Bostic , North Carolina

Bostic is a town in Rutherford County , North Carolina , United States . The population was 328 at the 2000 census.
Bostic NC was named after George Bostic who was a mayor of the town. Son of John Bostick.

George Bostic (c. 1833-)
Shortly after the Post Office was established, the town of Bostic was incorporated on March 4, 1893 .

The first mayor of the town was George Bostic. For the folks who lived in Bostic there were 3 post offices at the end of the Civil War. 

Since there was no town here, people would often refer to their area by using the name of the nearest post office
Bostic, NC was named for George Bostick (1833-1919), one of two men who had given a large amount of land for the railroad right-of-way. 

George T. Bostick was born in 1833 near what is now Forest City. His father, John Bostick, is credited with building the first dwelling in the town of Forest City. 

He also gave 3 and 3/10 acres of land, for $10, to the Cool Springs Church, (Now the First Baptist Church of Forest City) when it was organized in 1848. 

George Bostick, like his father, was a devoted Baptist. According to the 1860 Federal Census, George Bostick was a fairly well-to-do farmer with a wife,

Margaret, and 4 children: Eugenia, age 11; Martha, age 7; John, age 4; and Charlie, an infant. 

Their home was located about a mile west of the present town of Bostic, NC; a beautiful two-story house which has since been destroyed by fire.

George Bostic was also on the first board of trustees of Burnt Chimney Academy, when it was organized in 1874. 

Legend has it that when the decision was made to name the post office after George Bostick; an employee of the railroad put up a sign which read "Bostic" and after that,

George dropped the "k" from his name, as did members of his immediate family, while some of his cousins retained the old spelling of their name.

There is a story that has been passed down thru the generations that says that Abraham Lincoln may have well indeed been born in a log cabin but it wasn't in Kentucky but on the banks of Puzzle Creek near Bostic, North Carolina about 65 miles west of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

History books for years have taught that Lincoln was born in a Log Cabin in Hardin County Kentucky on February 12th 1809 after his parents Nancy Hanks and Tom Lincoln were married. There have always been serious doubt and questions about his birth and the time line associated with his parent’s marriage and his birth. The alternate birth story says that as a child, Nancy Hanks the mother of  Abraham Lincoln and her mother and sister moved from Virginia to her uncle’s home near Belmont , North Carolina in what is now Gaston County. While there the family fell on hard times and they “bound out” Nancy in the late 1700's to the Abraham Enloe Family who were prosperous landowners on Puzzle Creek near what is now Bostic, North Carolina. Although she was a bound servant she was treated as a member of the family by the Enloe family, and everything was fine until she became pregnant. It was said she was pregnant by Abraham Enloe whose family she had been working for. 

The North Carolina legend says that the baby was born in 1805 and that Nancy Hanks named the baby Abraham. The legend says that Nancy and the baby boy Abraham were packed off to live with relatives on the Kentucky Frontier and it was there that Nancy Hanks met and married Tom Lincoln. 

People in Kentucky always said that Abraham Lincoln was always a very large boy for his age. It may have very well been that he was several years older than what his mother and father Tom Lincoln claimed. 
It is a historical fact that Jesse Head the Methodist Minister that married Nancy Hanks and Tom Lincoln always said that the couple had a black haired boy with them at the wedding. If it was Abraham Lincoln, then there is probably no way Tom Lincoln was the boy’s father. In all likelihood Abraham Enloe back in North Carolina was probably the boys father, and Abraham Lincoln was probably was born in that Log Cabin on Puzzle Creek near Bostic, North Carolina and not in Kentucky. 

I found this story on “Hub pages” and "Bostic Newsletter"


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