The Reverend Horace Chavasse

Death: 1861

Occupation: Priest - Curate of Aston, Warwickshire, England, later Vicar of Rushall, Shropshire, England

Religion: Church of England

Marriage: 6 August 1838, Keppoch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


(18)  Jane Dunlop

Birth: 1803, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Baptism: November 1803, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, age: <1

Spouse: John Cadell, Younger of Tranent

Occupation: Younger of Tranent

Father: Willaim Cadell of Tranent

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 10 April 1825, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


(18)  Helen Boyle Dunlop

Birth: 10 August 1805, West Parish (Old Parish), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Spouse: The Reverend Robert Story

Birth: 1792

Death: 1859, age: 67

Occupation: Minister of Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Religion: Church of Scotland

Marriage: 14 September 1828, Keppoch, Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Children: George William (1830-)

Margaret Stewart (1831-)

Alexander Dunlop (1833-)

Robert Herbert (1835-1907)


(19)  George William Story

Birth: 19 April 1830, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Baptism: 13 June 1830, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, age: <1


(19)  Margaret Stewart Story

Birth: 16 September 1831, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Baptism: 26 October 1831, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, age: <1


(19)  Alexander Dunlop Story

Birth: 6 February 1833, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Baptism: 5 March 1833, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, age: <1


(19)  Robert Herbert Story

Birth: 27 January 1835, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Baptism: 22 February 1835, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 1907, age: 71


(18)  Mary Dunlop

Birth: 1807, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Baptism: May 1807, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 10 April 1846, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, age: 39

Spouse: Stewart Ker

Occupation: Merchant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Marriage: 23 August 1830, Keppoch, Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Children: Alan (1831-~1832)

Alexander (1833-)

? (1835-1835)

Mary Ann (1837-)

Stewart Edward (1839-1907)

David (1842-1914)

Henry Menzies (1845-)


(19)  Alan Ker

Birth: July 1831

Death: about 1832, age: <1


(19)  Alexander Ker

Birth: 1833


(19)  ? Ker

Birth: January 1835

Death: January 1835, age: <1


(19)  Mary Ann Ker

Birth: 1837


(19)  Stewart Edward Ker

Birth: July 1839

Death: 1907, age: 67

Spouse: Alice Jane Shannon

Children: Margaret Louisa



(20)  Margaret Louisa Ker


(20)  Mary Ker


(19)  David Ker

Birth: 1842, Bowden Vale, Cheshire, Englans

Death: 1914, age: 72

Spouse: Bertha May Haslam

Death: 1934


(19)  Henry Menzies Ker

Birth: 1845


(18)  Andrew Anderson Dunlop, M.A.

Birth: 10 April 1809, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Baptism: 10 May 1809, West Church (Old Parish Church), Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 10 November 1879, age: 70

Education: Master of Arts - Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Spouse: Catherine Cardew Blackburn

Birth: about 1823

Marriage: 24 January 1839, Cathedral, Calcutta, Bengal, India

Children: Catherine Margaret (1840-1897)

Charles Blackburn (1842-1927)

Graham Colquhoun (1845-1927)

Adele Rebecca (1847-1936)

Helen Mary

Elizabeth Jane


(19)  Catherine Margaret Dunlop

Birth: 9 August 1840, India

Death: 1897, age: 56

Spouse: Thomas Puzey

Death: 1898

Marriage: 10 October 1864

Children: Edmund Dunlop (1866-)


Andrew Anderson (~1868-)

Arthur Henry (~1867-)

Mabel Georgina Jane

Adele Frederica

Thomas Cunningham (-1938)


(20)  Edmund Dunlop Puzey

Birth: 11 December 1866, Surbiton, Surrey, England


(20)  Katherine Puzey


(20)  Andrew Anderson Puzey

Birth: about 1868, Dublin, Ireland


(20)  Arthur Henry Puzey

Birth: about 1867, Dublin, Ireland


(20)  Mabel Georgina Jane Puzey

Spouse: ? Rorke


(20)  Adele Frederica Puzey


(20)  Thomas Cunningham Puzey

Death: 1938


(19)  Charles Blackburn Dunlop

Birth: 13 November 1842, India

Death: 14 March 1927, Ealing, Surrey, England, age: 84

Spouse: Fanny ParKer McAnally

Marriage: 6 November 1878

Children: Colonel Charles Andrew Montagu, M.C. (1879-)

Eileen Colquhoun (1881-)

Dorothy Colquhoun


(20)  Colonel Charles Andrew Montagu Dunlop, M.C.

Birth: 22 August 1879

Honours: Military Cross

Occupation: Colonel - British Army

Spouse: May Adelaide Justice

Father: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Le Gendre Justice

Mother: ? ?

