Father:    Adam Bostock (b 1270)
   Joan Brereton b 1272   Daughter of Lord William Brereton


Children of 
Adam Bostock and Margery DeArderne Wettenhall
1.  Adam Bostock
18 b 1363

2    David Bostock  (b abt 1366)

3    William Bostock (b abt 1368)

4.   Thomas Bostock (b abt 1370)

5    Richard Bostock (b abt 1372)

 (Adam was 8 years old when his father died ) 
 Put in protective custody of  the  Prince of Wales,  who issued him as a ward.                                                  His inherited property was held by "trustee" vicar of Weaversham, Parson of Davenham until Adam turned twenty four.

In the winter of 1361 the "Black Plaque" spread through out Europe;  many people sold or abandon their property and fled Europe to escape death:  Perhaps this is why Adam (b 1363) lost his father mentioned below:

Adam (b 1330) and Margery de Arderne Wettenhall;  had  five sons:  The eldest son Adam (b.1363); he was only eight when his father died in 1374. His property was put into trust until he reached age 24. He was raised in the house of Sir Henry Bradshaw, whose daughter (Jonet b. 1365) he later married. (Descendent of "Judge" John Bradshaw was the president of the court which condemned Charles I.)

Adam (b1363) married Jonet Bradshaw (b 1365) and was a bodyguard for King Richard II at the Battle of Shrewsbury; for which he was knighted in 1386.

I have not researched the fate of Adam's four brothers;  but I suspect his brothers Richard  and Thomas Bostock's lineage will lead  to the Bostock's of "Tandridge Hall"  conveyed to a Richard Bostock in 1555 by Sir Thomas Bradshaw.  The lineage of Richard Bostock will also lead us to the Vicar of "Seavenoaks"  Richard C. Bostock. 

 This lineage to Richard Bostock of  "Tandridge Hall"  was passed to his only surviving sister Katherine Bostock that married Richard Fuller of Sussex.  (Richard died without issue)

Many stories can be found concerning  Katherine Bostock Fuller's son  BOSTOCK FULLER (d1626)        Bostock Fuller was the "Justice of the Peace in Surry".   His son:  Francis Bostock Fuller married the only child of Sir Robert Clayton "Lord of Blechinley".



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