Marriage: 5 July 1923

Children: Daphne May (1924-)

Kenneth Charles (1926-)


(21)  Daphne May Dunlop

Birth: 5 December 1924, age: 84


(21)  Kenneth Charles Dunlop

Birth: 13 May 1926, age: 82


(20)  Eileen Colquhoun Dunlop

Birth: 24 June 1881


(20)  Dorothy Colquhoun Dunlop

Spouse: George Ernest Robertson Young, LL.B

Occupation: Solicitor (Legal Practitioner)


(19)  Graham Colquhoun Dunlop

Birth: 25 January 1845, India

Death: 1927, age: 81

Spouse: Catherine Jessie Wilcox

Birth: about 1851

Death: 2 June 1914, age: 63

Marriage: 9 September 1880

Children: Alan Colquhoun Blackburn (1882-)

Gladys Jessie

Ansley Graham (1886-)

Catherine Claire


(20)  Alan Colquhoun Blackburn Dunlop

Birth: 2 September 1882

Spouse: Marguerite Effie WE

Marriage: 28 June 1919


(20)  Gladys Jessie Dunlop

Spouse: Henry L. Hardwick

Marriage: 12 June 1918

Children: Elizabeth Dunlop (1919-)

Henry (1919-1919)


(21)  Elizabeth Dunlop Hardwick

Birth: 13 March 1919, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, age: 89


(21)  Henry Hardwick

Birth: 13 March 1919, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Death: 15 March 1919, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, age: <1


(20)  Ansley Graham Dunlop

Birth: 23 October 1886

Spouse: Battistina IVES


(20)  Catherine Claire Dunlop

Spouse: William Wynne Robinson

Marriage: 5 October 1910

Children: Catherine Wynne

Aubrey Dunlop (1914-<1924)

Alan Reginald Wynne (1918-)

Marjorie Claire (1921-)


(21)  Catherine Wynne Robinson

Spouse: R.C. Webster

Children: Alan Campbell (1936-)

Joan Muriel (1938-)


(22)  Alan Campbell Webster

Birth: 8 March 1936, age: 72


(22)  Joan Muriel Webster

Birth: 5 April 1938, age: 70


(21)  Aubrey Dunlop Robinson

Birth: 7 September 1914

Death: before 7 September 1924, age: 10


(21)  Alan Reginald Wynne Robinson

Birth: 6 October 1918, age: 90


(21)  Marjorie Claire Robinson

Birth: 22 December 1921, age: 87


(19)  Adele Rebecca Dunlop

Birth: 2 January 1847, Calcutta, Bengal, India

Death: 8 March 1936, age: 89

Spouse: The Venerable Dr. William Cunningham, D.D.; F.B.A.; F.R.Hist.; Archdeacon of Ely; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

Birth: 29 December 1849, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Baptism: 21 February 1850, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1

Death: 10 June 1919, age: 69

Occupation: Priest; Archdeacon of Ely; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

Education: F.B.A.; F.R.Hist.

Father: James Cunningham, W.S.

Mother: Elizabeth Boyle Dunlop (1812->1881)

Marriage: 1 June 1876

Children: James Michael (~1879-1918)



(20)  James Michael Cunningham

Birth: about 1879, Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 28 March 1918, near Gezaincourt, France (he was killed in action), age: 39

Burial: after 28 March 1918, Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Gezaincourt, France

Education: A.M.I.C.E.

Spouse: Bertha M. ALDERSON

Children: Hilda Violet

Elisabeth Marie


(21)  Hilda Violet Cunningham


(21)  Elisabeth Marie Cunningham


(20)  Etheldreda Cunningham


(19)  Helen Mary Dunlop

Spouse: Lieutenant Sydney Edwin Bellingham of the 57th. Foot Regiment

Death: 1893

Occupation: Lieutenant - the 57th. Foot Regiment

Children: Alan Mure

Maud Alice

Helen Mary Dorothea


(20)  Alan Mure Bellingham*

Spouse: ? ?

Other spouses: ? ?


(20)  Alan Mure Bellingham* (See above)

Spouse: ? ?

Other spouses: ? ?


(20)  Maud Alice Bellingham

Spouse: Lieutenant-Colonel Cecil Ford Anderson, R.E.; D.S.O.

Occupation: Lieutenant-Colonel - Royal Engineers

Honours: Distinguished Service Order

Marriage: 1910

Children: ?



(21)  ? Anderson


(21)  ? Anderson


(20)  Helen Mary Dorothea Bellingham

Spouse: ? DU LAC


(19)  Elizabeth Jane Dunlop

Spouse: The Reverend Garden Llanoe Duff

Birth: 9 May 1858, Turriff, Auchterloss, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 13 November 1938, Orpington, Kent, England, age: 80

Occupation: Priest - Rector of Turriff

Religion: Church of England

Father: Colonel James Duff, Younger of Hatton; Colonel - 74th. Foot (1820-1898)

Mother: Jane Bracken Dunlop (1829->1881)

Marriage: 7 October 1884

Children: Garden Andrew (1886-1906)

Enid Blackburn (1889-)

Kathleen Jane (1891-)

Helen Mary (1894-)


(20)  Garden Andrew Duff

Birth: 27 February 1886

Death: 16 July 1906, India, age: 20


(20)  Enid Blackburn Duff

Birth: 3 October 1889

Spouse: Edward Archibald Forbes

Death: 11 March 1929

Marriage: 22 January 1922


(20)  Kathleen Jane Duff

Birth: 19 October 1891


(20)  Helen Mary Duff

Birth: 2 April 1894


(18)  John Dunlop


(18)  Elizabeth Boyle Dunlop

Birth: 1812, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: after 3 April 1881, age: 69

Spouse: James Cunningham, W.S.

Occupation: Writer to the Signet

Marriage: 12 October 1846, St. Cuthbert

Children: James Henry (1847-)

The Venerable Dr. William, D.D.; F.B.A.; F.R.Hist.; Priest; Archdeacon of Ely; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge (1849-1919)

Carus Dunlop (1856->1881)


(19)  James Henry Cunningham

Birth: 11 September 1847

Baptism: 2 November 1847, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, age: <1


(19)  The Venerable Dr. William Cunningham, D.D.; F.B.A.; F.R.Hist.; Archdeacon of Ely; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

(See duplicate branch above)


(19)  Carus Dunlop Cunningham

Birth: 12 March 1856, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: after 3 April 1881, age: 25


(18)  Robina Liston Dunlop

Birth: 1813

Death: 1816, age: 3

Burial: 1816, Inverkip Street Cemetery, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland


(16)  George Dunlop

Birth: 1733

Death: 1734, age: 1


(16)  Frances Dunlop

Birth: March 1736

Death: May 1736, age: <1


(16)  George Dunlop

Birth: 13 November 1736

Death: 13 November 1736, age: <1


(16)  Francis Dunlop

Birth: 1738

Death: 1743, age: 5


(16)  Elizabeth Dunlop

Birth: 26 June 1741

Death: 21 March 1832, Shewalton, Ayrshire, Scotland, age: 90

Burial: 27 March 1832, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Spouse: The Honourable The Reverend Patrick Boyle

Birth: about 1717

Death: 26 February 1798, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, age: 81

Burial: after 26 February 1798, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland

Occupation: Minister - Church of Scotland

Religion: Church of Scotland

Father: John Boyle, 2nd. Earl of Glasgow (-1740)

Mother: Helen MORRISON of Preston Grange

Marriage: September 1762

Children: Lieutenant William

Colonel John of Shewlaton; of the Ayrshire Local Militia (-1837)

Alexander, R.N.

The Right Honourable David, Lord Justice-Clerk of Scotland; President of the Court of Session (Scotland) (1772-)

Helen (-1805)

Elizabeth (-1842)




(17)  Lieutenant William Boyle

Occupation: Lieutenant - Army

He died young.


(17)  Colonel John Boyle of Shewlaton; of the Ayrshire Local Militia

Death: 30 January 1837

Occupation: Colonel - the Ayrshire Local Militia


(17)  Alexander Boyle, R.N.

Occupation: Officer - Royal Navy

He died young.


(17)  The Right Honourable David Boyle, Lord Justice-Clerk of Scotland; President of the Court of Session (Scotland)

Birth: 26 July 1772

Occupation: Lord Justice-Clerk of Scotland; President of the Court of Session (Scotland)

He was appointed Lord Justice-Clerk in February 181

Spouse: Elizabeth DE Montgomerie

Father: Alexander DE Montgomerie of Annock Lodge

Mother: ? ?

Children: Patrick





(18)  Patrick Boyle


(18)  Elizabeth Boyle


(18)  Helen Boyle


(18)  Alexander Boyle


(17)  Helen Boyle

Death: 1805

Spouse: Thomas Mure of Warriston

Marriage: 1791


(17)  Elizabeth Boyle

Death: 6 May 1842

Spouse: John Smollet Rouet of Bonhill

Marriage: 1800


(17)  ? Boyle


(17)  ? Boyle


(16)  William Dunlop, Merchant; Secretary of State for Jamaica

Birth: 23 December 1742

Death: 11 March 1815, London, Middlesex, England, age: 72

Occupation: Merchant; Secretary of State for Jamaica

William Dunlop settled in Jamaica. He died unmarried and without any known children.


(16)  Ann Dunlop

Birth: 1744

Spouse: Dr. Gavin Fullarton, Surgeon

Occupation: Surgeon - Greenock

Children: Dr. John, Surgeon (-1849)


(17)  Dr. John Fullarton, Surgeon

Death: 1849

Occupation: Surgeon

Dr. John Fullarton went to India and joined the service of The Honourable British East India Company. He made a considerable fortune. In 1844 he published a treatise entitled London, Middlesex, England.


(16)  Major Hutcheson Dunlop of the 53rd. Regiment

Birth: 13 October 1745

Death: about 1791, age: 45

Occupation: Major - 53rd. Regiment

Major Hutchison Dunlop died unmarried and without any known children.



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